Chapter 314 - My Child

Chapter 314 of 329 chapters

Cousin. Yao Ran didn’t need to be a genius to know what her aunt had meant. Yao Tangwas, after all, still the biological child of the Yao Family. It was only reasonable that they have a few similarities in terms of their allergies.

An uncomfortable feeling stirred in her stomach. Everyone at this table was connected by blood. At least, except for the wives. She was the only outsider here.

That was what her aunt had meant.

Old Madam Yao’s sharp gaze swept over Qin Man. Their daughter obviously didn’t know anything, yet she still had the nerve to speak out?

Even Qin Man couldn’t maintain her arrogant expression. Her shifty eyes and twitching lips had already said it all. Old Madam Yao scoffed.

“Yao Tang had come from the countryside, so she obviously doesn’t know the first thing about eating seafood.” Qin Manshrugged. “Even if she is, how would she know?”

She was nothing but a poor country bumpkin?

Was she just copying her cousin?

Besides, Yao Tang probably just didn’t want to drink the soup Yao Ranhad offered. That’s why she had made up a total lie.

From the minute she had stepped into their lives, she was jealous of Yao Ran and wanted nothing to do with her. Just then, a thought crossed her mind.

“Yao Tang, are you lying to us?” she demanded. “You live in the countryside, how could you have tasted such delicacies. Could it be that you’re just using this as an excuse to embarrass your sister?”

Her voice was growing louder by the second.

It almost felt like Qin Man was facing her biggest enemy.

“That’s enough!”

Unable to take it anymore, Old Madam Yao slammed her hands onto the table and glared at her coldly. Placing the chopsticks on the side of her plate, she gritted her teeth.

Everyone turned to look, surprised that the old woman had carried such strength.


“What point are you trying to make here?” she demanded. “If you have nothing good to say, then eat! If you don’t want to eat, then you can scram. You’re not wanted here.”

Every word was like a knife through the heart.

Upon seeing how the old lady was criticizing her, Qin Man clenched her jaw. “Why are you acting like this?” she demanded. “What did I do to get you to scold me in front of so many people? I’m the one who gave birth to that brat, didn’t I? Shouldn’t I have a say as to how she’s raised?”

Old Madam Yao pursed her lips.

No matter what she’d do, she could see that Qin Man would never accept Yao Tangas her daughter. She’d just keep looking down on her at every chance she gets.

And her disappointing son, Yao Yuan, didn’t even bother to correct her. He just looked like he wanted things to be over and done with.

She had initially planned for Yao Tang to return to her biological parents and hopefully mend the bridge. It was a way to get things to the way things were.

However, it seemed that there was no hope for this family!

This was awful!

With a shake of her head, the old woman could only sigh in disbelief. She had initially assumed that things would get better, that the two parties would soon understand each other’s faults.

Yet, now, it was impossible.

Upon making up her mind, Old Madam Yao shrugged. “Yao Tang’s obviously Yao Rong’s daughter, not yours,” she snapped. “You’re merely her first aunt. What do you mean about being her biological mother?”

A flash of joy soared through Yao Ran’s heart.

Did that mean that Yao Tang would have no chance of returning home?

Qin Man felt something very wrong stirring in this room. Furrowing her eyebrows together, she raised her eyebrows. “What are you saying?” she demanded.

Jiang Wan, on the other hand, could only laugh mockingly. “Of course, she’s my child,” she said proudly. “I have a daughter and a son, and you have absolutely no right of criticizing her.”

Yao Rong also nodded in agreement.