Chapter 312 - Golden Sand Coast Prawns

Chapter 312 of 329 chapters

But Qin Man just couldn’t remember this major detail!

Even now, she continued to insist that she didn’t know. Honestly, at this point, this was no longer a question as to whether she knew it or not. It’s more of whether or not she wanted to remember.

It’s as if she didn’t care at all!

Old Madam Yao glanced at her disinterestedly, too lazy to gossip with her. As such, she turned her loving attention to Yao Tang.

Yao Ran noticed this and frowned.

Even from the start of the family banquet, the old woman had already insisted on sitting next to Yao Tang. Now, she was simply watching her eat. She must wish that she and Yao Tang would leave together instead.

How biased!

Yao Ran gazed at her hands.

Trying to recover her smile, she took a deep breath. “Sister, you must not have eaten this type of hotpot before, right? Why don’t you take this bowl instead?” she suggested.

When she said this, Yao Yan’s family frowned.

“Sister Yao Ran, you must really know a lot about this seafood bowl?” Yao Yan bit back a laugh.

However, Yao Ran didn’t hear the sarcasm in his words. Instead, she lowered her head and shook both her hands up in the air. “No, no,” she murmured.

Even then, she still appeared quite arrogant.

“Do you mind if I ask where these golden coast prawns come from?”

Qin Man couldn’t help but snicker.

As the name suggested, the prawns obviously came from the Gold Coast! How could he not understand this?

This was hilarious!

“Isn’t the Gold Coast a place in Australia? It’s rich in prawns as such…” Qin Man suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. “Aiya, you should really pay more attention to your child’s education.”

“He doesn’t even know where the Golden Coast is! I say, boy if you don’t know anything, you shouldn’t be so blunt about it. If outsiders were to hear about this, you wouldn’t be able to find a good family to settle in.”

Qin Man chuckled.

How could these parents abandon his education like this?

Yao Yuan, who was sitting beside his wife, also nodded solemnly. “You can’t raise your children right if you don’t offer them the best quality education possible,” he started. “You should really discipline your son.”

Yao Rong and Jiang Wansimply shared a look, not saying another word.

“I really don’t know much about the Golden Coast Prawns.” He shrugged. “But I do know about the Golden Sand Coast. From what I know about the place, there are plenty of prawns there, all with healthy nutritional value.”

As soon as he said it, Yao Ran widened her eyes.

“Look at you, kid. You don’t even know where the Gold Coast is?” Qin Man snorted, rolling her eyes. “Could it be someone had lied to you? Misinformed you? God, you shouldn’t be talking about this to anyone other than the Yao Family, else people would think wrongly of you.”

Her words were dripping in sarcasm.

Yao Ran’s face, however, was flashing white and red as a series of emotions raced through her heart. Her hands clenched tightly on her lap, not wanting to listen any longer.

She pulled on Qin Man’s sleeve, hinting that she should stop talking.

However, Qin Man didn’t even pay attention to her at all. Instead, she turned to Yao Rong. “I know that you’re not as privileged as others, but you should really invest in his education!”