Chapter 63 - A Clear Distinction Between Good and Evil

Chapter 63 of 329 chapters

Chapter 63 A Clear Distinction Between Good and Evil

Many of the parents stared at Yang Rong. Even they couldn’t believe it themselves, but even then, they knew that this young girl wasn’t lying. They had heard of this case before. Soon, the anger in their eyes shifted to sympathy. However, there were also a few parents who gazed at Yang Rong with the same stares she’d been receiving from her bullies. They were disgusted, staring at her as if she was nothing more than a speck of dirt.

There truly was a large distinction between good and evil.

Yang Rong said, “I’m standing here today, not because I’m bragging about my survival. In fact, if I had the choice, I would not resurface this memory. But the way you’re acting – don’t point your fingers at someone when you don’t even know the full story. Sometimes, the criminal may be well within you, and that’s the person you need to punish – not the victim, never the victim.”

The entire sports center fell silent.

“Yao Tang has done nothing wrong. She’s not a bad person at all, and I owe her my life.” Taking a deep breath, she shoved her hands into her pockets. “That’s all I have to say. If you don’t believe me, then you can ask the police station for more details on this case. Thank you, everyone.”

The teachers’ jaws dropped as they listened to the young girl and watched her leaving the center.

Who’d have thought that a seventeen-year-old girl would have the courage to speak to these parents about this?

Many years had passed since the incident. Yang Rong could’ve easily let the past stay in the past. No one would have to know what had happened to her. As long as she didn’t speak about it, it would be left in the dark.

She didn’t have to recall such a nightmare.

Yet, she stood up in front of hundreds of people and spoke for Yao Tang.

All because she had saved her life.

The principal followed her movements backstage, still in disbelief.

Cheng Yan’s gazed fell on Yao Tang as he held her freezing hand.

Yao Tang finally opened her eyes. This time, however, her gaze had become much more ruthless – not at Yang Rong, but at the crowd. The corners of her lips twitched as she stared at the crowd.

Meng Yang had been standing by the entrance for the entire speech. As soon as Yang Ronghad stepped down, he immediately went over to hug her. “Rong Rong,” he whispered. “It’s over, now. It’s over. I promise that today’s matter would stay within the premises. I’ve already asked the administration to file a confidentiality agreement.”

She buried her trembling face against his shoulder. While his suit felt rough against her skin, she could still feel the warmth radiating from his body.

“It’s okay,” she whispered. “I’m the one who had agreed to do this. I can face this – don’t worry.” “I know.” He patted her on the back, and gave her a quick and firm hug before letting go of her.

Yang Rong then turned to Yao Tang. Unaffected by the woman’s emotionless face, she held her hand. “I’m fine,” she said. “I’ve recovered, and I will be fine. It’s all thanks to you.”

When she was forced to drop out of school, she had completely lost her mind. She had forgotten everything and everyone. She had even isolated herself from her parents.

Her parents were willing to take care of her at first, but as years had passed, they grew tired of her. They saw her as nothing more than a burden and a disgrace. Throwing her aside, they gave birth to another child and forgot about her entirely.

Yao Tang was the one who had helped her through it. Even when she was psychologically recovering, she never minded – assisting her with every step.

Only when she was twelve years old did she realize how much this girl had done for her.

It was also Yao Tang who had performed the surgery to save her. She had also hired a teacher and a caretaker to watch over her.

Yao Tang’s cold eyes lowered on the girl. However, after a few moments, her icy look softened. The corners of her lips curled upward. “I’m glad you’re doing okay,” she whispered. Gone was the monster that people had seen her be.

Seeing the softness in her friend’s eyes, Yang Rong finally relaxed and revealed a smile, tears in her eyes. “Of course, I am,” she laughed out. “It’s because of you – all because of you. Thank you.”

“But, it’s still not over.” Taking a deep breath, Yao Tang took out a piece of paper and handed it to her. “Rong Rong, there’s something… strange about what had happened today.” “I know.” Of course, she knew. How wouldsuch confidential information be put in a school’s PowerPoint presentation? Someone had obviously tampered with the documents on purpose.

Tilting her head, Yao Tang looked back. “Principal, don’t worry. I won’t be doing anything unorthodox. We’ll be dealing with this in accordance with the school’s regulations.”

“Of course.” One look at the young girl, and it felt as if his entire body was encased in ice.

Cheng Yan’s features were no different. “Right away.”

Immediately, the head assistant brought out stacks of confidentiality agreements for the parents to sign.

It was required that they sign it. Otherwise, their children would be expelled.

Knowing that there was nothing else they could do, every single one of them signed an agreement. As soon as that had come to an end, the school finally let them go. This time, not a scream of refusal was heard.