Chapter 102 - Xiao Tian’s Return

Chapter 102 of 342 chapters

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The trumpet was blown, alerting every orc who was defending.

Knowing that the Orc Army was arriving soon, Liu Chai made another announcement on the guild live chat, “Kill all these orcs first and prepare to confront the Orc Army!”

Upon hearing this, the players grew more aggressive. Some of the players seized the opportunity and pounced onto the orcs, sacrificing themselves in order to create a chance for their teammates to kill them.

Nevertheless, if they were to kill one life by losing another life, they would still have the upper hand, owing to their huge numbers.

Under such a frenzied attack, before long, there were only dozens left out of the initial hundreds of orcs.

The remaining orcs knew that they could not win the fight and intended to flee the scene. However, all at once, the assassin players began to drive the orcs into a corner.

After the onslaught, the Orc Patrol was completely annihilated.

“Hurry up and loot everything from the first spiritual field!” Liu Chai pointed at the spiritual field and he yelled.

The players briefly adjusted their positions before they dashed for the spiritual field.

After five minutes of sprinting, the spiritual field, which was obscured by a faint golden fog of soul energy, came into their sight.

The few orcs, who were guarding the spiritual field, were in daze when they saw the enormous number of troops made up of thousands of players.


Following the roaring command, the players charged toward the enemies.

It was then when the leader of the orcs took out an item from its pocket. With a violent pull, a shroud of fog was shot into the air.

“He’s sending a signal. Everyone, stay alert! Warriors, go to the frontline. Assassins and mages, collect spiritual materials. Loot everything!”

After Liu Chai’s command, the berserkers tensed their bodies and ran toward the orcs. The ceaseless attack effectively chased the orcs out from the spiritual field.

The players at the back seemed overjoyed and started to collect the spiritual materials as fast as they could before storing them in the channel.

The Son of the Sea in the middle of the spiritual field was extracted by the players and was kept in the channel, too.

The spiritual field was easily raided by the players and the orcs were murdered right after they were done collecting the materials!

When Liu Chai led his comrades toward the second spiritual field, they encountered the army of thousands of orcs who had assembled after they received the signal.

Liu Chai and the others started to worry after seeing them.

“Get ready to fight!”

Upon listening to Liu Chai’s command, all players got into their respective positions.

The orc leader, who had already noticed the players, swung its spiked club forward. Its muscles expanded as it let out a thunderous roar.

A battle broke out once again.

The players had lost all their advantages in the fight this time. Although they still outnumbered the orcs, one orc could win against a few players.

Especially the orc leader. Its strength was way stronger than the Ghost Supreme Commander whom the players killed previously.

Liu Chai’s expression grew solemn as he realized that the players were barely having an upper hand against the orcs. He reckoned that it would not be a good choice to drag this battle on any longer as the worst situation would have come true when Xiao Tian returned with his army.

“Each guild should send a team of assassins to the other spiritual fields to seize the spiritual materials by activating Shadow Step. I’ve already sent the coordinates through the channel. Quick!”

Promptly, Wu Guoyi and the others deployed a batch of assassins from the guild live chat to seize the spiritual materials according to the coordinates given.

Upon receiving Liu Chai’s command, four clouds of shadows immediately left the camp and rushed to the assigned locations.

“Stop them!” seeing that the players had left the camps, the orc leader immediately knew what they were up to and shouted to his subordinates at the rear.

The Orc Army sent out four groups of forces to chase after the assassin players.


Lu Wu was aware of the players’ activities. In the meantime, he was observing them in real time, too.

The current battle was significant to Lu Wu, too. According to Bei Li, if the players won the war, the Derived Spiritual Rice that they harvested would help him to transform into a human form again and acquire the first skill, the Power of the Dark Beast.

Besides, Lu Wu found that Gu Yu and the others who were guarding Fallen Fish Island had already confronted Xiao Tian.

The battle at Fallen Fish Island was different. It was a pyrrhic victory.

Although Gu Yu owned the inheritance of the Demonic God, it was nothing when compared to Xiao Tian whose ability was of the similar tier as the Ghost General.

The war only lasted less than 30 minutes before it quickly ended. All the players from the Myth Guild were wiped out while Gu Yu and a few other leaders were captured alive.


In the meantime, on the shore of Fallen Fish Island.

Xiao Tian stared at Gu Yu who was apprehended before he asked with a ferocious expression, “Where is the Son of the Sea now?”

Gu Yu remained silent as he lowered his pain receptor, intending to buy some time.

However, out of Gu Yu’s expectation, Xiao Tian who was about to continue the interrogation, changed his expression all of a sudden.

Just then, the red light on his Communication Gemstone began to flicker. With that, Xiao Tian immediately knew that Insect Island had been intruded.

Recalling the entire battle, he thought something was amiss as the power behind the curtain was so weak and the number of their troops did not achieve tens of thousands as what was mentioned by the Demolition Traders. Everything did not make sense.

Immediately, Xiao Tian turned around and shouted to his members at the rear.

“Everyone, get onto the sea monsters now and head back to Insect Island immediately! We’ve fallen into their trap!”

Gu Yu was shocked upon seeing Xiao Tian’s reaction.

He had no clue how Xiao Tian discovered that Insect Island was invaded. If Xiao Tian managed to rush back to the island now, their plan would fail.

He made a quick decision and said, “Xiao Tian, aren’t you interested in the whereabouts of the Son of the Sea? I’ll tell you!”

However, Gu Yu did not expect that Xiao Tian would glare at him and slap his head brutally, killing Gu You on the spot.

After that, Xiao Tian threw a glimpse at the other players before he waved his claws. Streams of black light were shot across the air, killing all the players Xiao Tian intended to torture and interrogate and left only Sun Qi.

Sun Qi did not get killed but was caught by Xiao Tian. Xiao Tian brought Sun Qi along before he mounted the sea creature and raced back to Insect Island.

On Insect Island, both parties had fallen into a deadlock. Neither of the teams seemed to be winning.

This had significantly perturbed Liu Chai. Therefore, he quickly dispatched more manpower to help the teams who were trying to steal the spiritual materials.

Although this would increase the pressure of the battle, stealing the spiritual materials was their main goal. If they failed to obtain the spiritual materials, they would fail their mission even if they won the battle.

In the meantime, the assassins that were deployed earlier had sent their feedback about the plundering on the live chat.

Three of the teams were stopped by the orcs who were guarding the spiritual fields. Only one team had successfully stolen a unique spiritual material from one of the spiritual fields.

However, those orcs who knew that they could not win had surrounded the Son of the Sea to protect it. So the team was still trying to break through the orcs’ defenses in order to get the Son of the Sea.

According to the feedback of the dispatched players, Liu Chai would occasionally choose a few players from the battle to assist in the plundering, thus increasing the pressure of the battle.

At this moment, numerous shadows of the sea creatures took shape on the shore of Insect Island.

Xiao Tian’s eyes were filled with rage as soon as he saw the island. He leapt off the back of the sea creature, stepped on the waves, and dashed for Insect Island’s port.