Chapter 220 - Let's Have Dinner Together

Chapter 220 of 329 chapters

Cheng Wei actually called Cheng Zhoulast night and told him of all the troubles she had encountered in City A. She was supposed to ask him for a favor and even asked her Third Uncle for some help.

Although it had taken a lot of effort, Cheng Zhou had been able to come.

“Why don’t we go inside to talk?”

Cheng Zhou finally got out of the car. There was something about his starry eyes and defined jaw that attracted the attention of everyone around him. His aura was truly one of a kind.

There were bodyguards following him from behind, protecting him from any rushing bystander.

He was holding a briefcase in hand, looking as if he had just come out of the branch office. His hair was combed back, and his suit looked as if it had just been ironed. The man appeared as if he was prepared to walk the runway.

Cheng Wei quickly held his hand. “It’s great that you came,” she gushed. “You have no idea how sad I would’ve been if you hadn’t. Plus, I already ordered for you.”

“Hm.” He shook off her hand and stepped inside the private room.

When the two of them entered, they saw that someone was already sitting inside. Yao Ran was dressed beautifully in an intricate white dress. Her makeup highlighted her features, making her appear even more graceful under the lighting.

The entire room was smelling of orchids and mint.

Stepping inside felt like a breath of fresh air.

Stunned for a moment, Cheng Zhou frowned. “Is this the room?”

“Yes, this is the room.”

Seeing that he was glancing at Yao Ran, Cheng Wei quickly explained, “Miss Yao Ranand I met the other day, so I had the opportunity to invite her to our lunch. You wouldn’t mind, would you?”

Cheng Zhou glanced at the young woman as she smiled brightly back at him. There was something about her looks that could make anyone get their guard down. However, he wasn’t the slightest bit convinced.

This matter wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

“Of course, it’s fine.” He shot her a smile and stepped into the private room.

Even Yao Ran was surprised.

It seemed that the successor of the Cheng Family was not as unreasonable as the rumors had said. If that was the case, then perhaps her job had gotten a bit easier. Her smile widened as she leaned against her seat.

“Miss Yao, Cheng Wei, what do you want to eat? If there’s not enough food on the table, feel free to order more.”

He smiled politely.

Yao Ran placed her hands on her lap, glancing up at him. “Young Master Cheng,” she carefully chose her words. “I was actually the one who bumped into you at the banquet and ruined your clothes. I was wondering if you remember me.”

She gazed up at the smiling man, her stare soft and her lips quivering.

Cheng Zhou, however, didn’t say a word in reply.

Despite being awkward, Yao Ran still kept her composure. Her face was clear and her smile looked nothing but elegant.

The white dress even highlighted her innocence.

“You have to forgive my brother,” Cheng Wei said, waving her hand. “He’s been too busy with work that he probably forgot everything about the party.”

Seeing as Cheng Wei had managed to mediate the situation, Yao Ranimmediately recovered and took a check out of her pocket. It was worth a million. “Well, Young Master Cheng, I’m not exactly sure how much your suit cost,” she said shyly. “But I would like to pay for its cleaning. I have a check here, and I could sign it.”

Cheng Zhou and Cheng Weiblinked in surprise.

The Cheng Family had already encountered the likes of gold diggers and opportunists, but this was the first time someone had offered to give them a check.

Cheng Wei couldn’t help but feel disdain as she eyed the check being held in front of her. “You are truly polite, Miss Yao, but Cheng Zhouis not a stingy person. I’m sure the suit doesn’t matter as much to him.”

He slowly nodded, glancing at her deeply.

“Miss Yao, please, let’s eat.”

Yao Ran withdrew her hand and gazed at her lap.

“Please, let’s eat. Else, the food will be cold.”

“I will.” Yao Ran finally looked up and smiled brightly at the young man. “But I will deliver a suit to Young Master Cheng in a few days to apologize. I won’t accept a no.”