Chapter 253 - The Results

Chapter 253 of 329 chapters

As soon as the Yao Matriarch had heard of this, she immediately barked out a laugh. A smile graced her lips, and her eyes glittered.

“As expected of my true granddaughter!”


No. 1 High School’s Olympiad Award was made on the first day after the school holidays. Despite being a Monday, everyone was pumped to return to school and open up the school website.

The official website of No. 1 High School announced the names of all the students who had won the awards. It was also posted on the school’s bulletin board.

At the top of the bulletin board was Yao Tang’s name. Beside her name were the words “full marks”. Under the score was the phrase, “First Prize Winner of City A’s Math Olympiad!”

The news spread like wildfire throughout the entire school. Everyone was discussing it, and photos of Yao Tang’s picture spread across their social media.

No one expected that she’d be able to get first place in the entire City A. Not only did she manage to outsmart the experts, but she even got a full score!

A full score!

This was the first time anyone had scored full marks on a Math Olympiad in so many years. Yet, Yao Tang was able to challenge the remarks against her and prove all of them wrong.

She was nothing but a transfer student, yet she was able to trump them all.

Who would’ve thought that such a prestigious math competition would highlight Yao Tang’s ability even more?

No one could believe it.

Everyone knew that the Math Olympiad is made up of a variety of factors. Not only does it test the ability of the participant to think on their feet, but also pushes them back to the basics. Those who do not know the fundamentals like the back of their hand wouldn’t be able to succeed, much less get a perfect score.

Only a genius would be able to get high marks.

Students in Class One had gone through so much training in their first and second years of high school. Their parents had also hired the best tutors to accommodate their needs. All of them had an idea as to what could come out in the test.

Yao Tang was different. She was a newcomer.

She didn’t receive any formal training or familiarized herself with any of the old questions. In fact, she didn’t even have the best teachers on her side.

This was just something the students from Class One weren’t able to accept.

How could a newcomer best all of them?

Was Yao Tang really that much of a genius?

Could it be that she was better than all of them combined?


That morning, Yao Tang finally walked into the school campus. She appeared unbothered. However, she couldn’t help but notice other people staring at her strangely, looking as if she had just grown two heads.

What was going on?

They were not staring at her in hatred, but rather curiosity and…admiration?

What was happening to them?

However, Yao Tang didn’t bother to ask as she walked in the direction of her classroom. As soon as she stepped inside the room, loud popping noises exploded all around her as colorful ribbons fell from the ceiling.

“Sister Tang, congratulations!”

Qin Jing jumped from her seat and pulled her into a hug.

She furrowed her eyebrows. “Why are you congratulating me?”

“The results are finally out!” one of the students chimed in. “Not only did you get first place, but you also got a full score!”

Everyone jumped in excitement.

However, Yao Tang still felt confused by it all. She cocked an eyebrow at her friends as if they were simply talking about the weather. “So the results are out,” she stated.

Even her classmates were stunned, unable to say a word.

The results are out?

That was all she had to say?

Did Yao Tang really not care about the result?

Everyone blinked in surprise and disbelief.