Chapter 260 - Don't Be Mad

Chapter 260 of 329 chapters

Lin Xin couldn’t find comfort in Yao Tang’s words at all, but she still managed to keep her tears at bay.

One-third of the class passed the Mathematics test, with their scores ranging from 80 to 90 points.

More than that, though, there were two others who were able to score full marks aside from Yao Tang.

This was an impressive development in the history of the class, perhaps even in the entire school.

Even those who hadn’t made the passing score still showed a considerable improvement in their performance.

Only a handful of students turned silent and dejected when they received their test papers. Among them were Lu Ming, Yan Yu, and some of their friends.

Once the test evaluation was done, Xi Yancalled them over and led them out of the classroom.

Yan Yu set his test paper on his desk, face-down, before trudging outside. The others followed suit.

“Did you guys find the exam very difficult?” Xi Yanasked with a worried frown. “Or is it something else?”

The students only lowered their heads and shifted uncomfortably on their feet.

“Nothing like that,” one of them mumbled after a moment of awkward silence.

“I don’t mean to reprimand you or anything,” Xi Yansighed. “It’s just that, your test results are a far cry from your usual scores. You guys always do well in class, so how did it turn out like this?”

Lu Ming’s score was 34, while Yan Yu’s was 27. The rest scored just around 10 points or so.

When Xi Yanhad first seen their test papers, she had almost thought that they were just guessing the answers to the identification section, while they barely made any effort to solve the big problem that was worth several points.

It was appalling, especially given the results of the class majority.

Xi Yan wanted to get to the bottom of it, but the stubborn bunch refused to say anything and couldn’t even meet her eyes.

Meanwhile, the other classes were not as happy with their results as Class 20 was.

Throughout the evaluation, their teachers would often point out certain problems and berate the students for answering them incorrectly when they were supposed to be simple questions. And, more often than not, Class 20 would be brought up for comparison.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves. Just look at Class 20! Their initial foundation was lacking, but they worked hard in order to catch up with the rest of your grade. Now, it looks like they’re even better than most of you!”

“You let your pride get the best of you and grew too complacent. Learn from the example of Class 20 and strive for diligence and humility from now on.”

“These are the easiest problems in the test! You shouldn’t have lost these points! How many times did you solve the exact same exercises in class, huh? How come you still didn’t get the correct answers?”

Needless to say, these students felt aggrieved and humiliated.

At some point, one of them sneaked out his phone, having grown tired of the endless rebuke. He opened the school forum and saw the top post from the last hour. It read:

“Seeing as how we have significantly improved compared to the lot of you, your form teachers are probably talking your ears off, right? How is it? Are you feeling wronged, by any chance? Are you thinking that you don’t deserve this treatment?”

Several line breaks followed, and then the three words:

“Don’t be mad.”

The next few lines were just a single dot, and the post had to be collapsed to accommodate all the characters. Curious, the student clicked the Expand button, and then he read:

“There will be more days like this ahead. You’d better get used to the suffering!”

As if the words themselves weren’t arrogant enough, Meng Yanghad also chosen to publish the post under his full name. Why bother with anonymity when he could taunt his enemies better this way?

Just as he expected, everyone who read his post was infuriated, especially those who had openly mocked Class 20 in the past.

Even those who weren’t particularly distressed by the teachers’ scolding found themselves feeling insulted by Meng Yang’s remarks.

The matter spread quickly, and the students wasted no time venting their anger and retaliating in the comment section.

“What do you mean by that? Do you think you have the right to show off after just one test? Your results must be lousy, anyway, I doubt you even scored 100 points!”

“You’re bragging about some small, weekly exam? Don’t make me laugh! Class 20 will always be the trash class.”

“Oh yeah? Well, I’m willing to bet that the majority of Class 20 will still end up at the bottom of the school rankings. Place your bets, everyone!”

In their frustration, the students didn’t notice that they were attacking Class 20 as a whole when it was only Meng Yangwho had goaded them.

They filled the comment section with hate speech and mockery.

Soon, however, the English test results were released, and these keyboard warriors earned yet another slap to the face.