Chapter 130 - The Joy Of Boasting Only Lasted Momentarily

Chapter 130 of 342 chapters

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After a series of brutal beatings, Lu Wu left the Artifact Channel nonchalantly, leaving behind Bei Li and Tong Gua the Ghost King, who was lying on the ground gasping for air.

Tong Gua felt helpless. He had never gotten beaten up before. Yet, he had been walloped three times within just a few hours. Three times!

Bei Li giggled as she looked at Tong Gua, who was sobbing silently. She then waved her arm and sent Tong Gua to the Mansion of the Dead.

In the afternoon, the players realized that there was a new building in the center of the Mansion of the Dead, with a plaque hanging outside the building that read Tong Gua’s Forge.

The appearance of a new feature would always catch the attention of players. Thus, many players gathered in front of the workshop, intending to find out about what new feature was added into the game.

As the players approached the building, the settings menu of the forge appeared:

[Tong Gua’s Forge]:

Settings: Master Tong Gua’s residence. He helps players forge customized Epic Level or Legendary Level weapons (Below Level 100).

The players were pleasantly surprised as they read the settings of the forge. However, they soon realized that the doors of the forge were shut tightly. There was no way they could enter it.

The players then noticed a sign that was hung on the window. A few words were scrawled on it:

[Rules and Regulations of Tong Gua’s Forge]

1. I will open the forge at any time I want. Do not knock on the door for no reason, or I will thrash you!

2. Do not try to build rapport with me. To me, you all are just weaklings. You are not worthy of my time!

3. Penniless folks stay out of my sight. After all, you will not have the money to pay me.

4. During opening hours, you must shout out ‘Master Tong Gua’ before you announce what you want.

5. Do not give nonsensical requests when customizing your weapon and also do not try to bargain. Your Lord, Master Tong Gua, is in fact a Ghost King. You should feel honored that you can meet me for free.

6. Tong Gua owns all rights to the rules and regulations stated above. Any opposition will be denied (all appeals will be also rejected).

The players were all dumbfounded as they looked upon the rules set at Tong Gua’s Forge.

Is it really fine for an NPC to be so arrogant?

A few players could not be bothered, and started to knock on the door right away. Everyone wanted to see the true face of this Master Tong Gua.

After banging on the door for five minutes, the door burst open! Tong Gua strode out of the room. Half-awake, his eyelids were still heavy.

“Why are you making so much noise? Can’t you read the rules?” Tong Gua exclaimed while he tapped the board that was hung by the window.

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The NPCs they had met before in the game were all courteous and polite. It was their first time meeting an NPC as ridiculous as Tong Gua.

“What are you looking at? Have you not seen a Celestial Crane before!” being surrounded by the players, the upset Tong Gua yelled.

“Big Goose, I have completed my quest. Hurry up and forge an Epic Level weapon for me!” a man pushed his way through the crowd and appeared in front of Tong Gua.

When Tong Gua was just about to throw a tantrum, a notification from the artifact rang in his mind.

“Player Lu Zhan has accomplished the quest and will receive the reward: An Epic Level 50 weapon (player is allowed to choose his own parts).”

Tong Gua, who was about to lose his temper, restrained himself as he saw the notification regarding the quest reward. He lifted his head to look at Lu Zhan, eyes filled with resentment.

If it was not for Lu Zhan, he would not have been forced to become an NPC. More importantly, this little brat had beaten him up before. Yet, he had to be the one to forge a customized weapon for him.

Tong Gua was overwhelmed with sorrow. However, he could not disobey the settings of the artifact. Otherwise, he would be wiped out from the game. Thus, he could only remain obedient.

“OK, get your ass in here!”

Right after Lu Zhan entered the forge, Tong Gua slammed the door shut, and further stunned the players outside the door.

On the third day of Tong Gua’s appearance, a pinned post in the forum caught Lu Wu’s attention.

Assassin_Creed: “Shit, can someone kill this shameless NPC? I can’t stand it anymore! He looks at me with disgust every time he sees me on the streets. Have I annoyed him before or something?”

Peppa_Boar: “I initially wanted him to forge an Epic Level weapon for me, but this bastard wanted to charge me 10,000 soul coins! Besides, when I was about to leave he even called me a broke dick under his breath. I was infuriated (angry emoji)!”

Invincible_Loneliness: “You guys got it easy. Do you know what happened to me? The Big Goose requested to borrow money from me just because he didn’t have money to buy alcohol from the Wood Spirit Clan! I want to strangle him so badly!”

A_Mammoth: “Fuck, I was late to read this post. That bastard has already borrowed 300 soul coins from me. I was trying to earn his favor, so I lent him the money. I’m regretting it immensely. I wonder if he will ever return my money (heartache)?”

