Chapter 120 - The Best Overall Performance

Chapter 120 of 342 chapters

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With the end of the Hundred Fortresses Hegemony Tournament, the Annals of Great Battles reappeared in the game.

The golden pages of the book slowly opened. The video of Liu Chao leading his guild to take over the city and the video of him relying on his individual strength to seize the fortress flag were quickly played in the pages. There was also a caption underneath the videos.

[On January 25th of 2319, the first season of the Hundred Fortresses Hegemony Tournament, the Demolition Guild fought under the leadership of Liu Chai. They eventually managed to take over the City of Beiqi and obtain the ownership of the fortress. This war has been recorded in the Annals of Great Battles for the admiration of later generations.]

Although the final result was beyond the expectation of most people, nobody was dissatisfied with the result of Liu Chai taking over the City of Beiqi.

This included Gu Yu. Even though he was disappointed, he was convinced by Liu Chai’s performance.


The figure of the host, Fang Ping, appeared on the stage of the Dragon Nation’s stadium.

“Ladies and gentlemen, now we are going to vote for the Top 10 Best Performances. You will find the voting button next to your seat to vote for your favorite battle videos. As for the viewers who are watching the live broadcast outside the venue, you can vote for your favorite videos directly on the platform.”

Then, the edited battle videos were played on the big screen for the players to vote for their favourite videos. Each audience had three votes.

After the voting had officially commenced, a data graph was shown on the screen. Among the videos, the votes for Liu Chai’s final personal performance video was rising at a speed that far exceeded the other combat videos. It topped the chart after a while and was pulling away from second place with a huge difference in the number of votes.

After waiting for about half an hour, the list on the big screen was finally generated.

[Top Ten Battle Shots of the Hundred Fortresses Hegemony Tournament]

Along with the chart-topping background music, We Are Electric, that the players were most familiar with, the words of the number one video appeared.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the champion of the overall best video comes from the spectacular performance of the Guild Master of the Demolition Guild, Liu Chai, in the battle for the City of Beiqi…”

With the voice of the commentary, the players revisited the eye-opening scene of Liu Chai holding on against the combined attacks of the six guilds all by himself. He managed to defend for the last five minutes which changed their fate and took down the City of Beiqi.

This video has been acknowledged by all audiences to be the best. At that moment, Liu Chai was like a god, looking down at the heroes and capturing the hearts of all the people in the audience.

“The overall second best performance goes to the direction of the City of Beiqi. The two players, Ao Jian and Qi Ming have shown us what is extreme control. All the attacks and defenses were preempted. Such a horrifying individual ability was really scalp tingling…”

In the scene, Ao Jian’s attack and Qi Ming’s defense methods were emerging endlessly.

Many players were surprised after watching the entire video. This god-like fighting strategy had impressed all the players who were watching.

At the end of the video, Ao Jian united the nine swords and struck the last deadly attack. However, Qi Ming activated self-explosion at the same time. The two players transformed into white lights and disappeared at the same time. It was a draw.

This video could be considered as the model player killing technique tutorial. If it was not Liu Chai’s godly performance, this video would have definitely been the best.

“The overall third best scene goes to the direction of the City of Beiqi as well. The Sun Chasing Archer, Ye Chen, used his skillful technique to convince us that an archer’s close combat technique could be this amazing, leaving the opponent powerless to defend…”

As the explanation went on, Ye Chen’s close combat skills were shown on the big screen again. The audiences had once again realized the horrifying close combat skills of Ye Chen.

“The overall fourth best performance is still from the direction of City of Beiqi where the battle was the most intense. Similarly, the Sun Chasing Archer Mo Lingtian demonstrated to us who a real mage killer is by taking away one life with each arrow. Only Mo Lingtian could be named as the back row harvester on the warfield…”

In the video, Mo Lingtian confidently turned around every time after he shot an arrow. Every arrow was shot accurately to the back row of the enemy like a navigator, killing them easily. It seemed that he was fooling around with the assassins who came secretly. His performance was really spectacular.

“Next is going to be our fifth place. It goes to the wonderful performance of the Rampage Guild in the battle for the Extreme City. The Rampage Guild has given the enemy a lesson on how to defeat the enemy with a lesser army…”

In the video, the Rampage Guild had managed to break through the siege of several guilds and captured the Extreme City by just relying on the power of a single guild and tactical arrangement.

“The overall sixth place once again goes to the direction of the City of Beiqi. It’s a video of the Demolition Guild defending the city. They defended the city for thirty minutes against the attacks from six other guilds. In this battle, the Demolition Guild’s performance was as if they had been assisted directly by god…”


One after another, videos were shown on the big screen, rekindling the audience’s passion.

These scenes had well-shown the excitement and passion of the Hundred Fortresses Hegemony Tournament, pushing the atmosphere of the scene to its climax.

After the top ten videos were played, the hegemony tournament was considered to have officially come to an end. In the end, Fang Ping revealed the news to the audience.

“The Hundred Fortresses Hegemony Tournament has ended successfully. Thank you to all the participating guilds for their spectacular performances. We will meet again at the Individual Skills Battle… See you soon!”

The news revealed by Fang Ping had caused an uproar among the players.

Many loners could not participate in the guilds’ hegemony tournament. However, the Individual Skills Battle was different. This was a real carnival for all the players. The emergence of the news could be said to have given the players great expectations.


Meanwhile, Lu Wu’s expression was a little strange.

The main purpose of this battle was for publicity and the outcome was extremely satisfying. When the live stream ended, the downloaded number of Battle Online at Platform173 had skyrocketed. The number of registered players shown on the artifact was close to two million and it was still increasing.

For the sake of contributing to the event, Lu Wu had made preparations to lose a lot of soul coins. But to his surprise, his amount of soul coins had increased by almost a million after the six hour hegemony tournament had ended.

The potions consumed by the players during the battle and the cost for repairing equipment in the mall far exceeded the amount of soul coins that Lu Wu had prepared. However, a lot of players re-purchased new equipment at the shop due to the damaged equipment, leading to the reinvestment of the soul coins. Lu Wu did not know whether to cry or laugh.

This could only be considered as an unintentional positive outcome.

Lu Wu was also very satisfied with the player’s overall performances at the event. It made him realize how horrifying the potential of the ethnicities which once colonized the three worlds and were at once being called the fourth catastrophe.

Especially with Liu Chai in the end. He even had the rare powerhouse’s heart. This was Lu Wu’s biggest surprise.

In the description of Bei Li, the heart of a powerhouse was a hidden talent-level ability that even Cha Na, Pan Shi, and the others who were at the level of Ghost General and Ghost King did not have.

According to Bei Li, Liu Chai’s future potential was limitless. This was because he was able to maintain the mentality of a powerhouse and not lose himself in the course of obtaining power.