Chapter 78 - Innocent Yet Seductive

Chapter 78 of 329 chapters

Chapter 78 Innocent Yet Seductive

“Thank you.” Yao Tang set the thermos on the coffee table and carried the thick blanket to the sofa. She shook it off for a few seconds before lying down on her side, facing outward. She settled comfortably and closed her eyes.

Cheng Yan studied her the entire time, thinking how natural she was moving around, as if she were in her own room. A small smile slowly formed on his lips. The small beam of light that filtered through the windows cast a shadow onYao Tang’s face, making her eyelashes look longer and her skin all the more white.


At that moment, Qin Haoentered the bedroom and found his friend quietly staring at the slumbering Miss Gu.

Embarrassed, he immediately halted. He didn’t want to disturb his master in the latter’s appreciation of beauty.

Qin Hao retraced his steps, trying hard to be silent. He still failed, though.

Cheng Yan turned in his direction, promptingQin Haoto stop once more. Since he had come, Cheng Ya sauntered out into the hall and closed the door gently behind him.

“Young Master Cheng.” Qin Haobowed and spoke in a low voice. “MissCheng Weihas been taken care of. Doctor Yu has already renounced her from his tutelage.”

Cheng Yan nodded in satisfaction. “From now on,Cheng Weiis forbidden from going near the Old Madam’s side.”


Cheng Yan was about to leave when he thought of something. “Have the servants make some food,” he ordered unexpectedly. “Something sweet.”

Qin Hao’s eyes flared as he put two and two together. “Of course.”

‘Exactly what is going on here?’ he thought to himself. ‘Is Brother Cheng serious about this?’

After some time had passed, Yao Tangawoke. She rubbed her eyes and gingerly sat up, causing her blanket to slip off. She quickly grabbed it before it fell to the floor. Then, she stood and folded the blanket, draping it over the back of the sofa.

She spotted Cheng Yanhalf-sitting, half-lying on his bed, his eyes closed.

Yao Tang couldn’t tell for sure whether he was asleep or not.

She quietly padded to the balcony, where she took out a cigarette and lit it. After taking a couple of drags, she leaned against the railing and opened one of the games on her phone.

Her profile was perfectly defined, with her jet-black hair hanging just below her shoulders, and a cloud of smoke billowing around her. It gave a mystical vibe to her otherwise casual, almost lazy stance.

Cheng Yan watched her from the bed. He had seen many women smoke before, but onlyYao Tangappeared to be so innocent yet seductive at the same time.

Perhaps it was her unassuming manner that made her all the more desirable.

All of a sudden, Yao Tang perked up and turned to him. Her eyes were calm and clear, though a dangerous aura seemed to come off of her, as if in response to danger. It made Cheng Yanpause for a second, but then he smiled.

That earned him a raised eyebrow. Yao Tangsnuffed her cigarette on the ashtray that was left out on the balcony before pocketing her phone and walking back inside.

Every step she took was firm and confident, like she owned the place.

“I just did the Cheng familya great service, and I’m not even served food?” she teased.


Cheng Yan’s smile deepened. “What are you, some growing child who’s always hungry?” “It’s true that I am still growing, but I assure you that I am not a child.”

Yao Tang looked so stern as she spoke thatCheng Yanalmost burst into laughter. He got up from the bed and straightened his clothes. “Let’s go, then. I’ll feed you something


Yao Tang nodded in earnest.

Clearly, she had been starving.

Bearing in mind that their guest had not eaten after hours of hard work in the operating room, the kitchen staff made a nutritious porridge. It was sweet, of course, in accordance with the Young Master’s instructions. In addition to that, they prepared a variety of desserts as well.

Yao Tang enjoyed herself at the table, whileCheng Yansat across from her, watching her take each bite.

When they were done, the housekeeper came up to them to say that the Old Madam was finally awake. They followed her to the old woman’s room. The Old Madam didn’t seem to be in complete control of her senses yet. She was blinking and squinting, shaking her head from side to side.

Yu Jing was already in the room when they arrived. He moved next toYao Tangand whispered in her ear. “Here you are, you little troublemaker. What do you want to do now? Even if the Old Madam is awake, she won’t be able to last for more than a few more years, anyway. What’s more, she’ll have to keep taking tons of medicine just to keep her Qi channels stable.”

Yao Tang’s eyes were fixed straight ahead. She didn’t look affected by his words at all.

Realizing something, Yu Jingshut his mouth and followed her gaze, quickly assessing the old woman’s body from a distance.

‘Silly old me,’ he berated himself. ‘I just questioned Cheng Weiabout the rules of the sect, and now I’m acting no different from her!

Yao Tang ignored him and stepped forward to feel the Old Madam’s pause. After a while, she took out a single, silver needle and disinfected


She pricked it once and twisted it three times before pulling it out. Then, she used the sparrow pecking technique along the patient’s vital points.

Ji Quan, Chi Ze, and lastly, Wei Zhong.

Yao Tang’s swift and expert movements were a sight to behold. It was more like an artistic performance than a medical treatment.

Yu Jing couldn’t help but gape in amazement.

Whenever he witnessed this girl’s acupuncture skills, he kept thinking about how he would like to record the moment and etch it in his memory. He would have collected these moments if he could! After all, he was nothing more than a novice in this specific method. Sure, he had studied it for a bit in the past, but he had started late, and couldn’t really go beyond mere theories.

It was unfortunate that very few people were learning and cultivating the traditional ways of Chinese traditional medicine these days.

Cheng Yan, on the other hand, was leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets. His eyes had never left Yao Tang, whose brows were furrowed slightly as she worked on the Old Madam.

About an hour later, she put away her needles and stood. “She’ll be fully awake by nightfall. Take care not to stimulate her emotions too much, whether it be joy or sorrow. You must also pay attention to her meals, and see that she doesn’t eat or drink in excess.”

Cheng Yan glanced at the woman lying on the bed before looking back at the girl in front of him. “Be honest with me, Yao Tang. How many days does she have left?”