Chapter 222 - Donate a Library

Chapter 222 of 329 chapters

Yao Ran slowly lowered her head and gazed at the rice in her bowl. She finally had the opportunity to have dinner with the Young Master Cheng, so she couldn’t find it in herself to eat as much.

“I plan on building a library for your school.”

Cheng Zhou shrugged.

He sounded like he was talking about the weather, not investing millions into a school he wasn’t even an alumnus in.

Yao Ran’s eyes widened in disbelief.


Was the Cheng Family donating a library? But why?

However, as a series of questions pop into the back of her mind, Cheng Wei nudged Yao Ranwith her elbow. A smile slipped on her lips. “Brother Zhou is doing quite an amazing thing, offering you guys a large library,” she said. “Don’t you agree?”

“It is. I thank you on behalf of No. 1 High School.”

Burying the surprise in her heart, she raised her glass at the two siblings. “Then I’ll drink to this deal.”


After they’ve eaten, Yao Ran said her goodbyes and went home.

Qin Man also coincidentally took the afternoon off and didn’t go to work. As soon as she saw the young woman stepping inside, she jumped right out of her seat.

“How was everything?” she asked. “Did you make any progress with Young Master Cheng?”

Yao Ran nodded shyly.

“Really? What did he say?”

If the successor of the Cheng Family would become her son-in-law, then she’d be one of the most powerful women in the city. No one would dare cross her. Her lips quirked up into a smirk.

Everyone would be so jealous of her!

“The three of us had dinner together,” she replied with a smile.

“What else?”

“I can give him a new suit as an apology,” Yao Ran continued. “I was thinking of asking you to help me pick one out. I could use your help.”

“Of course, dear.”

Qin Man eagerly nodded.

There was a chance for her daughter to meet with him again. That was just a step closer to becoming one of the most powerful families in City A. Just the thought was enough for him to jump in excitement.

“He…he also said…”

Yao Ran paused for a second, unsure whether or not she could say it.

“What did he say? Did something else happen?”

The Young Master of the Cheng Family didn’t seem like someone who would fall in love so quickly. That likely wouldn’t be the case. So, what else could’ve happened?

Yao Ran smiled. “He said…he said he wanted to donate a library in No. 1 High School,” she said. “It’s so the Cheng Familycould help the students in City A.”

Donating a library was the best way to get into the school.

It would also make him out to be an incredibly caring person.

However, it would also give him a chance to see Yao Ran more. Wouldn’t that be an opportunity for him to be even closer to her as well? That would make them more familiar with each other.

Donating a library could further his ulterior motives.

“Do you think he likes you?”

Why would he spend so much money on No. 1 High School if it weren’t for her?

“I don’t know.”

Yao Ran flushed. Just the thought of the Cheng Family’s enormous power, and she could already feel her heart skipping a beat. At this point, she could trample over Yao Tang!

So what if people found out she wasn’t the true daughter of the Yao Family?

As the wife of Young Master Cheng, who’d date say otherwise?

“It must be. He must have taken a fancy to you. Are You Stupid? Did he ask for your contact information?”

Qin Man grabbed Yao Ran’s hands, widening her eyes.

However, the younger woman simply shook her head in reply. That’s what she couldn’t figure out. If he really had feelings for her, why didn’t he give her his contact information? Why did he leave everything blank?

Did he really like her?

“Maybe he forgot then.” Qin Man patted her shoulders with a shrug. “I’m sure that the next time you meet, he’ll take the initiative to ask for your number. You’re going to be sending him a suit, correct? You have to dress well.”

Qin Man was certain that Young Master Cheng fancied her daughter.

Ah, just the thought of dressing her up brought her so much excitement. Not only was she going to take her to the salon, but also put on her makeup.