Chapter 70 - Slapped Her

Chapter 70 of 329 chapters

Chapter 70 Slapped Her

“Ran ran, are you okay?” The boy sitting behind Yao Ran immediately took out a piece of tissue and handed it over to her. He pursed his lips worriedly. She simply shook her head in reply, revealing her blood shot eyes and trembling lips. “I-I’m fine…” she murmured. “I’m…excuse me for a second.”

With tears streaming down her face, the teen sprinted out of the classroom.

Class 1 was again, thrown into chaos. “What’s going on? Why did Ruan Qing hit her?”

“How am I supposed to know? She took all of her books too. Is she going to drop out of school?” another whispered. “Damn, I was just wondering why Yao Tang hadn’t been expelled.”

“Wait, remember how someone had changed the PowerPoint presentation at the parent-teacher conference? Do you think it’s…”

They all shared a look.

“It can’t be Ruan Qing, can it?”

“I remembered her liking Meng Yang, right? And he seemed especially nice to Yao Tang, so she was probably jealous of her.”

“But why would she hit Yao Ran? It’s not like she’s the one who sabotaged her, right? Isn’t that too much?”

It was quiet in the corridor. All of the students were already in their respective classrooms, and so were the teachers.

Yao Ran stepped out of the classroom. Immediately, she had stopped crying and scowled. Without another word, she sprinted down the stairs, hoping to catch up with the girl who had slapped her.

Just as she had expected, she caught up with Ruan Qing, who had been standing on the second floor. Unable to help herself, she immediately grabbed a hold of her hand and gave her a hard slap. Ruan Qing, who had been caught off-guard, was thrown up against the wall-her head hitting the surface.

Only when she came back to her senses did she realize what happened. “Yao Ran!”

That bitch!

Yao Ran took a step back, holding onto the railing. However, there was no fear painted across her features. “It’s best you don’t do anything stupid. After all, do you really want this issue to reach your parents?”

“I…” She froze.

“See? The Ruan Family couldn’t even save you, which means they can’t even dare to offend my Uncle. If my father hears about this, do you really think the Ruan Family will let you off?”

“I…” She dug her fingernails into her palm. “If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been fired!”

“If it weren’t for me?” Yao Ran scoffed. Her face was swollen and her lips were cut, making her seem innocent and kind. “I’m just saying that my sister had a dangerous past that the Meng Familymight not approve of. You’re the one who did your research.” “You…” Ruan Qing sputtered out, breathing heavily. If she wasn’t being restrained by the girl’s words, she would’ve already torn her a new layer of skin.

“You look so pitiful today.” She smiled. “So, I decided to let you off. Please don’t abuse it.”

Without another word, Yao Ran walked away.

Ruan Qing stared at Yao Ran’s retreating figure. As soon as she heard her words, a sinister look flashed across her eyes. “Just you wait,” she murmured, before walking the other way.

Yao Ran went to the comfort room to rinse herself. Making a face, she returned to the classroom.

All the boys who adored Yao Ran took one look at the wet strands of hair and assumed that she had spent some time crying in the bathroom. They immediately came for her assistance, even scolding Ruan Qingfor acting crazily. She bit back a smile, tugging the wound on her lips.

“It’s fine,” she stuttered, turning away. “Actually, I’m also responsible for Ruan Qing’s expulsion. She had asked me whether or not my sister had gotten expelled in a fight. I couldn’t lie about it, especially after our Teacher had said it, so I said it was true. I didn’t know that she’d investigate her. Who’d even do these things?”

“So it really was Ruan Qing! She’s evil. How could she be so vicious?”

The others nodded in agreement.

“Actually, the truth is, my sister had her reasons for hitting that person. Otherwise, why wouldn’t the school expel her?”.

One girl tilted her head. “What reasons?”

Yao Ran didn’t say another word.

A few minutes later, a post popped up on the school forum.

Inside Information!

“Yao Ran was so jealous of her sister that she deliberately asked Ruan Qingto investigate Yao Tang’s past and expose her in the parent-teacher conference. It was her who had almost gotten Yao Tangexpelled.”

A classmate scrolled through the post and showed it to Yao Ran.

She simply smiled bitterly and reverted back to answering her English revision materials.

With an injured face, everyone couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

Immediately, the boys went on the forum the curse the moderator for framing their crush.

Yao Ran took out her phone after filling in the blanks to check how the post was doing. Upon seeing her classmates defending her, she couldn’t help but smile. It seemed that everything was going to her plan. Lu Yan saw her from the corner of her eyes and shook her head.

So stupid.

Ruan Qing stared at the abuse under her post and tossed her phone onto the couch. “That bitch!”

“Enough!” Staring at the palm print on her daughter’s face, Xu Hui couldn’t help but feel angry and heartbroken. She clenched her fists. “Just listen to your mother. Go abroad and study well. Don’t cause any more trouble for