Chapter 36 - Let's Make a Bet

Chapter 36 of 329 chapters

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“Does Yao Tang’s intelligence really have anything to do with you?” Meng Yang was a head taller than Luo Hua, so he very easily towered over him. “As for her past, can you say that you know her better than anyone in that room? You think you can just belittle her like that and get other people to join your ruse?”

Luo Hua scoffed. “And tell me, what good can a student like her do?”

His jaw tightened. “She’s none of your business. If you don’t apologize to her right now, I’ll make sure you’ll pay for this!”

Despite this, the man didn’t seem too intimidated. “Get out of here right now, or you’re the one who has to face the consequences!”

Meng Yang rolled up his sleeves. “Let’s see what you can do, you ass–”

“Meng Yang.”

A gravelly female voice echoed across the room, and Yao Tang strode into the office. Her hands were shoved into her pockets. She lifted up her head, revealing her cold eyes and pursed lips.

Lin Xin knew that the woman had a bad temper. Just like Chu Yao, she was afraid that something might happen and followed her into the teacher’s room.

“But Yao Tang!” he protested, whirling around. “He’s the one who’s been spreading rumors about you–”

“Wasn’t she the one who got a zero on her test?” Luo Hua snorted. Glancing at Xi Yan who had just rushed in, he rolled his eyes. “Teacher Xi, you should really know how to control your students. It’s one thing for them to do so academically poorly, but it’s another to see them act like downright rascals. Don’t you think you should educate them more properly?”

“I…” Xi Yan forced a smile. “Teacher Luo is right.”

“Fuck you, old man!” Meng Yang was about to charge forward when Yao Tang pulled him back.

She turned to the old man, indifferent from the surprised looks thrown her way. “Get out first.”

“Don’t you know what they’ve said–”

“Get out first.”

Her eyes were filled with violence and brutality.

Seeing this, Meng Yang decided to hold himself back. “Alright, just because you said so, I’ll let him off,” he said through gritted teeth. “But if he dares talk nonsense like this again, I won’t let him off!”

Yao Tang didn’t said anything as she turned around.

However, just as she was about to reach for the door, she heard a voice,

“Hmph, a bad student truly is a bad student. Not only are they bad at their studies, but they’re even rotten to the car. At this point, they’ll probably be dragging the school’s reputation–when will he just put his tail between his legs?”

Luo Hua scoffed, crossing his arms on his chest.

Yao Tang stopped. She clenched her fists as she stayed behind. Her entire body was shrouded with an air of coldness that could freeze anyone on the spot.

Xi Yan tightened her grip on her lesson plan. “Learning is still learning, Teacher Luo. I don’t believe it is within our right to judge them. After all, everyone’s development is different.” She took a deep breath. “Not only are they smart, but they’re also good. Please don’t shame them like that.”

Luo Hua burst out laughing. “Are you saying that all of your students are just unwilling to learn? That if they’re simply willing, they’d be geniuses?”

The woman didn’t say another word.

“You know what? Let’s make a bet!” He banged his fists onto the table. “Class One has always been the best, one of them scoring around 643 points! The next monthly exam is coming up this weekend. As long as one person in your class would surpass the highest score, I’ll apologize to Yao Tang and admit my wrongdoings.”

All of the teachers present in the office frowned. Wasn’t this just an insult? Everyone knew that Class 12 was in that class because they had done poorly academically.

He’s just digging Xi Yan a deeper hole.

Meng Yang clenched his fists and glanced up at Yao Tang.

She shook her head at him.

“Well, Meng Yang?” Luo Hua said unhurriedly. There was something about his voice that screamed both arrogance and pride. “Don’t you want me to apologize to Yao Tang? Why don’t you just participate in my little bet?”

His jaw tightened.

Xi Yan couldn’t say another word either. Her eyebrows were furrowed, and there were sweat drops trailing down her face.

“Even your Teacher Xi has no confidence in you guys.” He sneered. “Shows just how much of an idiot all of you are–”

“We agree to your bet.” Yao Tang finally spoke, her gaze as dark as ever.


Xi Yan gazed at the young girl in disbelief. “Don’t be so rash–”

The corner of Yao Tang’s lips twitched. “Teacher, I’ll go back and study first.”


Without another word, she led the group of people out of the office. Suddenly, the entire space quieted down as the teachers shared uncomfortable glances. What was happening? What the heck was Yao Tang thinking?

“Ah, the arrogance.” He shook his head. “I guess I’ll see how Class 12 will humiliate themselves in the next exam.”

Xi Yan took a deep breath, trying to hide her shaking figure. She had to think of a way to improve their results in that short amount of time. Even if they lost, it shouldn’t have to be by a landslide, right?