Chapter 71 - Stupid and Evil

Chapter 71 of 329 chapters

Chapter 71 Stupid and Evil

Ruan Qing threw herself into Xi Hui’s arms and cried, “Mom, we mustn’t let Yao Ranoff like this. It’s her fault-it’s really her fault!”

Ever since she had been expelled from school, she became the black sheep of the Ruan Family. Not only were there fewer educational opportunities left for her to grab but her marriage prospects were ruined!

“Don’t worry. Mother will handle it.” She certainly wouldn’t let Yao Ran off! After all, she knew that her daughter wouldn’t dare think of such a method without someone goading her from behind. “Your grandfather and father wouldn’t let the Yao Familyoff either.”

The news of Ruan Qing’s expulsion had spread through the entire high school.

Now, everyone knew that she had deliberately tried to harm Yao Tang. Xiao Pang turned around, leaning against Meng Yang’s tall stack of books. “Brother Yang, although the truth has been revealed, I have to know-did Sister Tangreally beat up that old man? Is she really that strong?”

“Yeah, I wanna know as well!” Chu Yao pulled a stool over. “Seeing that photo of her-it’s like she just came from an action movie! It’s so


Meng Yang chuckled. “How about I wake her up and you ask her yourselves? Perhaps, she’d even give you a demonstration.”

His head tilted to the side where Yao Tang was sound asleep.


Chu Yao sat back expressionlessly. Anyone who’d wake her up this time was asking for a death sentence.

Even Xiao Pang backed away. “No way in hell. You’re on your own.”

“Then get lost.” Meng Yang rolled his eyes as he glanced over at Yao Tang’s sleeping figure. Propping his elbow onto the desk, he pursed his lips. Like the rest of his friends, he was also curious to see how the fight had gone. However, before he could think about it any further, the bell had already rung. “Sister Yao Tang,” he whispered, poking her carefully. “It’s time for class.”

Yao Tang opened her eyes. Her eyes were bloodshot from being woken up and there was a red smudge on where her arm had been placed. There was a hint of annoyance seen between her furrowed eyebrows, exuding a terrifying aura that made everyone cautiously take a step back.

Despite being nervous himself, he slowly took a piece of fruit candy from his pocket and pushed it towards her.

She glanced at it and immediately threw it into her mouth. The coldness in her eyes had finally receded.

The English teacher had arrived just in time to begin her lesson.

Yao Tang supported her chin with one hand as she stared at the blackboard with interest. Spinning the pen with the other hand, she looked unbothered by the ruckus at the back. There was just something about her movements that made her seem so elegant and smooth, a stark difference from her cold and blunt attitude.

Meng Yang involuntarily followed her, twirling his pen himself. However, it didn’t last long when the pen flew from his fingertips and snapped against Xiao Pang’s head.

She raised her eyebrow at him, and he flushed in embarrassment.



Avoiding her questioning gaze, he focused his attention on something else.

The next day at noon.

Another hot topic suddenly popped up on their Weibo Channels. It seemed that the culprit of the Changning Town Case had been released after a long twelve years. Yang Rong’s name had also been included.

Immediately, thousands of articles had been released soon after, praising Yang Rong’s strength and determination. Her name was back in the newspaper, just as she had expected.

2 was

Every single one of her movement was now being watched.

Even a few of the reporters struggled to find her for an interview.

All of them wanted a piece of the pie, unaware of how much harm and hurt this girl had to go through and would have to go through again.

Yao Tang walked down the second floor of the school.

From afar, she could see Yao Ran leaning against the railing and chatting with another student from Class 1.

“Uhm…Yao Ran?” The girl glanced to the side and furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

“Huh?” Yao Ran turned her head, only to see Yao Tang’s bone-chilling eyes boring through her face. Her heart skipped a beat, and her shoulder tensed. A part of her subconsciously wanted to run away, but even if she wanted to, she found that she couldn’t move.

Yao Tang’s dark eyes had a reddish hue as her lips curled in both disgust and disdain for the girl in front of her. She didn’t wait for her to say anything when she grabbed her by the neck and forcefully pushed her head over the railing

“Ah!” Yao Ran’s legs were suspended in mid-air as half of her body was pushed over the railing. Her eyes instantly widened in panic as she resisted her hold.

“H…” She wanted to scream for her help, but she couldn’t speak. All she could feel was the harsh wind blowing against her face and hair, threatening her by the second.

“Yao Tang, what are you doing?” The girl she was talking to turned pale.

“Yao Ran,” she said slowly. “Do you really think I’m that easy to mess with?”

“I…” Yao Ran gurgled as tears streamed down her face. Her legs kicked aimlessly against the thin air.

“You dare expose me? You dare expose her?” The corners of Yao Tang’s mouth twitched. “You really are courting death.”

She lifted her up even higher.

Yao Ran’s feet were much farther from the tiles. Scared out of her wits, she managed to squeeze out, “Sister, please…” Her voice was raspy, and every word hurt her chest.

She didn’t know who had called Luo Hua and Xi Yanover, but she could hear them screaming from the other end of the corridor.

Xi Yan raised her hand in panic. “Yao Tang, let go of her!”

“What is this?” Luo Hua’s face was ashen. “Are you trying to kill someone?”

Seeing that there were more people coming into the scene, she removed her hand from the girl’s neck and whipped her to the side.

Yao Ran stumbled back onto the ground with a whimper. She clutched onto her swollen throat, trembling violently at the sight. Was she really going to kill her?

However, before she could sprint away, Yao Tanggrabbed her by the collar and pulled her even closer. There was a moment of silence before she patted her on the face almost calmly. “Remember, there wouldn’t be the next time,” she said spitefully.

After throwing her onto the ground, she shoved her hands into her pockets and strode away.