Chapter 258 - The Last Third-Wheel Standing

Chapter 258 of 329 chapters

Yao Tang pursed her lips. Normally, she’d snap at the man who’d dare touch her, but as soon as she met Cheng Yan’s sweet and warm gaze, she couldn’t say a word.

“Your hair’s a little messy from the wind.” He smiled, placing an arm around her shoulder. “Let me comb it for you?”

“I can do it myself.” She frowned.


Cheng Yan ignored her and stoke the ends of her hair. As he was doing so, he smiled. “Your hair tie fell on me the last time. Look, why don’t you continue the lecture back at my place?”

Yao Tang slowly nodded.

“Sure, I’ll bring two of my friends along.”


Cheng Yan continued to comb her hair indifferently.

Meng Yang could only watch in a daze, too surprised to register what was happening.

As for Qin Jing, she immediately stepped up and greeted Cheng Yan with a smile. “I’ll take my seat,” she said casually, taking the front seat. She then smirked at Meng Yang.

She finally got to the seat right on time.


Meng Yang couldn’t say another word, feeling as if he wanted to faint. Now that the front seat was gone, he had no other choice but to sit next to Sister Tangand Brother Cheng! That was the last thing he wanted.

“Why aren’t you getting in the car?” Yao Tang cocked an eyebrow.

Meeting Cheng Yan’s casual look, Meng Yang couldn’t help but stagger back. His face was sheet white.

“I actually remembered I had something else to do,” he said quickly. “You guys can go ahead and send me an address. I’ll drive over there myself.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Meng Yang took off.

“But…” Qin Jing’s jaw dropped.

She was the last third-wheel standing?

Qin Jing stared at the two of them. At this point, she wanted to say her goodbyes, but even as she sat in her car, she knew that she couldn’t. Her buttocks felt like it was burning.

The two of them quickly got in the car.

“I’ll remove the hair tie first.”


“If I hurt you, let me know.”


Qin Jing looked around to see Cheng Yanremoving the rubber band from the ends of Yao Tang’s hair from the rearview mirror.

“The hair tie… it belongs to Sister Tang?”

Yao Tang fell silent.

Only then did Qin Jing realize how stupid that question was.

There was silence when Cheng Yan look up. “I’m done.”

Yao Tang looked extremely good with her hair up, exposing her creamy neck and high cheekbones. His smile widened even further. It was a silent ride from then.

As soon as they arrived at the residence, Yao Tang invited Qin Jinginside and sat on the sofa. “What questions do you have?”

The young woman glanced over to see that the rubber band had been replaced by a wooden hairpin. There were a few stray strands falling to her shoulders, further emphasizing her beautiful face.

Qin Jing couldn’t help but swoon.

She wished she was as beautiful as Yao Tang. There was just beauty that could only be seen once in a lifetime, and it seemed that she had finally seen it.

“Qin Jing?” Yao Tang waved her hand, snapping her out of her thoughts.

“Right, I wanted to ask you this question.”

Qin Jing pointed at one of the questions she had circled in her booklet, showing it to Yao Tang. As soon as she did, she stared at her friend in awe.

Yao Tang was truly something else.

She was just far too good-looking that she was intimidating! With a smile, Qin Jing turned her focus back to her booklet.

As they were going through the questions, Meng Yang came in.

It just so happened that he also had the same question.

Yao Tang had explained the question again to Meng Yang, along with the solutions she had shown Qin Jing. However, just as she had finished up, her phone started to ring.

She glanced down to see it was Yu Jing. Standing up abruptly, she glanced at them. “Wait, something came up.”

“You can digest these questions first.” She motioned to the booklet. “If there’s anything you don’t understand, you can ask me later. I just have to take this call first.”