Chapter 275 - Counterattacks!

Chapter 275 of 329 chapters

Yao Ran gazed at the ball on the ground, looking as if she had just dreamed of this entire situation. However, no matter how many times she blinked, the ball was still there, unmoving.

She had always assumed that her opponent was Qin Jing and that Yao Tangwas simply a hindrance to her.

Yet she was able to counter her attack so cleanly!


No, she couldn’t think like this. Time didn’t allow her to think. Picking the ball from the ground, Yao Ran clenched her racket and shot the ball up in the air.

She made sure to use all her strength this time.

The speed was immeasurable as compared to the other balls she had served.

However, history repeated itself once again.

Even if Xu Xuan had done her part in paying close attention to Yao Tang’s movements, even she wasn’t able to intercept the ball as she had promised.

It was another counter-attack!

The ball fell not far from Yao Ran’s feet.

The audience sucked in a breath of cold air, and their eyes dulled. They couldn’t believe that the same scene had transpired once again.

In the first serve, they could assume that the ball hadn’t been countered because Xu Xuan was far away from it.

However, this time, they could see the tennis player trying her best.

Yet, even she couldn’t intercept the ball. Instead, she allowed the other team to gain another point. Everyone gasped, glancing at each other.

Could it be that Xu Xuan was unable to counter Yao Tang’s strike?

If they had heard it from others, they would’ve burst into laughter. The thought itself was impossible. Xu Xuan was the top player in No. 1 High School. She had all the scholarships lined up for her.

She even participated in many professional tennis competitions.

How could a professional player be unable to intercept the ball from an ordinary high school student like Yao Tang?

Was this a joke?

However, the facts were playing right in front of their eyes. At this point, they couldn’t find any other excuse for Xu Xuan to avoid the ball.

Among the excited audience, someone commented that Xu Xuan wasn’t able to block the attack from Yao Tangon the forum.

What followed were a series of insults.

“Ha, you must be joking right?”

“Are you this brainless fan who doesn’t know how to think for herself? Don’t you know who Xu Xuan is? She’s a top-level professional tennis player.”


“Do you think it’s funny to lie to us?”

There were many more comments below the post.

Although this post was unbelievable, it somehow attracted more and more people to watch the match themselves. Soon enough, the topic trended all over their social media sites.

The person who had posted it brought his attention back to the competition.

Seeing as there were people who didn’t believe what they just saw, there were other users who had picked up their phones and prepared to send their videos.

They had all caught the video from different angles–one where the ball was caught by Yao Tang, and the other where Yao Ran’s breathing was ragged.

“Yao Tang,” she yelled. “Don’t go too far. Do you only know how to strike the ball like this?”

Qin Jing smirked in amusement. “I’ve already defeated you with this one move,” she snapped. “Do you think you can really win against us?”


Furious, Yao Ran picked up the ball and sent it toward Qin Jing.

Qin Jing had already noticed her movement. She was ready to receive the ball and directly sent it back.

Yao Ran wanted to counter it, but she didn’t really have the speed to do so. Her face darkened just when the ball was about to reach the ground.

Luckily, Xu Xuan was able to intercept the ball and send it back to the other side, saving their team some face. However, Yao Ranstill didn’t feel so good about what had happened.

Qin Jing and Xu Xuancontinued to move, hitting the ball back and forth.

Seeing an opportunity for her to strike, Xu Xuan seized the opportunity and spun a trick shot at her.

But just as the ball was about to land on the field, Yao Tang moved.

She directly caught the ball and used a trickshot herself to shoot it to the opposite field.

It was amazing!

All the tennis players who had watched the match couldn’t help but cheer.