Chapter 116 - Rematch

Chapter 116 of 342 chapters

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After the tournament had lasted five hours, a statistical graph was presented on the big screen of the scene.

With the statistics, all the audience members who were watching the hegemony tournament were amazed.

According to the data, the total number of players who died in the hegemony tournament map within the span of five hours was around 5.32 million. There were 35,212 broken weapons and 34,212 damaged pieces of armor. The expenses of repairing equipment in the shop alone had reached a horrifying amount of 500,000 soul coins and the various types of potions consumed were uncountable.

The flags of the one hundred fortresses had been raised more than 3,000 times in total. On average, the fortress flags were altered a few times in an hour.

The Sky Dragon City that was located in the west had substituted ten defenders in just one hour. The battle was so exciting that the audience members were boiling with excitement.

The extraordinary epic battle entered its maddest stage at the last hour. The ferocity of the battle was constantly rising as the guilds that had not captured a fortress yet were turning insane in the end.


As for the City of Beiqi which was under the spotlight of the hegemony tournament, the fortress owner had been substituted several times. Even powerful guilds like the Myth Guild could not defend the fortress for more than twenty minutes.

In the battle for the City of Beiqi, the most outstanding guild other than the powerful Myth Guild was undoubtedly the Demolition Guild.

The Demolition Guild had shown their amazing cohesion in the fortress conquering tournament, especially the personal commanding ability of the guild master, Liu Chai. They unexpectedly managed to defend the City of Beiqi for half an hour, setting a new record for the hundred fortresses’ defending time.

By relying on the cooperation of the guild members, they had conquered the City of Beiqi three separate times. They were also the guild who managed to raise their flag in the City of Beiqi for the longest period of time.

Thus far, many guilds had aroused real animosity toward one another. The battle could be said to be action-packed.

During the last hour, the fortress-defending guild was still the Myth Guild.

Following the breakthrough of the fortress gate, a large number of members from the other guilds rushed in. They rushed madly toward the center of the fortress where the fortress flag was placed.

“Everyone, don’t worry about the wasting of potions. Maintain your health points and defend the City of Beiqi till you die. As long as we manage to hang in here, we’ll be the champion!” Gu Yu’s roar was heard in the live chat channel.

If they lost the City of Beiqi again, even Gu Yu dared not guarantee that he could win over the fortress again under the other guilds’ siege.

Thus in Gu Yu’s point of view, this was their last chance.

To the other guilds, this was their last chance, too. Thus, their attack became extremely aggressive.

Thousands of magic spells collided within the City of Beiqi. The surrounding buildings were all destroyed and the waves of attack were still coming one after another.

As the fortress defenders, the Myth Guild had formed a circle of defense around the flag and were struggling to defend the fortress from the invaders.

The collective attack this time was different from before. While attacking the Myth Guild, they were also observing the actions of the other guilds.

After all, there was only one fortress flag. They would never give up the last chance to the others.

Liu Chai spoke, “Everyone, form the sharp blade sortie formation! Refer to me as the knife point and radiate backward! Rush in!”

Following Liu Chai’s growl, the guild members quickly moved behind Liu Chai with good teamwork. They formed a sharp blade-like line of attack.

Both sides of the formations were warrior-type character classes that could fight and resist damage while assassins were all standing at the back, protecting all of the mage players in the center. They then stabbed at the Myth Guild’s defensive line like a sharp blade.

At this moment, the Sea of War ability was activated. With the blessings of healing and acceleration, the Demolition Guild erupted a strong ability and tore a hole in the defensive line of the Myth Guild. They then charged toward the fortress flag.

This attack came too suddenly and it caught Gu Yu, who was defending the other side, by surprise.

Looking at the Demolition Guild that was approaching the fortress banner, Gu Yu was in a rage.

Just when the Demolition Guild was about to reach the front of the fortress flag, the Slayer Alliance led by Lu Zhan broke the Myth Guild’s outer defensive line from the side and rammed against the Demolition Guild.

Even Gu Yu did not expect that the Slayer Alliance would take the heat off him.

There were less than thirty minutes left. Lu Zhen knew that this was the crucial period of time. If Liu Chai managed to grab the flag and with the five minutes protection time, Liu Chai would most probably be the final winner. Thus, he had to stop him.

At this moment, several defensive lines were also broken. Wu Guoyi, Ye Xue’er, and the others had rushed to the central region. The last outbreak immediately took place between the six guilds.

This time, there were no alliances. As far as they were concerned, any guild who got into their sight was their enemy!

Any guild who got close to the fortress flag would immediately turn into the target of the other guilds. The war was also getting more intense.

“Boss Chai, I’ll make a way for you. Go ahead and grab the fortress flag!”

As soon as Qi Ming finished his words, he slammed the wand in his hand to the ground and several ghosts emerged from the ground. Qi Ming then waved his hands and the ghosts turned into a spinning ghost whirlwind which swept forward abruptly, making a way out of the crowd.

“Thanks!” Liu Chai turned his head and nodded solemnly at Qi Ming. The jewels on his body shone at the same time and he lunged forward like a tiger.

“I’m here! Who dares to cross!” a silhouette emerged all of a sudden and a red spiritual sword slashed forcefully, causing Liu Chai to retreat.

Ao Jian’s figure emerged at this moment!

The Myth Guild had provided Ao Jian with tremendous amount of materials to support his spiritual sword. Thus, this sword master had finally appeared in the final battle.

“I’m your rival!” Qi Ming went to the front of Ao Jian who was about to kill Liu Chai.

“It’s you!” Ao Jian’s pupils contracted.

“It’s me.” Qi Ming laughed.


“Nothing is absolute. You may not get to defeat me this time!”

“We’ll see!” Upon finishing his sentence, Ao Jian waved his left hand and a purple longsword flew out from his back. He then held it in his left hand.

At the same time, Qi Ming had activated the Strength of Ghost Monster. He grew taller and the muscles on his arms were as strong as the ancient dragon. His skin was also covered in black as if he was a black demon statue.

The two cultivators crossed swords with each other once again.