Chapter 282 - : Praising Her from the Bottom of Their Heart

Chapter 282 of 329 chapters

Yao Tang didn’t look like she could care any less. Instead, she shrugged and waved Zhang Dongoff. “Just delete it,” she said casually. “Don’t worry about it.”


“Do you still want this to continue?” She raised her eyebrows at the young man, to which he responded with the continuous shaking of his head.

“No, no, of course not!”

“Then this is enough.” With that, Yao Tang turned her head and walked down the stairs. Her other friends soon followed, leaving him confused and blank.

He stood there with his jaw dropped and his eyes wide. There was just something about the exchange that he just couldn’t recover from. What was happening?

He didn’t expect Yao Tang to be like this. In all honesty, while he hadn’t interacted with her before, he did hear stories of the scary student from his classmates.

Some said that she was arrogant. Others said that she was violent.

There were also a selected few who thought that she was merely pretending to be aloof to fit in. It was obvious that almost everyone hated her. After all, they thought that she was nothing more than a country bumpkin who thinks too highly of herself.

However, the public opinion continued to change as Yao Tang got full marks in her exam.

Their opinion of her had improved since.

When her music video had been released, more students became aware of her talent and ability. As such, there were more students who had become even more amazed by her ability to stay aloof, a trait they continuously insulted her for.

Yao Tang’s name began to gain traction across the student body.

When she had gotten first place in the Youth Olympics and received a perfect score, students in her batch started to admire her even more. In fact, they even shut off any rumors about the woman in sole respect for her ability.

However, Zhang Dong had never come into contact with her, not even once. While he had heard rumors of the ice queen, he certainly didn’t think them enough to form his own opinion of the student.

At this moment, however, he finally realized that Yao Tang wasn’t the type to care about what other people think of her.

She was indifferent both to herself and to those around her.

There really was nothing else to describe her. Seeing Yao Tang disappearing down the staircase, he held the railing and poked his head out of the small gap.

“Yao Tang, I just want to say that you’re amazing at tennis,” he shouted out. “I admire you very much, and I’m your No.1 fan!”

His heart pounded in his chest.

Blood rushed up to his face, and he felt warm all over. He looked like a blubbering little boy who had just admitted to his crush, but he couldn’t care any less.

He had already made up his mind.

He would definitely follow her advice and settle this matter properly. Given as he was the one who had caused this matter, it was only expected that he was the one to end it.


Yao Tang nodded softly before continuing her stroll.

Zhang Dong continued to watch her retreating figure, feeling as if something had awakened in his mind. It seemed that Yao Tangwasn’t as cold-blooded and heartless as many had thought.


In an office building in City A, Cheng Yan was seated in his office. In front of him was the CEO of a smaller company located in the north.

“President Cheng, please take a look at this contract first. I’ll go make us some tea.”

With a bow of his head, he quickly left the room.

At this time, someone had messaged Qin Hao, who was sitting right beside the old man. Glancing at his phone, he couldn’t help but frown at the sudden news.

He quickly rushed to Cheng Yan.

“Brother Cheng, while I was dealing with the company’s homepage, I received a message from my social media account. It’s from No. 1 High School. I saw that it was Yao Tang’s school, so I decided to take a look.”

There was a short pause when he hesitated. “I believe Miss Yao is in trouble.”

“Let me see it.”

Upon grabbing the phone, Cheng Yan scanned the comments beneath the post. Seeing that they were all bashing the school and the students, he quickly opened the video to see what it was all about. He could tell that the student was Yao Tang, even from her back alone.

The more he read through the comments, the darker his face became. Some of these comments held no merits, while others were just bluntly bashing the young woman.

Cheng Yan pushed Qin Hao’s phone to the side and looked into his own phone. He quickly dialed Principal Kong’s number and held it to his ear.


The man still had not picked up the phone, but Cheng Yan didn’t hang up. Instead, he leaned back against his seat and continued to call, his finger rhythmically tapping on the table.

Qin Hao sighed, shaking his head.

It seemed that someone’s going to be in big trouble.