Chapter 65 - Are You Ruan Qing?

Chapter 65 of 329 chapters

Chapter 65 Are You Ruan Qing?

Ruan Qing clenched her fists, forcing herself to calm down.

After all, Yao Tang was the one who deserved to die, to be punished. Did she really have any reason to attack that person?

Even if they found out it was her, they wouldn’t be able to change the truth of the matter! She was simply assisting the faculty in eliminating any hidden dangers, right?

Furthermore, she had done it so secretly that no one else would find out about it!

Straightening her back and lifting her chin, Ruan Qing made her way into the conference room. Perhaps they’d even thank her for the job well done. As soon as she reached for the door handle, the director pushed it open for her. “Go in.” “But-” She was just about to ask why she was the only one going in, but the words had died at the back of her throat. Instead, she pursed her lips and walked silently into the conference room. As soon as she had reached the table, the door had slammed shut.

It was her first time meeting the principal.

At that moment, she could see several other men sitting in the conference room. Other than the principal’s face, she couldn’t recognize any of them.

Yao Tang sat ungracefully at the other end of the table. Her legs were crossed as she rested her chin on her hands. She gazed at the woman with a smile on her face, but anyone could see the sharpness hidden under the dark hues.

Do they know? Ruan Qing lowered her eyes, not daring to even look at her.

The other board members were looking somewhere else, feigning busy at the sight of the young girl. The meeting room was silent. Not even a pin drop can be heard.

“You’re Ruan Qing?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Sit.” The principal pointed at the seat opposite to him.

She followed suit.

Just as she was about to ask the purpose of her visit, the principal pushed a piece of paper toward her. “Is this you, Ruan Qing?” he asked bluntly.

Ruan Qing grabbed the picture and turned it over. As soon as she saw the familiar face, her skin had turned pale in fright. Her grip on the photo tightened.

“I don’t know this person,” she said through gritted teeth.

The principal’s gaze darkened. “Then why don’t look a bit more carefully and tell me the truth?”

“Principal, I really don’t know who that person is!”

The old man had originally wanted to offer an olive branch to Ruan Qing-see if she’d take the initiative to admit to her mistakes. Maybe then, he’d be able to save her from the Board. After all, her father had donated the dormitory building for her to enter No. 1 High School.

He didn’t expect her to be so stubborn.

“Do you really not know him?” Yao Tang chuckled. Her phone glistened under the artificial lighting as she twirled it around. “I have another photo here that reveals your face. Do you want to see it?”.

“Nonsense! I didn’t take my mask off that day, how can that person take a picture of it?” she blurted out.

It was only when she had finished speaking did she realize what she just said.

“So you were there.” Yao Tang’s lips curled into an evil smile as she tilted her head. She looked like a devil who was just about to deliver her punishment.

A cold gust of wind shattered against Ruan Qing. Her body stiffened and her feet trembled uncontrollably. “I-I…” she stuttered. “I didn’t mean…”

Other than Cheng Yan, the other board members stared at her expressionlessly. The truth was out. There was no hiding it anymore.


She tried to speak, but it was almost as if someone had already grabbed her by the throat.

Yao Tang leaned back against her seat. “Well, Principal, how should we deal with this?”

“Ruan Qing, you have disrupted the school’s activities, created panic amongst the parents-our guests, and caused serious damage to your classmates’ reputation. With all of these offenses, you will be expelled from the school.”

Expelled? Her expression had changed almost instantly. She dropped to the ground as tears streamed down her cheeks. “Please don’t expel me,” she stuttered. “I was wrong, just please don’t expel me.”

She couldn’t be expelled! She just couldn’t!

“Expelled? That’s it?” Meng Yang scoffed. “Expulsion wouldn’t make her learn her lesson. Call the police and ask for some compensation. To harm the reputation of her classmate, while also violating the privacy of others-all of these result to a crime, do they not?”