Chapter 80 - A Hundred Million Yuan

Chapter 80 of 329 chapters

Chapter 80 A Hundred Million Yuan

Yao Tang perched her chin on her pale wrist as she blankly stared at the blackboard.

The math teacher, Chen Bo, was discussing the most difficult question from last week’s exam.

His eyes met Yao Tang’s by accident, and the man’s face instantly lit up. This girl had exceeded everyone’s expectations with her recent scores. Truly, she embodied the promise of youths who went on to become top university students.

He wrapped up his lesson shortly after, leaving twenty more minutes for a brief self-study session.

“Review your test papers. If there’s anything you don’t understand regarding the solutions, feel free to raise your hand.” With that, Chen Bostepped down from the podium and began making rounds in the classroom, his hands clasped behind his back.

The atmosphere within this class had drastically changed for the better.

It was as if Yao TangandLin Xin’s test results became their classmates’ inspiration, driving them to strive in each subject. Now, the students of Class 20 were eager to learn and diligent in their homework.

After a while, Chen BoapproachedYao Tang’s desk. He watched her copy the solutions he had scribbled on the blackboard and made notes about his discussion. The teacher was immensely pleased. It looked like he was still in handy even to the sharpest students.

He silently applauded Yao Tang, too. Despite having prevailed in the exams and earning the highest scores, her zeal toward the lectures didn’t seem to wane.

“Yao Tang,” Chen Bosaid, beaming from ear to ear. “Feel free to ask me if there’s anything about today’s lesson that confuses you.”

The girl looked up at him, her eyes flashing with mischief. But her face was generally devoid of expression when she replied, “Okay, Teacher.”

Gratified, Chen Bobeamed. “All right. Study well.”

He walked away with a slight spring in his step.

Yao Tang went back to her notes and raised an eyebrow as she peered at the solutionChen Bohad provided for the last math question.

His methods were quite complicated and certainly time-consuming.

Lin Xin came over to sit besideYao Tangjust as the period was about to end.

Yao Tang already had her arms folded on the desk. She pushed a piece of paper towardLin Xin, then proceeded to burrow into her makeshift pillow to nap.

Lin Xin glanced at the paper, which looked to be a mathematical equation. Confused, she looked at her friend again, but the latter had already dozed off. In the next few seconds, Lin Xin’s eyes widened in surprise. This was an alternative solution to the most difficult math question! Although the final answer was definitely the same as the one Chen Bohad provided, this solving method was undoubtedly much simpler and concise.

Was there no end to Yao Tang’s intelligence?

Lin Xin couldn’t help but stare at the sleeping girl. She had thought that her admiration for Yao Tang transfer student had already reached its limits, but it looked like she was mistaken.

The next day, during break time, Yao TangandMeng Yangwent to the cafeteria with the rest of their little gang to get some snacks. On their way, they happened to run into some students from Class 1. They weren’t as lofty and arrogant as they always used to be.

Yao Ran was among the group. When she spottedYao Tang, she immediately averted her eyes. She had been scared witless back at the time, and she no longer dared to provokeYao Tangor any of the latter’s classmates.

On the other hand, Yao Tangwas engrossed with her phone, casually replying to her messages. She didn’t bother to greetYao Ran, or even act like they knew each other. This earned her a subtle glare from Yao Ran. Despite herself, she eyed the three boys that were tailingYao Tang. Jealousy bubbled inside her chest.

No explanation was needed for her coveting Meng Yang, of course. But as forchu Yaoandling Gan… Both of them were the young master of prestigious families, yet they treatedYao Tanglike they were somehow beneath her.

Yao Ran was clearly much better than that country bumpkin, so why were all these desirable boys flocking over toYao Tanginstead? Not only was she dumb as a rock, but she also had an awful reputation in the streets.

With narrowed eyes, Yao Ranhuffed and walked away, heading back to her classroom.

Her own throng of male followers quickly followed suit and chased after her.

Meng Yang saw everything out of the corner of his eye. He chewed on a blade of grass and sneered. “Sister Tang, are you and that girl really related?”

The two other boys turned to Yao Tangin unison. They were very curious about this matter as well.

Yao Tang only nodded nonchalantly, her thumbs busily tapping a reply toLin Shuang’s message: “That old man already burned through all that money?Cheng Yangave him 50 million just two weeks ago.”

Lin Shuang: “Your disciple has expelled your grand-disciple from the sect. Naturally, the Cheng familyput a stop to all their investments. You may not know this, but the shortage in funds has actually become a serious issue.

While everyone recognized Yu Jingas the greatest, unrivaled master in the field of neurosurgery, only a handful of people were aware that he still answered to a master above him-his unnamed teacher.

The very few who knew of this were now eager to know Cheng Wei’s reaction once she found out thatYao Tangwas, in fact, her esteemed teacher’s master.

Miles away, Lin Shuangwas leaning against her bed’s headrest, a cigarette between her teeth. She looked sultry and seductive in the dim light of her room.

Her phone pinged.

Yao Tang: “Got it. I’ll transfer 100 million as soon as I can.”

Lin Shuang raised an eyebrow and smiled. She tossed her phone on the nightstand and put out her cigarette before going back to bed.

Meanwhile, Meng Yangwas cautiously glancing atYao Tang. He had noticed her expression shift to annoyance, making his heart skip a beat. “Is something wrong, Sister Tang?” “It’s nothing,” she muttered. She pocketed her phone and sighed, then walked on ahead.

Damn that old man.

He didn’t have the guts to ask her directly for money, so he made Lin Shuangact as the pawn instead.

Meng Yang nodded to himself in relief and caught up toYao Tang. “By the way, when I came to school this morning, I saw that the milk tea shop nearby has a new item on their menu. Do you want to try it?”

Yao Tang immediately perked up. She looked back at Meng Yang, her eyes glinting with anticipation. “Thank you,” was all she said.

A beam of sunlight fell on her face just then, lending an otherworldly glow to her creamy skin.

The knowing look in her eyes, coupled with the slight tilt of her lips, caused Meng Yang’s mind to go blank for a good few seconds.

With a single glance, she had rendered him speechless and utterly lost.