Chapter 59 - Trust

Chapter 59 of 329 chapters

Chapter 59 Trust

The meeting room had immediately reverted to chaos. Every parent was screaming in surprise and in fear. Students were huddled together, shaking as they saw the child’s picture flashing across the screen.

The director’s assistant immediately staggered up her seat. “Cut the screen-quickly!”

The student, who had been drenched in a cold sweat, immediately brought his gaze onto the computer. However, no matter what he pressed, the video still wouldn’t shut down. “The computer – it froze! It must’ve been infected by a virus,” he stuttered. “I can’t do anything about it.”

The director’s assistant bit his lips hard, pulling the student to the side. However, he was right. No matter what he had pressed, the screen still hadn’t responded. At this point, even the keyboard looked a bit smashed.

“A virus? But, how can a PowerPoint be like this?”

The older man tried again, this time pressing all the keys he could find. Suddenly, knowing that he couldn’t do anything else, he pulled off the power supply. Everything turned dark.

At the school hall.

Below the stage, after a moment of dead silence, a discussion broke through the crowd.

“What the hell is that? Why would No. 1 High School accept such a student?”

“This is too dangerous! Call the police, we need this woman isolated immediately.”

“We haven’t even figured out anything yet. What if we’re not being told the whole story?”

“I’ve already been told enough! Who the hell is this student?” Another parent narrowed her eyes at her pamphlet. “Yao Tang? The student from Class 20?”

“How can I feel at ease knowing that I’m letting my child attend classes with someone like her? I’m going to transfer him to another school – immediately!”

“My girl is my only daughter. If something happens to her – I, too, will transfer!”

Yao Ran gazed at all the panicking parents. Once everyone’s attention has been successfully diverted, her face flashed a smile. It seemed that everything was going right to plan.

Yao Yuan gritted his teeth. “This Yao Tangreally is a disaster in the making!”

Ruan Qing had never done such a thing before. She couldn’t help but clench her hands tight to her chest, listening in to the discussions of the parents. She took a deep breath. At least, she was finally getting what she wanted.

The school would finally expel Yao Tang.

That was a good thing, right?

Mrs. Lu glared at the screen with a sneer. “This person shouldn’t have been accepted in the school in the first place! Hmph, I’ll see what the Board is going to do about this,” she snapped.

Lu Yan simply frowned in response, gazing at the crowd.

Who had changed the PowerPoint presentation?

While Class 1 had been causing a stir, Class 20 was dead silent. They stared at Yao Tang with fear painted across their eyes.

Xi Yan’s face was pale. She couldn’t care less about the video. All she cared about was trying to appease the chaotic parents before her. Yet, the adults were restless in calling for the removal of her student.

Lin Xin bit her lips. While she had known about Yao Tang’s “fight”, she hadn’t expected her to be so fierce…and so young.

Meng Yang glanced up to see his own parents filming the incident. He clenched his fists and raced towards his friend.

“Yao Tang, he said hurriedly as soon as he had reached her. “We need to deal with social media first.”

He didn’t bother questioning the video. She didn’t bother explaining it either. Right now, all they could think about was the spread of this information to different sectors.

The girl’s face was beyond expressionless as her cold eyes stared into the screen. Coldness circled around her like an old friend, and she took a deep breath.

However, before she could even make a move, Cheng Yan had already made a call. “Disable all the media networks for an hour without leaving a trace. Make sure that everyone knows to not report any headline relating to No. 1 High School,” he said coldly. There was something about his expression that made everyone know that he wasn’t a man to be trifled with.

Qin Hao was confused and surprised, but he didn’t dare ask for any other explanation. Instead, he immediately followed through and started his line of action. “Understood, Sir.”

Her eyes glistened. “Thank you.” Even then, her voice was still as cool as ice.

He squeezed her hand. “Don’t worry. I’ll keep this under control.”

Yao Tang didn’t say anything.

There was something about his gaze that held no judgment towards her-no line of interrogative questions. He trusted her wholeheartedly, without a speck of doubt. She took a deep breath. Interesting. Cheng Yan was about to say something else when his phone suddenly rang. It was the Principal.

With the school’s integrity at stake, he was the only one the school could think of calling.

Cheng Yan lowered his phone and glanced at her. “I’ve already discussed everything with the principal. Let the students return to their respective classrooms, then bring all the parents to the school sports center.”