Chapter 247 - An Ordinary Girl

Chapter 247 of 329 chapters

Xi Yan immediately called Yao Tang. It didn’t take long for her call to be connected. “Hello?” A soft voice echoed from the other end of the line, and the teacher sighed in relief.

“Are you feeling better? Are you okay? Do you need anything?”

“There’s no need. I’m getting better now,” Yao Tang responded. She sounded much better, despite her voice still being a bit raspy at the end.

Xi Yan smiled. “That’s good. Drink lots of water, okay?”


The three of them decided to go to the Mountainside Views where Cheng Yan had specifically called for a private dining room for them. The waiter, upon realizing who he was, immediately got everything ready.

As soon as they arrived, they saw that there were already dishes on the table. Everything was served from the spicy chicken to the ginseng soup he had ordered.

Yao Tang’s stomach rumbled in hunger.

Even Qin Hao’s mouth water from the sight. His gaze shifted from left to right, unsure as to where he should start. “This is good,” he murmured, licking his lips.

Cheng Yan placed a piece of abalone into Yao Tang’s bowl. “You should eat one to replenish your blood.”

“Hm.” Instead of following his orders, she placed it aside and reached out for the spicy chicken.


Cheng Yan affectionately poked his chopsticks at the back of her head, making her retract her hand. Furrowing her eyebrows, she gazed up at him. “And why?”

“You should eat the abalone first, then the spicy chicken,” he said calmly. “It isn’t healthy for you to eat something spicy first.”


Yao Tang rolled her eyes. She stretched out her hand and was about to pick up the chicken when Cheng Yanhad called it to be taken away. He waved his hand at the waiter.

“Please take it back first.”

As soon as the waiter did so, Cheng Yan sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. “How about this? We can eat the spicy chicken later. Let’s eat the abalone first, to cleanse your stomach, okay?”

Qin Hao who had been sitting at the table with them, could only helplessly stare at the plate being taken away. Everyone said that the spicy chicken here was good, and now, he couldn’t even try it even if he wanted to. His stomach grumbled with unshed tears.

Damn it!

It was fine if Brother Cheng didn’t want Yao Tang to eat the chicken, but why did he have to bar him from the privilege too?

It wasn’t fair!

“Fine,” she bit back, shooting a disdainful look at the abalone.

However, it wasn’t like she could do anything about it. After all, they were in a stalemate. She had no other choice but to follow him.

Cheng Yan scowled.

“I’m doing this for your own good, you know,” he stated. “Do you want to faint again?”

She didn’t respond as she stared at him calmly.

The atmosphere around them felt like it had dropped a couple of degrees.

“It’s fine if you don’t like to eat some abalone. Besides, there are other ways to replenish your blood and increase your sugar intake. I’m sure you’ll be fine…”

Qin Hao was about to finish when he felt Cheng Yan’s gaze on him. Stiffening, he lowered his head, not bothering to say a word.

There was really no point in talking to either of them.

Cheng Yan simply crossed his arms over his chest and glanced at Yao Tangfrom time to time. The young woman stared at the abalone, taking a deep breath.

With one last sigh, she finally succumbed to his desires and stuffed the abalone into her mouth.

Qin Hao had to stop himself from snickering.

He had always known Yao Tang to be this unusually cold woman. After all, she was a woman of very few words, and she was infamous for her sharp words and harsh gaze.

However, upon witnessing the scene in front of him, he found himself facing a different side of her—one that was more…childish and stubborn. Not only was she picky with her food, but it was also hard to get her to eat the things that were actually healthy for her.

She looked like a kid who had just been forced by her parent.

As soon as Yao Tang finally swallowed, Cheng Yan’s features softened.

Pouring a glass of milk, he handed it over to her. “Drink it,” he said softly. “It will wash the taste from your mouth.”

“Thank you,” she murmured, taking big gulps from the glass.

Yao Tang made a face as she did so, really hating the taste of abalones.