Chief_Of_Demolition_Officers: “Thankfully, I’m always around the coast, and have not been to the Mansion of the Dead lately. That’s why I haven’t met this rascal. But, I’m already starting to worry about what I should do if I need to forge an Epic Level weapon in the future. What a headache!”

Crayon_Shinchan: “Tong Gua: You weaklings seem to be talking about me. This face slap is the first warning to you! (Image of Big Goose flapping its wings dishing out rapid face slaps)”

God_Slayer replying to Crayon_Shinchan: “You bastard, delete that image now!”

Crayon_Shinchan replying to God_Slayer: “It is already in my emoji collection so I’m not going to delete it. Bite me if you can (laughing emoji)!”

Lu Wu did not know how to react to Tong Gua’s deeds. He was a Ghost King, and nevertheless, Lu Wu would let him off the hook as long as he could complete his designated tasks.

At that moment, Tong Gua who started all this commotion sat on a cliff by the seas. He sipped the alcohol and enjoyed the sea breeze. He appeared slightly drunk.

“Ah… I’ve missed this. The Wood Spirit Clan makes the best wine. Cheers, brothers!” Tong Gua raised his wine glass.

The two people by his side then stretched out their hands as well. They clinked their glasses and finished their drinks in one go.

“Big brother, I… I can understand how you are feeling. It really sucks to be at fate’s mercy. Fate is just an asshole!” Ye Chen, who was also wasted, said as he held Tong Gua by the shoulder.

“It… it’s worse than that. Back then, I was acknowledged as the strongest Ghost King in Beiqi after all. Look at me now, I am just a blacksmith! I feel miserable,” Tong Gua then held onto Ye Chen’s shoulder as well. They shared similar sorrow.

“You are my brother now. As your big brother, of course I will not treat you badly. Why don’t you learn the Way of Fate from me?”

Ye Chen opened his eyes tipsily upon hearing it, “Way of Fate? Then, I’ll have to follow my fate after I learn it? No way. No way.”

Tong Gua glared at him after hearing his reply.

“Brother, don’t belittle the Way of Fate. Once it’s cultivated, you can become a god, who is as powerful as the Demonic God!”

“Really?” Ye Chen’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“Why would I lie to you? I will teach you the Way of Fate tomorrow. Once it’s cultivated, even Heaven and Earth will be within our reach. Then, we can boast as much as we want!”

Hearing that they could boast heedlessly, the man on Tong Gua’s left seemed rather excited.

Immediately, Tong Gua and Ye Chen turned their heads to look at him.

“Brother, what’s wrong?”

Liu Chai took a sip of his alcohol and revealed a remorseful expression.

“The joy of boasting only lasted momentarily. Now, I can’t even enter the Instance Dungeon. My two months of effort have been wasted…”

Tong Gua and Ye Chen ran out of words to reply to Liu Chai.

“Brother, your boast has certainly cost you greatly. You have our condolences!”

Tong Gua and Ye Chen patted Liu Chai on his shoulder to comfort him.

“Oh, yes. Brother Liu Chai, I heard that you are adept with your punches?” Tong Gua took another sip of alcohol before he squinted and asked Liu Chai.

“It’s… it’s decent, I guess. I’m not afraid to take on anyone single-handedly!”

“You are also my brother. Since Brother Ye has already started learning the Way of Fate with me, I will lead you to a bright path, too.”

Liu Chai lifted his head. His eyes were misted by drunken stupor, “What do you mean by a bright path?”

Tong Gua lowered his head and pondered for a moment.

“There is a Dungeon Island in the Void Ocean. A champion with outstanding fighting skills lives there. If Brother Liu Chai can impress him with your talent, you might be able to inherit his legacy!”

Liu Chai was immediately moved by the idea, “Big Brother, how strong is this fighting master?”

“He once had a battle with the King of Beiqi, but he unfortunately lost. However, I reckon that he did not unleash his full potential. At the very least, he was far more powerful than me back then!”

“That’s amazing!”

Liu Chai’s eyes popped out of his head. He knew that although Tong Gua, who was standing before him, appeared to be a weakling now, he was once the best of the Ghost King Peak Realm.

“He is indeed amazing. However, he has a strange temperament. He doesn’t appear like a living thing to me. Instead, he seems more like a puppet. There are no traces of soul power in his body at all. Of course, it’s also possible that he conceals it very well. Anyways, he is quite hard to deal with. You must prepare yourself if you’re planning to visit him!”

Liu Chai nodded, “I’ll go!”

Then, the three of them wrapped their arms around each other’s shoulders and enjoyed the wine. Together, they shared their sorrows and shed tears of regret.