Chapter 285 - Full Marks!

Chapter 285 of 329 chapters

“It’s a pity that I didn’t get into No. 1 High School. That would’ve been my principal.”

“Were we talking about the girl playing tennis in that video just now? It’s perfectly normal for the principal to protect her. She’s an extremely outstanding student.”

“Exactly. This girl is amazing! Do you think she’s only good at tennis? You’re making a big mistake. She’s practically the pride of the school.”

“If you want the principal’s protection, then you have to get full marks in every single one of your exams. Everyone’s welcome to give it a try. Let’s see how well you’d do.”

The last few comments were sent out by classmates of Yao Tang while they were surfing the internet.

They didn’t really mean anything by it. They just wanted to show that the principal’s preference was only due to their classmate’s very unique abilities. No one should be jealous about it if they couldn’t reach such a feat.

Only she could truly do it.

“So, she’s also the god of learning?”

“Damn, she has everything! The looks, the intelligence, the body—you think she’s god’s daughter? I don’t think I can catch up with her in my entire lifetime.”

“All of you are focusing on the wrong thing! This girl had posted it online to gain attention. It’s obvious that everything is fake. Even if the principal defends her, there’s no changing this fact.”

“Is this a joke? I’m from No. 1 High School. I was there that day, watching the game end. You have to bear the legal responsibility for slandering someone!”

“Please, slandering who? Why do you keep covering up her lie?”

“Only the principal came out, and you all started to believe him? A fake will always be fake. Think about the technologies we’ve developed. Do you really think a high school student is capable of something like this?”

“Oh, for god’s sake, why don’t you just watch the video a couple more times? There’s no possibility that the video was staged. If you think it is, then I should ask you to head over to the eye doctor.”

When everyone saw this comment, they all returned to their seats to watch the video. Initially, they had assumed that the video was entirely fake. However, after looking closely, they realized that the video was quite coherent—no matter what angle they turned. It was obvious that the video wasn’t staged at all.

“But, don’t you think it’s a little strange? The video moves fine, but at certain points, you can see it stops moving. There were also the opinions of online figures…”

“Congratulations, Captain Obvious, you’ve found it!”

“Found what?”

“Don’t you think that from the way the video is pausing, it’s to not reveal the player’s face?”


Zhang Dong hurriedly searched for his post, ready to help Yao Tangin clarifying things. However, he didn’t expect to find that the people’s opinions had started to change.

Even the principal had involved himself in this matter!

The principal left a message under his post stating his close relationship with the student. This was something that no one had ever imagined would happen to them.

“Brother Dong, what’s happening? Who shall we fight first?”

The group of boys gathered all around him with their phones high up in the air. From their determined looks and pursed lips, they all looked like they were heading off the battle.

Although most of the students present had a misunderstanding of Yao Tang, they knew that their school’s reputation was at stake. Not only that, they wouldn’t let just about anyone slander their batchmate.

Plus, their family backgrounds gave them enough privilege to not be worried about pushback.

However, Zhang Dong was still staring at his phone, completely in a daze. “I don’t think we need to clarify anything,” he said softly.

“What? We already said we would help you, didn’t we? Do you think we can’t handle it?”

“Yeah, we aren’t afraid of them!”