Chapter 323 - Invitation Card as Proof

Chapter 323 of 329 chapters

She couldn’t have cared less if some random child got the chance to attend a Music Association event, but…

But Yao Tang, of all people!

A country bumpkin who hadn’t even been in the city for half a year. How did she even manage it in the first place?

She had no background in music, no connections to speak of… She didn’t even have a mentor!

How could she be the one to perform in such an illustrious event?

Why her and not Ranran?

Could she really be that talented? Was she truly meant to be a concertmaster at her age?

Qin Man’s face turned even more unsightly at the thought of this possibility.

She glared at Yao Tangand looked the girl up and down again. “I know what you’re trying to do now! You’re bluffing again, aren’t you?

“Ranran is off to her rehearsal, and you’re so jealous of her that you suddenly made up all this nonsense about participating in theMusic Associationassessment! The truth is that you don’t even know what goes on in these events, do you?”

Qin Man scoffed and clicked her tongue, looking sure of herself.

“Do you think you can just spin a tale and everyone would instantly believe you? The truth will always come out! You may get away with your lies for a moment, but you can’t keep lying forever. Whether you’re really participating in the event or not, there’s only one way to find out.

“So you want to be like Ranran, huh? You want to act like you’re some rich family’s daughter? You should have just relied on your own strength, then, instead of sabotagingRanran’s achievements!”

Qin Man spat out her words in rapid succession, each one more hostile than the last.

Her malice was so palpable in the air that everyone else began to fidget in their seats.

“You’re wrong, Aunt!” Yao Yanspoke up for the first time. “Tangtangisn’t acting like the daughter of a rich family, she is the daughter of a rich family. And she’s free to do whatever she wants. You have no say in the matter!

“Besides, my sister is extremely intelligent. She got full marks in countless exams, I’ve already lost track of how many they are. She’s even ranked first in her grade. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that she became a significant figure in the Music Association. Stop being so weird and cruel!”

Yao Rong’s family already had a clear understanding of Yao Tang, and knew that she wasn’t as bad as she was first made out to be.

In fact, they were all rather fond of her. Yao Yan, in particular, admired her very much.

Unfortunately, Qin Manwas so set in her judgments that she could no longer see reason.

She sneered at Yao Tang, and when she spoke again, her voice turned up a notch higher. “You ambitious brat! Every participant is issued one, and you won’t be granted entry without it. Well? Do you have anything to show for yourself?”

Yao Tang narrowed her eyes and thought about it for a moment.

She had received an envelope from Elder Nie a few days ago. That should be her invitation card.

As it happened, though, she had chucked it into some random drawer as soon it arrived. If she were to search for it now, it would take a good while.

Yao Tang leaned over the table and cupped her chin. “I don’t have it with me,” she drawled.

“What did you say? You don’t have it?”

Qin Man’s eyes lit up, and she cackled with glee.

She whipped out her phone and brandished it in front of Yao Tang. “How about this, then? I’ll call the chauffeur over, and you can go home and fetch your so-called invitation card. We will all stay here and wait for you to come back. That should be fine, right?”

Qin Man voiced out her suggestion with an eager look on her face.

‘How on earth could this stupid girl forget to bring such an important item. This family gathering would have been the perfect opportunity to show off!’

Unless, of course, the invitation card didn’t actually exist…

‘Yao Tang you piece of scum. You’re still trying to pass yourself off as some promising talent, huh? Bragging to your elders with your lies?’

Qin Man couldn’t wait to put her back in her place.

Her grip on her phone tightened as she waited for Yao Tang’s response. If the chit refused to go back to get the invitation card, then it was as good as an admission that she didn’t have it to begin with.