Chapter 309 - Taking the Pills

Chapter 309 of 329 chapters

Was the test performed for Lu Ming’s memory? Seeing as he had passed the test, did that mean that his brain injury had recovered?

However, Yao Tang didn’t say another word aside from crushing the black pill.

During the past three years, there were famous doctors and professors around the world who had studied Lu Ming’s case. Even then, they couldn’t find any problems with it.

Yet, she had cured him in just a couple of seconds?

Even Lu Ming was surprised.

Everything blurred all around him, and he took a deep breath.

It was as if someone had opened the door for him, overwhelming him with a series of colors and shapes. He could only gape in surprise, allowing himself to be swallowed whole by it.

He really felt different from before.


No wonder he had been able to get good grades by answering the questions in the classroom and get extremely poor grades when Yao Tang wasn’t around.

It turned out she’d been using these pills all this time?

It wasn’t because his brain injury was being cured spontaneously, but because Yao Tanghad something to do with it. He clasped his hands together.

Tears came to his eyes.

“I don’t know what to say,” he stuttered. “You’re the one who cured me? You’re the one behind all of this?”

“The development you’re receiving is only temporary, but I can—”

“It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s temporary! Hell, I don’t even care if it happens for only a second. This is…this is amazing!”

He had long since been prepared for disappointment for the rest of his life. After all, as his doctors had stated, there was one in a million chance he could still recover.

Yet, Yao Tang’s pills had given him hope.

“If you want to be cured completely, you’ll have to take another pill.” she slowly said. “I’ll have to make another one.”


Lu Ming felt like his entire body was about to explode in excitement. His hands were shaking in his sides as he grinned up at her.

“You’re really saying I can recover?”

“If you want to recover, then you have to listen to me. You must undergo the treatment plant I’ve set up, while also undergoing some rehabilitation training for your mental state.” She took a deep breath. “As long as you’ll listen to me, recovery wouldn’t be a problem.”

“Then I’ll do as you say!”

Just then, a thought came to his mind.

“Wait, you didn’t know I had a brain injury back then, right? So why were you crushing these pills in the classroom?”

He furrowed his eyebrows.

Yao Tang smiled lazily. “I’ve noticed how sleepy you guys are from all the studying, so I was using the pills to energize and motivate you to concentrate.”

From the start, she had always wanted to help her classmate succeed. By using the pills, she’d be upping their morale.

What she didn’t expect was for Lu Ming to benefit in another way.

“You did all that for us?”

Lu Ming had to hold back his tears.

She really did care for all of them! There were so many rumors about Yao Tang’s cold and emotionless state, but in reality, she had a heart of gold—always prepared to help.

She was a goddess in her own right.

Lu Ming had seen many geniuses over his lifetime, but he had never seen someone like Yao Tang. She could’ve sold this at any time she wanted. She could’ve easily charged her classmates for the pill, but instead, she had done it secretly to avoid getting attention.

If she sold this on the market… He shook his head helplessly.

“I swear, you’ll recover. Now, head back.”

Yao Tang shooed them away with a smile.

As soon as Lu Ming heard this, he couldn’t help but feel relieved. It seemed that he had finally found someone else to rely on, someone who could give him hope.

Yao Tang could help him. He was sure of it.