Chapter 109 - The Secret Of The Zombie Spirit Sect

Chapter 109 of 342 chapters

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What Bei Li said made Lu Wu realize that there were so many secrets hidden behind this normal-looking world.

“Wu, don’t you worry too much. Just relax and focus on your game. You need to know that you are now controlling the most talented human beings in the three worlds who were once even feared by the world of the immortals. In addition, you have the artifact to help you… your future will be earth-shaking, so you don’t need to be afraid of any forces!”

Lu Wu nodded at Bei Li’s comforting words. Just like she mentioned, as he was now armed with the artifact and in charge of the most gifted clan, if he gave himself enough time, nobody would be an obstacle on his path to success!

“So, someone wants to rebel against them now?” he ventured to ask.

Bei Li nodded, “It is most probably a force from the underworld. I’m unsure about his intentions, but you’d better stop this dangerous action right away!”


“The power of the human world and the underworld cannot be compared to heaven’s for now, let alone endure a big war. His thoughts were too simple. Not only is he destined to lose, he could also be an encumbrance to the other two worlds!”

Lu Wu drew in a deep breath, “What should I do?”

“If he wants to rebel, he will need to use the Yin Talisman to travel to the human world and find the right opportunity. I will sense him once he passes the Six Doors of Reincarnation. Then, I will inform you and plan a plot for you!”

Lu Wu gave a hard nod after hearing this.

The underworld, Burial Grounds.

After the cataclysmic war between the Demonic God and Hiderigami, this land where the deceased used to rest in peace had turned into ruins.

Right now, the silhouette of a player was walking on the cracked land and at the same time, his sight shifted continuously, as if he was searching for something.

After lunging over a slanted stone pillar, Hu He’s face was lit with delight. He rushed to the remains of a Bone Spirit that was covered by rocks with only half an arm visible.

With little effort, he cleared the rocks and revealed the Bone Spirit warrior underneath.

Then, he began picking on the Bone Spirit’s body for some usable items. After that, he wandered around again.

After two hours, Hu He appeared outside the parameters of the Burial Grounds.

After locating an empty area, Hu He opened his channel and poured all the bits and pieces of the Bone Spirit he collected onto the floor.

Then, he opened his photo gallery in the game and searched for the photo of the Secret of the Zombie Spirit Sect which he took in reality.

Staring at the ancient book, a glimpse of anticipation glowed on Hu He’s face.

Hu He was different from a lot of youngsters in reality. He believed in the existence of gods and cultivators because his grandfather was a cultivator.

Hu He could remember that his grandfather was weird and isolated. He spent his whole life in the straw hut which he built at the mass grave behind their village and stayed there throughout the year. He would not have come home if nothing special happened.

However, during a visit back to the village, this abnormal grandfather totally shocked young Hu He for the rest of his life.

It was the summer holidays of that year when Hu He went back to visit his grandparents with his parents. In order to surprise his grandfather, he hiked up the mountain alone and went to the mass grave that his grandfather frequented.

Because of that, he discovered his grandfather’s secret.

When he secretly arrived at the mountain and went near the mass grave, he noticed his grandfather and decided to run up and surprise him.

But as he got closer, Hu He horrifyingly found out that his grandfather was holding some broken limbs covered in fresh mud and was drawing something in the air excitedly.

Young Hu He thought his grandfather had murdered someone. At the same time, due to the immense terror he felt, he stood a short distance away, staring dumbly, but his grandfather never noticed his presence.

Then what happened next left Hu He stunned.

As his grandfather drew in mid-air, the broken limbs slowly recombined, forming a two-meter high giant zombie.

Seeing this, Hu He could not sit still anymore. It was then his grandfather’s eyes noticed and shone with furiosity. He turned, pointed, and the zombie-giant jumped onto him straight away.

Hu He still remembered clearly that the zombie’s shiny black nails were only a few centimeters away from his neck. If his grandfather did not stop the zombie in time, he believed that he would have died.

Hu He bawled his head off then while his grandfather quickly shushed the zombie away and held him in his arms. While he was comforting Hu He, his eyes were full of anxiety, too.

Since then, he knew that his grandfather was not just an ordinary human.

From that day onward, due to his curiosity, Hu He would find his grandfather during every holiday.

Perhaps he was influenced by superhero movies and comics. Hu He thought that he may have an extraordinary family background, and he could have inherited those kinds of supernatural powers as well.

His grandfather did not keep anything from him anymore. He told Hu He that his ancestors were cultivators of the Zombie Spirit Sect, mastering the secret magic of zombie summoning, zombie awakening, and zombie assembling.

Young Hu He once told his grandfather excitedly that he wanted to learn and cultivate, too.

Although he would occasionally show off some skills to his grandson, priding his prestige as a grandfather, when it came to Hu He’s passion in cultivating, he remained very stubborn and refused firmly.

Hu He tried every possible way but still failed to learn the secret method of cultivation from his grandfather, which unquestionably put him in low spirits.

However, when Hu He was 23, he received shocking news while he was in university. His grandfather was ailing and wanted to meet him for the last time.

Hu He hurriedly rushed from another city to meet him. When he met him, he terrifyingly found out that his grandfather’s face was as pale as ash. Like a rotting old tree, he reeked of death all over.

Sensing Hu He’s arrival, the old man gained some strength and held his hand when he approached the bedside and said, “Little He… this is why I never agreed to let you cultivate… I don’t want you to end up miserable like me.”

Seeing this old man who loved him to the bone, Hu He’s tears trickled down his face.

“If you want something… you must give something in return… now that you know the consequences… the answer that you longed for… grandpa has left it below the straw hut… you’re all grown up now… how you will choose… is not up to grandpa anymore.”

After saying this, Hu He’s grandfather shut his eyes forever.

Heartbroken, Hu He found this Secret of the Zombie Spirit Sect while tidying up his grandfather’s belongings in the straw hut at the mass grave.

At that moment, Hu He hesitated. He wanted to cultivate. It was his dream since he was young. But at the same time, his grandfather’s advice appeared in his head once again.

Finally, with the mindset that he would just give it a try and not actually cultivate, Hu He read the ancient book.