Chapter 266 - The Tennis Court

Chapter 266 of 329 chapters

As soon as she had sent the email, Yao Tang relaxed in her seat.

It was as if the world was at peace again.

However, while the classroom was silent, the police station was far from peaceful. In fact, as soon as their notification popped up, they were in complete chaos.

Before she had managed to reel in their information, the police station had already set its sights on these criminals. The only problem was that they had a lack of evidence.

That’s why they didn’t have the chance to obtain a warrant of arrest.

However, now that someone had uploaded the evidence they need to obtain the said warrant, the policemen were all celebrating. They high-fived each other as they read through the complete information they had just received.

It seemed that the scammers were already right under their thumb.

Grabbing their equipment, they sent out their task force to arrest these scammers.

The next morning, both classes one and twenty had a physical education class together at the student gymnasium.

After warming them, the sports teacher allowed everyone to choose whatever sport they’d like to practice.

Yao Ran led a group of girls from Class One to the tennis court they had in the gymnasium. All of them were singing praises for her technique, clapping their hands together.

“Ranran, you’re so great at tennis! You should teach!”

A smile grew on her lips. While she couldn’t help but feel proud of herself, she didn’t show it in her expression. Instead, she waved her hand dismissively. “Please, you’re the best tennis player around here,” she said. “I still have a lot to learn.”

“Ranran, you’re being too modest. Hey, can you teach me to serve?”


Yao Ran smiled.

Just as Yao Ran turned on her friend, she spotted Yao Tangwalking toward the tennis court as well. Beside her were Lin Xinand Qin Jing, all of who were very much ecstatic to be with her.

Flashes of her grandmother’s proud smile appeared in her mind, and she clenched her racket close to her chest. Her grip was so tight that her fingertips had turned white.


Why did Yao Tang have to snatch away her grandmother? Why did that old hag see in her?

Seeing the change in Yao Ran’s appearance, the other girls frowned. “Ranran, are you okay?”

“You look a little uncomfortable. Do you want some water?”

“No.” Even then, she couldn’t take her eyes away from Yao Tang.

They came across each other by the entrance.

As soon as they saw Yao Tang and her group, the girls in Class One appeared disdainful. They crowded over Yao Ran as if they were protecting a small duckling.

No wonder Ranran looked like she did a few seconds ago. Who wouldn’t be if they came across their bully?

If it were them, they’d probably quake in their boots.

Qin Jing sneered.

Avoiding their gazes, Yao Ran lowered her head. “You guys should go first.”

However, as soon as they heard Yao Ran’s muted look, they couldn’t help but stand up for her. One of the girls crossed her arms over her chest and spoke out at the arriving group.

“What do you guys want now? You think that just because you can fight, we’d all happily back down for you? Haven’t you done enough already?”

Another girl nodded in agreement. “Ranran, you are so forgiving. That’s why you’re being bullied by these people. You shouldn’t be afraid anymore. We got your back.”

Qin Jing scoffed. “Step aside.”

“And why should we step aside? You think you have special privileges? We also wanted to use the tennis court. You’re the ones who should step aside.”

The girls scowled.

Qin Jing and Yao Tangmay want to use the court, but that didn’t mean they should back down that easily.

Plus, Qin Jung just wasn’t likable!

“It’s first come, first serve!” Qin Jing snarled, slamming her ball onto the ground.

Instantly, a few girls from Class One staggered back.