Chapter 66 - Expulsion from School

Chapter 66 of 329 chapters

Chapter 66 Expulsion from School

Yao Tang could have gone to school peacefully if no one had found out about her past.

After everything that has happened, even Yang Rong had to be pulled in and faced her tragic past all over again. What that could do to a seventeen-year-old girl…And all this girl could say was “sorry”?

Ha! Was this a joke?

Ruan Qing cried out, “Please don’t call the police. I’m wrong for doing this-look, I’ll apologize to Yao Tang. Just please don’t call the police. Please don’t expel me.”

Her cries echoed across the conference room, yet it moved no hearts.

Yao Tang’s gaze was cold and distant. Instead of listening to her pleas, she stretched out her arm. “Who told you about my past?”

If someone hadn’t brought it up, Ruan Qing wouldn’t have even paid attention to her records at all. She’d be none the wiser.

Hearing her question, a thought formulated at the back of her mind. She didn’t even think twice when she yelled out, “Yao Ran! It was Yao Ran who told me about this. She was so jealous of you being more popular than her, of you getting her top spot…She’s the one who wanted to harm you, not me!” Lin Xin’s eyes widened.

Yao Ran was her biological sister. How could she betray her like this?

“Are you sure?”

Ruan Qing grabbed onto her words like it was a lifeboat. “It really is her that day! When we saw Meng Yangbuying food for you, Yao Ranmentioned how had been in a fight and that you weren’t good enough for him. She must’ve told me that on purpose!” Cheng Yan frowned at her words. Why was Meng Yanginvolved again?

Were they together?

Ruan Qing stared at the woman with a bereaved face, as if she were the biggest victim. Yao Ranwas Yao Tang’s biological sister. She wouldn’t have the heart to punish her.

“I swear,” she said more forcefully. “Everything I’m saying right now is the truth.” The truth? The corners of her lips curled up. “All right,” Yao Tang responded casually. “If it’s the truth, say this in front of the entire school. You can stay, and Yao Ranwill be forced to leave.” “Leave?” Ruan Qing widened her eyes in disbelief. “You want the school to expel her? Isn’t she your sister?”

The woman didn’t respond. Instead, she glanced at Cheng Yan.

Seeing this, he shot the principal a look.

“Ruan Qing, tell me your decision by next Monday.” The principal took a deep breath. “Either we expel you, or we expel Yao Ran. I hope you’ll make a calculated decision on this.” The lifeboat that was in front of her had sunk totally, and the arrogance in her features was wiped clean.

She couldn’t afford to offend Yao Ran. The entire Ruan family couldn’t go up against the Yao family. If she tried it, she’d be…

She left the conference room in a daze, unsure of what to do.

The Ruan family was in total chaos when Ruan Qing had returned.

When Old Master Ruan had heard of this, he slammed his crutch onto the tiles. “Stupid! Haven’t you brought enough shame on us already? I thought you’d become smarter after entering No. 1 High School, yet it seems you’ve grown even more stupid!”

“I’m sorry,” she wept. “Please help me. I don’t…I don’t want to be expelled. Why don’t we just donate another building to the school?”

“Another building? I might have more use in buying another brain!” Old Master Ruan laughed mockingly. “Do you think the Principal does not know who we are? Do not know our social standing? Of course, he does, yet he still wants to expel you on Yao Tang’s behalf. It means that her backer is far more powerful than us!”

She immediately thought back to the men crowding the conference room. All of them had noble auras as if they were meant to rule the land.

She still remembered the way the principal had looked at them, as if he was awaiting their orders.

Her face turned pale.

Xu Hui pulled on her daughter. “Please, Qingqing can’t be expelled like this. Why don’t we settle this in private? Let us compensate Yao Tangfor all her troubles,”

Compensation… Ruan Sheng, Xu Hui’s husband, furrowed his eyebrows. It may not be feasible in this case.

If it were really like what the old man had said, Yao Tang had quite an impressive backer. She obviously wouldn’t be lacking the money.

“Yao Ran is also involved in this matter, is she not? She has done something wrong too.” He shrugged. “No matter how unwilling she may seem, she wouldn’t be able to watch the school expel her own sister.”

“But…do you mean we look for Yao Ran?” Xu Hui wiped her tears from her cheeks. “But will this method work? Yao Ranobviously doesn’t have a good relationship with her sister.”