Chapter 49 - Big Shot

Chapter 49 of 329 chapters

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The car stopped by the entrance of the Cheng Residence.

“Cheng Zhou, bring Yao Tang in. I can wait for her outside.”

The younger man, who had a hand in his pocket, narrowed his eyes. “Why don’t we go in together? Grandma would like to see you.”

Hesitating a bit, he slowly nodded.

‘The Cheng Family had an incredibly deep background. The old residences were quite large, with an antique garden design at the right side of the property. The courtyard was well-arranged as well, with white walls and dark green tiles to match the greeneries around them.

Bright as day, the Courtyard reflected all the colors of the rainbow, filled with life and people.

Everyone in the lot were of direct descendants of the Cheng Family.

The moment Cheng Yan had stepped into the old lady’s courtyard, the atmosphere changed instantly. Dozens of gazes were fixated on the young man, all guarded and vigilant by his appearance.

‘The old lady was in very critical condition, and the Cheng Family was facing one catastrophe over the other. With a huge amount on the property, all of their interests had been scattered.

Yao Tang shoved her hands into her coat pockets, looking around. Almost all of the important figures were here-whether they be from the military, political, or the business scene. Not only were they rich, but they were also powerful-something to be expected from the legendary Cheng Family.

Cheng Zhou couldn’t help but glance at the young girl.

Her expression showed no surprise. While she was not in her territory, she walked as if she owned the place. The cool mist in her eyes was evident with every step she took, holding a deep-seated arrogance within them.

There was no way she couldn’t have known them.

‘The woman really felt like she was some bigshot who had just strode into the room. Calm and reserved, she finally met his gaze. Raising his eyebrows in surprise, Cheng Zhou turned away, immediately directing them straight into the household.

Just as they were about to enter, however, a woman suddenly blocked their path.

Cheng Zhou’s gaze darkened. “Aunt?”

Cheng Ruo was the youngest daughter of the Cheng Family.

Her bright eyes swept over the group, immediately settling onto Cheng Yan. She sniffled in disdain. “You can go in Cheng Zhou, but these two will stay.”

The others had watched this scene with such malicious intent. No one came forward to help. Instead, they stared at the three intruders, wanting to see what they would like to say.

Pursing his lips, he tilted his head-his face growing from passive to impatient. Seeing this, Cheng Yi immediately took a step forward and dragged Cheng Ruo to the side.

The woman immediately jolted. “Cheng Yi! What the hell are you doing? How dare you let some servant manhandle me like this—I’ll-

“I’m sorry, Miss if I’ve offended you.” Cheng Yi finally let go of her arm, but he still blocked her path from the group of three.

“Get lost!”

Even then, he still didn’t give in.

“Look, I don’t have the energy to watch the two of you play around.”

Cheng Zhou suddenly spoke. His cold gaze was focused on the stairway. While he appeared quite nonchalant, there was a sense of urgency in his words. “If you don’t know what it means to behave yourself, perhaps it’s time I teach it to you for free.”

There was something about the way he had said it that made them all shudder in fear.

Inan instant, everyone quieted down.

Everyone also averted their gaze.

Finally heading to the old lady’s quarters, Cheng Zhou pushed the door open and allowed the two visitors to enter the room.

Yao Tang looked around.

The room was equipped with the most advanced equipment and facilities. The medication is utilized, from what she had seen, was the best of the best.

There were three military doctors who had been ranked as one of the best in the medical field. Even then, they stood by the lady’s sickbed, looking a bit helpless themselves.

They had already performed the drainage for the hemorrhagic stroke, but no matter what methods they try next, her condition was only growing worse by the second.

Cheng Wei glanced up. “We must perform the surgery to remove the clot in Grandma’s brain. Otherwise, she’d…it wouldn’t be a good outlook for her.”

Cheng Wei was the daughter of the second master of the Cheng Family.

Her medical skills were superb, and she had been rated as the youngest neurologist expert in the brain department. She was quite accomplished.

The doctor took a deep breath. “The Old Madame is old. She wouldn’t be able to endure the craniotomy.”

“With us performing the surgery, she’d have a fourth chance of full recovery,” she argued. “If we don’t perform the surgery, she won’t even last a night! The chances may not be for us, but don’t you see why we should perform it anyway?”

All of the doctors shared a look with solemn eyes. While the surgery was dangerous, the lady was right. If they don’t operate at all, the woman would die then and there.

After a few seconds of silence, they finally came to an agreement.

“Alright. Let’s do the surgery,” one of the doctors finally said. “You’ll be the chief surgeon.”

“Of course.” Cheng Wei nodded.

The nurse nodded, about to push the old lady into the sterile operating room that the Cheng Family had prepared for her.

Yao Tang stood right by the entrance, studying the old lady’s movements.

After listening to their conversation, she pursed her lips and said, “With the patient’s condition, she’ll die right on the operating table if you proceed with the surgery.”