Chapter 28 - Cousin from the Countryside

Chapter 28 of 329 chapters

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Yao Ran went to school and spotted a familiar figure as soon as she reached the faculty building.

To be fair, this person caught everyone’s eye. The girl had her hands tucked inside her trouser pockets and was sporting a light, almost bored expression. She had a faraway gaze, and it didn’t seem like she was really paying any attention to the people around her.

It was Yao Tang.

Sunlight streamed directly where she stood, giving her porcelain white complexion an ethereal, jade-like glow. It was as though the universe conspired to accentuate her beauty, and even her casual clothes did not detract from the allure of her face.

Yao Ran watched as a group of boys walked past and ogled Yao Tang.

“Wow! Who is that girl? She’s gorgeous!”

“She really is, isn’t she? I heard that a beauty has recently transferred to Class 12. Could it be her?”

“It must be! I saw the photos and the goddess looks just like her. She’s even more beautiful in person, though. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who comes close to her beauty.”

“I think she is called Yao Tang. She’s currently touted as the prettiest girl in Class 12, but I won’t be surprised if she becomes the campus belle in the near future. She clearly surpasses Yao Ran.”

When Yao Ran heard the boys’ discussion, she couldn’t help but bite her lower lip and tighten her grip around her bag strap. A few girls were also around and they, too, were stealing glances at Yao Tang and whispering among themselves.

Unlike before, all eyes were now glued to Yao Tang, and no one was paying attention to Yao Ran. In the past, she was the center of attention — everyone would turn and stare at her the moment she walked into a room or passed by a corridor.

Yao Ran struggled to swallow her bitterness and took a deep breath. Then, she pasted a sweet smile on her face and approached Yao Tang.

“Here you are, Sister Yao Tang. I’ve been looking for you everywhere. I didn’t expect to find you here, of all places.” She patted Yao Tang’s shoulder before linking their arms together. “You haven’t been here long,” Yao Ran said in an affectionate voice. “Let me tour you around so that you can acquaint yourself with your new surroundings.”

Yao Tang did not like being touched by people she wasn’t familiar with, especially people she didn’t like. When she turned and saw Yao Ran sticking close to her, she immediately slapped the latter’s hand away. The sound of skin hitting skin rang out in the air. “Don’t speak to me in such a friendly manner. We’re not that close.”

Yao Ran was still gaping at her hand, not quite believing what had just happened.

A lot of students were milling about and were likely keen to learn what was going on. In a bid to maintain her good-girl image, Yao Ran stifled her anger and flashed another stiff smile. “You didn’t even eat breakfast today. Why don’t I take you to the school canteen and see if they have something you’d like to eat? I’m sure you don’t know your way around yet. I can —”

“There’s no need,” Yao Tang interrupted coldly.

She knew Yao Ran was simply putting on an act as an obedient and quiet girl, but unfortunately, she didn’t have the patience for it. She might as well be direct and rough.

Yao Ran quickly realized that there was nothing more she could do.

“Okay, then,” she said through gritted teeth. “You said so yourself that you don’t want my help, so don’t you dare tell Mom and Dad that I’m not being nice to you!”

Yao Tang only scoffed and gave her a look that said she was an idiot.

She didn’t even bother to say anything else and just walked away towards the school building.

Yao Ran could do nothing more than seethe as she watched the other girl go.

“Ranran, who was that girl just now? Do you know her?”

“She’s so beautiful! Is she a relative of yours, Ranran? I think you kind of resemble each other.”

“Oh yes, now that you mention it, they do look rather similar.”

But that other girl was obviously much prettier than Yao Ran. She had whiter skin and was also taller. Yao Ran stood at 163 centimeters, while that other girl looked to be around 168 centimeters tall.

Of course, no one was brave or foolish enough to say this out loud in front of Yao Ran.

These girls were Yao Ran’s clique, her besties, so to speak. So when she heard them praise Yao Tang, her expression became even uglier. “Well, she is my relative,” she said offhandedly. “A sister.”

“What, is she your older sister?”

“That can’t be. Aren’t you the only child? Wait, do you mean a cousin?”

“That’s right,” Yao Ran said. A hesitant look came over her face then, and she added softly, “She’s from the countryside and is staying with us for the time being.”

A collective gasp came from her friends. “The countryside?”

Yao Ran nodded emphatically. “In fact, she grew up in a poor village and was hardly getting proper education since my second uncle wasn’t willing to pay for her studies. My parents took pity on her and… Well, here we are.”

She ended her narrative with a shrug and a helpless smile.