Chapter 322 - Music Protegy in the Family

Chapter 322 of 329 chapters

Yao Yan was blinking rapidly at his cousin as he tried to process this new information.

Yao Rong was the first to break the silence. “What did you say?”

They might not be well-versed in the world of music, but they were quite familiar with the Music Association.

It was the Music Association, for goodness’ sake!

It was the institution that stood at the pinnacle of the industry, a place where all music geniuses and aspiring talents dream of attending.

Meanwhile, Yao Tangwasn’t just participating in their annual event, but she would be performing as the concertmaster, to boot!

Wasn’t it just too good to be true?

Jiang Wan pinched her cheek to see if she was dreaming.

She didn’t think Yao Tangwould lie; she held the girl in such high regard that she never even consider the idea.Jiang Wancould tell thatYao Tangpossessed a good character, and would never make things up for the sake of her ego.

This was also why she had made up her mind early on to always be on her adopted daughter’s side.

Regardless of her sentiments, she still wasn’t expecting Yao Tangto make it this far. She had only hoped that the girl would be able to pursue her aspirations freely.

Jiang Wan was even determined to shell out her personal funds to supportYao TangdespiteQin Man’s scornful remarks. The way she saw it,Yao Tangonly needed a shot at her dreams, and maybe everyone would recognize her potential.

But now… Yao Tangwas actually performing at theMusic Association’s annual assessment event.

Jiang Wan struggled to rein in her excitement.

‘Oh, my goodness! It’s the Music Association! The one place every music student wants to go to! I can’t believeYao Tangwould be participating in their event!’

Across the table, Yao Yuansnapped back to his senses and started. In doing so, he accidentally knocked his teacup to the floor, where it shattered into pieces.

The sudden sound of porcelain breaking made everyone turn to look at Yao Yuan.

“Careful, Big Brother,” Yao Rongsaid. “You’re not hurt, are you?”

But Yao Yuan’s eyes were onYao Tang. He looked the girl over as various emotions crossed his face.

He felt like he was seeing his biological daughter for the first time.

It took him a while to finally look away. “I’m fine,” he sighed. “It was an accident, don’t worry.”

“All right, don’t bother cleaning it up. Let’s have the waiter take care of it.”

After saying that, Yao Rongpaid no more attention to his brother.

Beside him, Jiang Wan continued to stare at Yao Tang as though she were a precious treasure that had fallen into her lap. It was all she could do not to embrace the girl.

Because, as it so happened, Jiang Wanwas an avid music fan.

She had also tried learning to play a musical instrument when she was younger and had wanted to form her own band. Unfortunately, she lacked the talent for it, and eventually had to give up.

Perhaps she could live her dreams vicariously through Yao Tang, and turn a bitter part of her youth into a fond memory.

“Yao Tang,” Jiang Wansaid, her eyes lighting up. “Are you really performing for theMusic Association? You’re going to be the concertmaster, right? Will this be your first time?”

Yao Tang nodded.

Jiang Wan pressed her lips together to stop herself from squealing. If her mother-in-law weren’t present, she would have rushed out the door and announced to everyone in the restaurant that her daughter was the concertmaster for theMusic Association’s annual assessment.

She had already been regarding Yao Tangas her own child before this, but she had never been prouder of their relationship than she was now.

The next thing she knew, Jiang Wanwas already making plans to nurture her little concertmaster’s talents. She would hire the best instructors and buyYao Tangwhatever instrument she may need.

She happily leaned back against her seat when her gaze inadvertently landed on Qin Man.Jiang Wantook delight in the terrible expression the other woman was sporting.

She cleared her throat loudly and, imitating Qin Man’s haughty tone, said, “I’m really sorry about this, Sister-in-Law. TheMusic Associationdoesn’t allow entry to outsiders, so I’m afraid we can’t invite you to witness ourTangtang’s performance. Oh, well! That’s just how it is. What can we do? This child is simply too talented.

“As for your offer to give her music lessons, I think we can let her decide the matter on her own. She can learn to play whatever she likes. And if she wants to continue being the concertmaster, then she can do that, too. We must support her in whatever way we can. Not every family is so lucky to have a music prodigy in their household, don’t you think so, Sister-in-Law?”

Qin Man was becoming lightheaded. Her thoughts were as jumbled as her emotions. She barely heardJiang Wan’s sarcastic barbs.

All she could do was stare at Yao Tangand gnash her teeth together. ‘How is this possible?’