Chapter 54 - The Shadow League

Chapter 54 of 329 chapters

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Inside the room…

The Old Madam had only been conscious for a while. She was so weak that she had almost instantly fallen back asleep.

Cheng Wei took the opportunity to check her grandmother’s condition. The blood clot in her brain had practically disappeared. The human body might be capable of healing itself over time, but something like this

would have taken two to three months at the very least.

Cheng Wei’s breathing quickened as she stared at the test results in her hands.

Everything was just so… impossible.

Her peers thought so as well. “Miss Cheng,” one of the military doctors said after a moment’s hesitation. “Perhaps your brain drainage procedure earlier had a delayed effect, which just happened to have coincided with

that girl’s acupuncture treatment.”

But that made no sense at all. None of them had ever heard of a drainage surgery taking this long to manifest its results.

And yet, the idea made Cheng Wei pause. She slowly looked up at the three other doctors, her eyes glinting with a new purpose.

Yao Tang was striding across the grounds of the Cheng Residence when her phone vibrated from inside her backpack. She fished out the thick, outdated flip phone and looked at the screen. A video call was incoming.

She pressed the button to switch the call to voice-only and answered. “What is it?”

She had lowered her voice, which made it hard for anyone to tell whether she was a male or a female.

“You reject every video call request!” a male voice whined from the other end of the line. “How far do you intend to go to hide your identity?”

This man was dubbed as the Diplomat of the Shadow League. His name was Yun Tian, and he personally dealt with Yao Tang’s tasks and their aftermath. He was understandably curious about their ever-elusive big


Yet no matter how he tried, his efforts to get even a single clue were always thwarted.

Yun Tian could only take solace by telling himself that God never gave everything to one person. Perhaps their boss had a monstrous appearance. It would certainly make up for her brilliance.

“If you have nothing to say, I’m hanging up,” Yao Tang said coldly.

“Hey, hey, don’t hang up, Ma’am!” he quickly said before sighing helplessly. “I’ve transferred the money to your account. Please remember to check that everything is in order.”

“Copy that.”

“We just came across a job to hunt someone down,” Yun Tian said, all business now. “The bounty is 100 million. You were looking for additional funds recently, weren’t you? Do you want this assignment or not?”

“Who are they looking for?”

“All they say is that he’s a heavenly doctor, nothing more. I hear he’s quite mysterious. He practices traditional Chinese medicine, and his acupuncture skills are particularly remarkable. Apparently, he appeared in the

west two years ago, where they managed to take a blurry photo of his back. He had a buzz cut, so we at least know that it’s a he.”

Yao Tang narrowed her eyes and pressed her lips together. “Who posted this mission?”

“The Young Master Cheng from the capital, Cheng Yan.”

Yao Tang’s eyes flashed at that. She inhaled slowly and asked, “How far is the online reach of the task? How many websites are involved?”

There had originally been three hacking organizations around the globe, and each had its own database for missions and assignments.

Then, a fourth one appeared eight years ago. They called themselves the Shadow League, and they accept the most difficult and hopeless missions that had been pending for a long time.

They had managed to accomplish every single task, which catapulted them to the top spot among their covert industry.

Within half a year, there wasn’t a hacker in the whole world who didn’t know of the name Shadow League. They were highly respected by the other alliances, too.

Their core member, known as White Fox, was naturally scouted by the rival organizations. Several experts tried to deploy their hacking skills to know this White Fox’s identity, but they were yet to come up with any


All they knew so far was this code name, and the fact that White Fox was the official king of all hackers. No one had even been able to shake their position, let alone take it.

obody had seen White Fox’s face, so no one knew whether they were a man or a woman, either.

it was a constant source of resentment, then, that this person only surfaced once every few years to prove his or her unmatched skills and turn the hacking world upside-down.

Yun Tian leaned back against his seat. He briefly wondered why Yao Tang was suddenly asking about these things, since she had never been one for trifles. He brushed it off in the end, though. “Other than our Shadow

League, only two other organizations are aware of the mission. I must say, Cheng Yan is burning through a lot of money to find this person. If we can’t locate him, then it goes without saying that the rest of the alliance

won’t, either.”

He waited for Yao Tang’s response, but there was only silence.

Yun Tian immediately pulled the phone from his ear to check that the call was still connected, afraid that he might have offended the prickly young miss.

He breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that she was still on the line. “So, are you going to accept this mission?”


Without another word, Yao Tang hung up and tossed her phone back into her backpack..