Chapter 303 - Miracle Pill

Chapter 303 of 329 chapters

However, before they could make it toward the exit, they were surrounded once again. This time, there were more than the ones she had knocked down. All of them were glaring at her in disdain.

“There are just too many people,” Lu Ming whispered urgently. “We may not be able to run away together, but you can!”

What they didn’t expect was for another voice to come from the entrance.

“Cousin Lu, why don’t you stay at—” Just as they were in the middle of running away, Qin Rui stepped inside. He had a smile on his face, prepared for his greeting, only for his words to die in his throat.

Upon seeing the states Yao Tangand Lu Ming, he clenched his fists.

“What are you doing?”

However, as soon as he saw the other men lying on the ground, he had to suppress himself from smiling. It seemed that Yao Tang was already taking care of this issue herself.

He had actually gone with Yao Tang while she was driving. However, due to her very speedy driving skills, he ended up vomiting as soon as he had gotten out of the car. It had actually taken him some time to recover before entering their home.

Lu Qing’s expression immediately changed when he saw Qin Rui stepping in.

“It seems that I’ve just been caught in a very embarrassing situation.” Lu Qing chuckled politely, stepping over the fallen bodies. “I’m just currently dealing with a few private matters of mine. How about you allow me to deal with this, and then I’ll get back to you, cousin?”

In another place,

Qin Hao had just walked into a private room, wiping his forehead with a towel. Glancing at the man behind him, he grinned.

“Brother Cheng, when this matter is done, can I at least request a leave of absence? I’m so exhausted to the point where I feel like I’m going blind!” he murmured. “You know, I saw a girl walk into the private room next door, and I could’ve sworn she looked exactly like Yao Tang! You meet up with her for so many times, I’m starting to see her everywhere.”

Sitting on the sofa was none other than Cheng Yan. He was holding a cigarette close to his lips as he glanced at the side, flicking the ashes onto the tray. “You want to take a break?”

“Yes!” Qin Hao said adamantly.

“Sure…” He shrugged. “You can take a break in ten years.”

“Are you kidding me?” Qin Hao was stunned, turning gloomy right after.


At the other end of the private room, Lu Qing was still talking to Qin Rui.

Taking this time to her advantage, Yao Tang pulled out a pill from her pocket and fed it to Lu Ming.

His body had already gone limp from the amount of force crushing him. It was really all thanks to Yao Tang’s tremendous strength that he was still able to stand up.

However, when the warm pill slipped down his throat, he immediately felt a hot current rushing through his system.

The throbbing pain in his back ultimately disappeared within a few seconds. It felt as if he was a teenager again, stronger and healthier. His eyes widened in surprise.

While he had been treated like trash by the Lu Family, he was able to obtain many resources, being a genius himself. He knew everything from the newest inventions in medical technology to humanity’s greatest advancements.

He knew many things that even the ordinary people didn’t know about.

There was one pill—a miracle pill, as it was called—that he was knowledgeable of that could restore one’s strength within seconds. It could also repair injuries, whether they be minor or major. From what he had heard, the pill was sold for at least seven figures.

Yet, Yao Tang had fed one to him?

It was impossible for someone to have obtained it without any financial standing. Could Yao Tang really be a poor girl from a rural village?

Did she not know the value of this pill?

Despite his confused expression, Yao Tang still didn’t show any worry as she stared at the two people by the doorway. She didn’t seem to mind him at all despite his blatant look.

Ring, ring, ring!

Just then, Yao Tang’s phone started ringing.

Seeing this, she pressed the mute button.

Qin Rui glanced in Lu Ming’s direction and immediately changed the discussion.

“Isn’t that Third Brother Lu? What’s wrong with him?”

With a frown, Qin Rui walked forward and took the weight from Yao Tang’s shoulders.

The hooligans made no move to stop him.

Even Lu Qing couldn’t blame them. After all, anyone who would dare stop Qin Ruiin his path would be stupid?

“Should I be concerned about this?”