Chapter 99 - I Won’t Help

Chapter 99 of 329 chapters

Chapter 99 I Won’t Help

The old man didn’t say anything, but the kindness had already faded from his features. The grip he had on the teacup tightened as he stared at the young woman sitting before him.

Yao Tang, as usual, didn’t have any expression on her face. Instead, she looked far too focused on her phone to care.

Did she not take them seriously?

Qin Man held back her anger as she leaned forward. “Are you listening to me?” she demanded. “Stop playing with your stupid phone and speak to us. The adults are talking to you!”

“I won’t help.”

Yao Tang shrugged, her eyes showing indifference.

The tension in the room was thick, and everyone stared in disbelief.

Yao Yuan slammed his fists onto the table, unable to believe that his own daughter would act like this. He scowled. If looks could kill, the girl would’ve already been dead years ago.

“You really are useless! Your mother carried you for nine months, and you repay us with this? You’d so willingly help strangers, but you can’t even put in a good word for your father?” he spat. “How vile can you be?”

He staggered upwards, slamming the table again with a loud bang.

The veins on his neck bulged out, and his eyes were fierce. Despite this, the girl didn’t seem the least bit threatened.

“Is this the new style of parenting? Giving birth to them, before leaving them to fend for themselves?” Yao Tang lazily pointed out, too focused on her phone to care.

Qin Man couldn’t help but lower her head in


Sure, they had not raised her, but she was still a part of the Yao Family! She was still their flesh and blood! Couldn’t she have done them this small favor?

“If you’re not willing to help, then you can forget about going back to school.”

Yao Yuan scowled.

“Oh? On what basis?”

As soon as Yao Tang heard this, she finally placed her phone on the table, feigning interest in his words.

“I’m your guardian, aren’t I? If I don’t let you go to school, then you wouldn’t go to school. In fact, I can withdraw you right now if I want to.”

Yao Yuan’s eyes gleamed. It seemed that his plan was working.

Yao Tang had to help him today. If not, then he’d be using the guardian card.

If she really wanted to go to school, then she’d have to listen to his orders.

As soon as the people heard the threat, they couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. The arrogant smiles had returned as they regarded the young girl.

While they may not be able to get her to agree willingly, she still had to follow through with their wishes-no matter what.

Yao Tang, no matter how smart she was, was still a young girl. How could she compete with them?

Her studies were the most important thing right now. Being in her third year in high school, her entire future was already at risk. There was no way she was going to give that up.

While she had lived in the wild all these years, she wasn’t that stupid. Despite this, Yao Tang simply smiled in response. “Do you think I’m lying?” Yao Yuan sneered. “If I say you wouldn’t be going to school, then you can forget about graduating. If you care about your future one bit, then you’d do as I say.”

He had finally won!

Yao Tang glanced at their smug faces, gazing at her as if she was nothing more than a mere chess piece in their hands. She crossed her arms over her chest. “It’s not that I don’t believe you,” she slowly said. “It’s just that you really couldn’t do it.”

Everyone widened their eyes in surprise. This girl really had the gall to stand up to her elder.

“Did she really not care about her studies?”

“She’s really stubborn!”

“Why couldn’t she just listen to us?”

Yao Tang shoved her hands into her pockets. “You might have forgotten, but in order to protect Yao Ran’s status, you only said that I was merely a relative who came to stay in your home. As such, you never really formally processed my adoption,” she said snidely.

“Meaning, you don’t have any custody over me. Now, with this in mind, don’t you find your own threat to be ridiculous?”

With a sneer on her face, she turned toward the exit. She had already seen and heard enough of this commotion. Now, she was just ready to head home.

Everyone gaped, taken aback by her declaration.

They had originally planned to threaten her, but they didn’t expect that the papers hadn’t been properly filed!

Everyone stared at her retreating figure in a daze, not knowing what else to do.

“Didn’t change?”

Yao Yuan froze.

He had originally wanted to use this information to blackmail his daughter, but he didn’t expect her to counter him so quickly. “I hadn’t been able to change it,” he murmured.

“You’re telling me you haven’t updated your documents yet? You truly are unreliable!”

Grandpa Yao was so angry that he stood up and hit Yao Yuan with his walking stick. The fruits on the table immediately fell to the floor, and everyone jumped back in fear of the old man.