Chapter 272 - It's Not Luck!

Chapter 272 of 329 chapters

How was that possible?

How could Yao Ran make such a low-level mistake? How could she allow that ball to touch the net? She shouldn’t have…

Everyone erupted into a deep discussion, glancing at Yao Ran from time to time.

However, there was one voice that echoed the loudest out of everyone’s, and that voice belonged to Meng Yang.

He was whistling and clapping for his two best friends. “Damn, did Yao Ran just lose a point for her team?” He scoffed mockingly. “That’s so unprofessional. Do you even know how to play tennis?”

Xiao Pang joined in on the fun. “Who would’ve thought that her standards would be so poor?”

“I thought she was supposed to be great at tennis!”

“How can she call herself great when she’s already losing at her own game?”

“Hey!” Suddenly, someone cried out in shock. Now that all eyes were on the student, he hesitated before saying, “Don’t you think there’s something strange about that ball? The way Yao Ran had used all her strength—no matter what she does, it was bound to hit the net. Do you think Yao Tangdid it on purpose?”

“On purpose?”

Suddenly, everyone widened their eyes.

“Could it be that this was Yao Tang’s plan all along?”

The student who had shared his thoughts gazed hesitantly at the court, unable to answer his own question.

From a logical perspective, it shouldn’t be possible.

If Yao Tang was able to deflect the ball with such calculation and accuracy, she could definitely be a professional tennis player. However, he had never heard of her being good at tennis.

However, why did it feel like she really was playing based on her skill?

After all, a deliberate hit would explain why they were winning.

Then again, he found himself consumed by his own rationality and shook his other thoughts away. There was no way this was possible. There must be another explanation.

“There’s also a possibility that Yao Tang has a habit of being more aggressive in the court. It just so happens that she plays a bit more harshly than the other players, and it just so happens that Yao Ranmissed.” The boy shrugged. “Everything could just be a coincidence.”

The crowd immediately started to nod in agreement.

“Yes, I think Yao Tang was being more aggressive with their hits, and she doesn’t know where to hit the ball!”

“A hillbilly like Yao Tang wouldn’t know a thing about tennis.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

The entirety of the match must be a coincidence. The thought of it being so was very reasonable. There was no way that Yao Tang was a hidden tennis expert, right?

There was no way that every movement was so carefully thought out by her.

They would rather believe that the game was simply a matter of luck, rather than a matter of calculation. They turned back to the game, and the male student was left to his thoughts.

Meng Yang, who had been standing at the side this entire time, rolled his eyes.

A matter of luck?

Sister Tang certainly wasn’t the type to rush into a competition without a second thought. Her intelligence and strength were simply far too extraordinary that none of them would believe her.

However, while the others were discussing the outcome of the competition, Yao Ran couldn’t help but feel a tremor in her heart. Not only wasn’t she able to score this point, but she had lost the team two points!

With all eyes staring her down, she couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

There were a few people who stated that if Yao Ran hadn’t rushed over as she did, they might’ve won. She was the one who had cost them the win.

She breathed heavily, clenching her fists.

“Xuan, you should pay attention. Don’t get distracted.”

She frowned at Xu Xuan.

Wasn’t Xuan a member of the tennis team? Weren’t they supposed to be good at these things? Yet, it seemed as if she was useless!

If Xu Xuan was better…

Then they shouldn’t have lost, right?

But Yao Ran had deliberately aimed the ball in Yao Tang’s direction to assure them a win. She had assumed that her technique was poor.

Yet, every time, she threw the ball at her, she countered it perfectly.

Xu Xuan frowned. This was not her fault. If she had to blame someone, then she should blame herself. After all, Xu Xuanwas in charge of the rear end of the court and was unable to block the tennis balls at her end given Yao Ran’s attempt to receive the ball.