Chapter 268 - Sister TangIs Her Idol!

Chapter 268 of 329 chapters

Just as Yao Ran had finished speaking, Yao Tangfinally made up her mind.

Qin Jing hurriedly glanced at her friend, pursing her lips in concern. “Sister Tang, if you don’t know how to play, then we can just walk away,” she murmured. “It doesn’t matter.”

“I have a few tricks up my sleeves,” she responded. “We’ll be fine.”

Hearing Yao Tang’s words, Qin Jing, who had originally been worried, now felt more confident. She gazed at her friend’s calm expression and smiled.

Yao Tang was her idol!

If she said she could do it, then that meant she could do it!

“You want to play doubles, right?” Qin Jing smirked. “What are your terms?”

Seeing that they had finally agreed to the terms of the competition, Yao Ran was laughing inside her heart. It seemed that everything was falling in her favor.

She’d definitely surpass her and pull her down from the pedestal everyone had built for her.

These people loved and adored Yao Tang?

Then let them all see how far she’d fall. Now, they’d all recognize Yao Ran to be the true campus belle of No. 1 High School. Only she could be the best at her craft.

That girl was nothing more than just a country bumpkin!

“We shouldn’t just bet on the use of the tennis court,” she added. “We know how the traditions go. There must be another incentive added on the line.”

Everyone nodded.

“When the students of No. 1 High School place a bet, they usually hinge it on something monetary.”

“Yeah! After all, we should salvage our reputation even after we lose.”

“What’s your prize?”

The other girl behind Yao Ran scoffed. “I don’t even think Yao Tanghas the money. Please, do you think she has pockets large enough to fill ours?”

It was a tradition for the students of No.1 High School to bet on a prize. Most of the time, it was through monetary gifts that range from hundreds of thousands to a million!

More people would come and watch if the price was attractive enough.

That was why Yao Ran called for it.

She wanted everyone to see her defeat Yao Tang!

“What do you want to bet on?”

Crossing her arms over her chest, Qin Jing stared straight into her opponent’s eyes.

She was the only heiress of the Qin Family, so she was confident enough to handle whatever price was thrown at her. Tilting her head, she waited.

“Each side will take out 600,000,” Yao Ran quickly said, her eyes sparkling. “What do you say to that?”

“600,000?” Qin Jing raised her eyebrows. “You want to bet for 600,000?”

She turned to her friend. “Do you think that’s high enough?”

“That’s not even high to begin with.” Yao Tang shrugged.

The amount was nothing in their eyes. Not only were they rich enough to pay millions of the same amount, but they were also not pulling back any shots. Yao Ran, who had suggested this amount, couldn’t help but feel as if she had been slapped in the face.

“How about we get a bigger amount?”

“Six million?”

Yao Tang didn’t even raise her head.

“Hm.” Qin Jing nodded. “What do you think, Yao Ran? It’s just six million right? Can you afford it?”

Yao Ran flushed.

Six million?!

This was too much! She could’ve easily taken it out of her savings if it had been three million. But six million…she’d need to sell a few of her expensive bags to make up for the balance.

The Yao Family was very conservative when it came to handling their cash. While they would easily give Yao Ranher allowance, they wouldn’t allow such a large amount to be transferred to her all at once.

Upon seeing her stunned look, the students of Class One felt even more discouraged.

Yao Ran was the first one who had suggested the amount.

Now that she was being offered then times of that amount, she was hesitant.

“Don’t tell me you can’t afford it?” Qin Jing sneered. “Should we reduce it by half?”

Her mocking words echoed across the gymnasium.