Chapter 313 - Really Embarrassing

Chapter 313 of 329 chapters

Yao Ran listened to Yao Yan’s explanation with her head bowed. She stared at the ground, unmoving and emotionless.

Yao Yan, who was sitting right beside her, smirked. He knew for a fact that the woman had already noticed her faults. Yet, it seemed that Qin Man still didn’t know a thing.

The young woman clenched her fists even tighter. There was something about their stares that unnerved her like they were judging her.

Not wanting to hold it in any longer, she glanced up at her mother. “Mom!” she interrupted. “I was wrong. It’s the Golden Sand Coast, not the Gold Coast.”

As soon as she said this, Qin Man stopped talking. Her face flashed in disbelief.


She had been bested by this country boy?

Was she joking?

Yao Yan had actually corrected her. Qin Maninitially assumed that the parents didn’t educate him very well, but it seemed that the tables were turned.

Did that mean that she was the one who hadn’t been educating her daughter well?

That’s preposterous!

Qin Man’s jaw dropped. How could this have happened? To her of all people! Her face turned bright green from sheet white, making Yao Yan even more amused.

Jiang Wan clasped Yao Yan’s shoulder with support. A slow smirk slipped into her lips.

Not bad. It seemed that her son is very much prepared to protect his sister.

Actually, Jiang Wan and Yao Rong had another purpose for coming over today. They glanced at Yao Tang’s bowed figure. They actually intended to bring Yao Tanghome, for real this time.

Yao Yuan’s family had been shameless in rejecting the young woman from entering their household, and the last thing they needed was for their niece to live uncomfortably when they could do something about it.

Even if she was living in the school’s dormitory now, she still had to head home at one point.

It was why they discussed it for the last week, and later agreed with the made decision.

If Yao Tang agreed, she’d be able to stay at Yao Rong’s house and live with his family. Besides, she was already registered as a resident in his household. This adjustment would only formalize things.

“Mom, it’s my fault.” Yao Ran tugged her mom’s sleeve, paling at their words. “Please, don’t be angry.”

Seeing that her words didn’t do any good, she quickly turned to the other guests. “I’m sorry. It was all my fault that I got the two mixed up. My Mom had trusted me so much that she fought to defend my thoughts, that’s all,” she quickly said. “Please don’t blame her.”

Upon hearing this, Qin Man softened just a bit.

“It’s no worries. It’s just one mistake.”

“I’m sorry, Mom.” The two women stared at each other as they immediately went to another conversation—one that involved the other dishes.

However, after a few seconds had passed, Yao Ran finally remembered something.

“Sis,” she called out. “I almost forgot to pour you a bowl.”

“Yes, Yao Tang, you should try some.” Qin Man smiled.

Yao Tang probably hadn’t tried this, given her poor background. It was a way to show off while sounding nice. Her smile widened. Anything to get the spotlight off of them.

Being the host, it was her job to make sure that all her guests were comfortable and well-taken care of. The thought somehow made her feel a sense of superiority when addressing them.

“Why don’t I help you with a bowl?” Smiling, she picked up a small porcelain bowl placed on the side. “How much do you want?”

“I’m allergic.”

Yao Tang didn’t even bother to look at her.

As soon as Yao Ran heard her, she quickly placed the bowl back onto the table and lowered her head.

Qin Man slammed her hand onto the table. “Your sister had already poured it for you, yet you rejected it just like that? Who the heck are you to ignore her good heart?” she bit back. “You’ve never even eaten seafood before. How would you know if you’re allergic? This is just embarrassing!”

The word “embarrassing” echoed across the entire hall, making the other guests turn to their table.

Yao Tang picked up a teacup and took a sip. She didn’t say or react to anything that the older woman had said.

Jiang Wan smiled slightly as she waved her hand. “You shouldn’t misunderstand, Yao Tang. After all, it wouldn’t be surprising that she’s allergic to seafood as her cousin’s the same.”