Chapter 292 - Be Bold and Stand Out

Chapter 292 of 329 chapters

“What the heck is wrong with you? I told you, I’m counting on this stuff to gain popularity. How am I supposed to make a comeback if I deleted the post? You’ve got to be kidding me. Are you out of your mind or something?”

Wang Peng’s face was twisted in pure displeasure. He inwardly cursed the assistant. The fool must be a coward to try to back down now.

“Listen carefully, Little Ma, because your big brother is about to teach you a valuable lesson. If you want to be famous in this cutthroat world, you need to be bold and do things that others wouldn’t even dare to do. You can’t expect to gain traction by jumping into some bandwagon. You need to make yourself stand out from the rest, and make people remember you for being different. In our line of work—”

Wang Peng was interrupted whenAssistant Masuddenly burst into sobs. “Brother Peng,” he wailed. “I’m begging you, Brother Peng! Just go online and take a look at your website. There’s a huge commotion on your homepage, and netizens are flooding the comment section of your post. Please, please, just go online and check!

If this matter isn’t handled properly, there’s a good chance that your entire career will be ruined. The only way to remedy the situation at this point is for you to delete the post and issue a sincere apology to the public. Hurry, Brother Peng! You have to act before it gets any worse!”

Wang Peng felt a heavy sense of dread in the pit of his stomach.

Had he miscalculated?

What uproar on the Internet? Why were they targeting his post? What on earth was happening?

With his heart beating wildly inside his chest, Wang Penghurriedly opened the browser on his phone and went to his website.

Sure enough, the post had indeed blown up.

The viewer count alone had reached an all-time high in the history of his homepage’s existence. Wang Pengexcitedly clicked to expand the comment section, only to realize that the general sentiment of the netizens was not quite what he had been expecting.

“Ha! I can’t believe that I used to think you were a professional coach dominating the field. How absurd! Thanks to the National Sports Association, I finally see you for the despicable person that you are!”

“And you call yourself a professional tennis player? You can’t even tell whether you’re playing a real game or a fake one! Your years of experience have totally gone to waste. You should be ashamed of yourself and just leave the world of sports once and for all!”

“To think that you were all self-righteous when you talked down to the netizens. You even claimed to have authenticated the video! I should have known you were lying. You’re a lying prick, and you should be forbidden to teach other people anything!”

“I literally threw up reading about this man’s disgusting deeds. He doesn’t deserve a spot on the top trending searches online.”

“I don’t even know who you are, I just came across the news about you while I was surfing the Internet. But I can honestly say that I hate you, dude. Do you even realize that you basically ruined another person’s life? What are you going to do if they ended up getting attacked by your supporters, huh? It was truly a blessing that the National Sports Associationgave a statement before things got out of hand.”

“You must have a very wild imagination since you’re so fond of making things up! From now on, I will report every post you publish online. Let’s see how you like a taste of your own medicine. Enjoy getting doxxed!”

“You’re certainly brave for pulling this ridiculous stunt. You probably thought the National Sports Associationwouldn’t do anything about it, didn’t you? Well, I hope you get hit by a car when you go out.”

The comments were filled with curses and hatred toward Wang Peng.

Worse, they kept increasing at an alarming rate. There were already tens of thousands of them by the time he had logged in.

Wang Peng’s eyes were wide with panic. His fingers were trembling as he scrolled down his screen. His heart was thundering inside his chest, and he felt as if it might burst out at any moment.

The National Sports Association… These people kept bringing up theNational Sports Association!

He was a member of the organization, too, which meant that he was well aware of the strict regulations that they implemented. Similarly, they liked to keep out of messy issues, as they were considered to be beneath everything that the organization stood for.

So how come they had gotten involved this time? Why would they break their own tradition for some unknown guy on a random video?

Wang Peng frantically navigated through the Internet to search for the post in question, praying that the thing about theNational Sports Associationwas somehow false.

And so, he was horrified to see the verified icon glaring back at him when he finally found the original post. Without a doubt, it had been published by the one and only National Sports Association.

“Oh, my God!” Wang Pengwailed, feeling his knees give out under him.