Chapter 317 - Music Association Assessment

Chapter 317 of 329 chapters

“You don’t understand, Mom. Our Ranran is under the tutelage of a great music master. She has a bright future ahead of her. Why, at this rate, it would only be a matter of time before she gets admitted into the Music Association!”

Qin Man paused to giveYao Tanga disdainful glance.

“On the other hand, if we give this money to Yao Tang, she would only spend it eating and drinking outside. She’s used to being poor, anyway, so what’s the point in providing her an allowance? For all we know, it might land her in even bigger troubles than before!”

In her mind, giving cash to the likes of Yao Tangwas as good as burning it before her very eyes.

That bumpkin was nothing like Ranran, who knew how to manage her personal finances and could therefore be trusted with sizable pocket money.

Old Madam Yao’s expression grew even more ferocious. She strode over to Qin Man, grabbed the check, and stuffed it inYao Tang’s hands.

“Here, Yao Tang. Use some of this money to buy some pretty stationery and other school supplies. Don’t worry, your uncle is going to give you more money. After all, this laughable amount is far from enough!”

With that, she cast a warning glare at Yao Yuan. “Isn’t that right?”

He took one look at his mother’s face and immediately took out a gold card from his wallet. “Take this, Yao Tang. This card has a balance of three million. Use it to cover whatever you may need. Once you’ve exhausted the account, come to me, and we can talk about your allowance.”

Qin Man felt her cheeks burn as she stared at her husband in indignation.

The man had truly lost his mind! Why would he offer so much to that rascal, Yao Tang?

A check for one million was already so much more than she deserved, yet he went on and gave her an additional three million. This was getting ridiculous!

Even their darling Ranranhad to give them a good reason to warrant such a hefty allowance.

Deep down, Qin Manknew thatYao Yuanwas simply acting under pressure fromOld Madam Yao, but this was just too much! She couldn’t let this go on any further.

“Mom, listen to me first and reconsider. Ranranput in a lot of effort for a shot to qualify for the Music Association, so it’s only natural that she spends a lot of money to better her chances. But what aboutYao Tang? What could she possibly need money for? To eat junk food and drink with her thug friends? I’m telling you, we would all be better off if the funds went toRanran. We can spareYao Tangsome money later when she finally gets her matters sorted.”

“Do you even hear yourself?” Old Madam Yaobarked. “So what ifRanranneeds to bribe her way into the Music Association or whatever? OurYao Tangneeds to learn how to play musical instruments, too! She also needs to make connections and give her teachers and elders gifts.”

To everyone’s horror and surprise, Qin Manlet out a derisive cackle at her mother-in-law’s words before sneering at her biological daughter.

‘This filthy girl grew up in the mountains with nothing to her name. She should consider herself that she now has a warm bed and can eat her fill. She even managed to attend No. 1 High Schooldespite her awful background! Now, she even dares to learn music likeRanran? Don’t make me laugh!’

“Did you just say that Yao Tang wants to learn how to play musical instruments, Mom? What, do you think she’s some prodigy or something? It takes innate talent to thrive in the arts, and even with the right skills, it’s never easy to learn any craft.

“She can’t compare to our Ranran, who will be participating in the Music Association Assessment later. Even though only a few talents pass each season,Ranranis currently studying under a renowned expert, so this will be a piece of cake for her.

“Why would you even speak of Yao Tangas if they are in the same league? She would need more than four million if she hopes to catch up toRanran.

“Come on, Mom. You know you’re old and quite out of touch with the current times. You should listen for a change and let us handle the more important matters.”

Hearing this, Jiang Wan bristled in her seat and could no longer hold back.

“Sister-in-Law, I’m afraid you’re crossing the line. If our Tangtangwants to learn, then we would be more than happy to hire a teacher and nurture her interests, regardless of whether she has the talent or not. And I assure you, we won’t have to resort to buying gifts or using connections for her to develop and succeed.”

What she meant, of course, was that they had no need for Yao Yuan’s money at all.

Qin Man smirked atJiang Wan, amused by the latter’s declarations. She put her hands on her hips and said in a haughty voice, “My dear Sister-in-Law, you sound so confident just now. Do you even have an idea how much money and energy it takes to be a music pupil? Go ahead, ask around and see if you can hire a music teacher for anything less than a few hundred thousand yuan!”