Chapter 269 - Xu Xuan

Chapter 269 of 329 chapters

“Fine, I’ll compete with you!”

Yao Ran finally raised her head after some time and nodded.

“Then it’s a deal. We’ll bet for six million.”

“It’s a deal!”

Everyone was stunned. Even a few of them shared some looks, wondering if they had just heard them right. They couldn’t say a word.

They all knew that Qin Jing was wealthy, but they didn’t think that she’d have six million at her disposal! And Yao Ranhad also agreed to her request too

They had never seen such a large bet being put into play.

There were a few girls who shot Qin Jing an envious glare. If only they were as rich as her. Perhaps, they could have all the bags in the world.

“It’s a deal.” Yao Ran nodded as a smile appeared on her face. “I’ll just have to wait for my partner to come over.”

“You’re not going to choose one of your other friends?”

Qin Jing nodded at the girls standing behind her, all students of Class One. They were the ones who had been vigorously defending her this entire time.

“No, I have a classmate who likes to play tennis. I was thinking of calling her over. That’s fine, right?”

The last sentence, while phrased as a question, left no room for refusal.

Seeing this, the other woman could only shrug in reply.

“It’s up to you.”

As Yao Ran was calling her friend, the news had spread across the entire gymnasium. Everyone was gasping in surprise at the mention of the price. Six million! Who would be that much?

Everyone rushed from different directions and arrived at the Tennis Court. They were all looking forward to what waited for them inside. Even the students of Class 20 were holding a banner, cheering for the pair.

“You got this!” Everyone cheered.

As for those who hadn’t been able to attend asked their friends to broadcast the match so they could secretly watch it on their phones.

There were also posts of the legendary match.

There were pictures all over the school’s social media account!

Six million! No. 1 High School was filled with many noble families. Their families could all afford a large sum of money, but for students who were still in high school, it would be difficult to pull that amount out of their pockets.

Nobody had ever seen that large of an amount before!

Everyone walked into the tennis court, with both sides finding their seats. The crowd stood in different positions to observe the match, with a few people peering through from the back.

However, just as everyone was hyped about the contest, a girl in sportswear stepped into the court.

The first thing that caught their attention was her muscled arms and legs. She was holding a racket in her hand as she pulled her tennis hat down her forehead. Her smile was as bright as the sun.

Walking toward Yao Ran, she smiled. “I’m here,” she said. “I hope you didn’t wait to long.”

Everyone gasped in surprise, their eyes filling in disbelief.

“It’s actually her!”

“I can’t believe she’s back!”

“Damn, Qin Jing and Yao Tangare in trouble. No matter how good they are, they can’t be as good as them!”

“This Yao Ran really is shameless. How could she not say who her partner was? If Qin Jingknew, she wouldn’t have agreed to compete with her. It’s a sure loss for their team, definitely!”

The students who had heard them couldn’t help but furrow their eyebrows. “Why? Who is she?”

“You don’t know?” they whispered. “She’s Xu Xuan–our tennis goddess! I heard she already has a guaranteed spot in every university she had applied to, with a full scholarship! She used to participate in many national competitions. She is a level higher than us!”