Chapter 141 - Accomplished The First Killing Attempt

Chapter 141 of 342 chapters

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Upon witnessing the scene, the expression on Little Sha’s face changed. When he was about to run away, Hu He used one of his hands to grab Little Sha, saying, “Big brother, let’s leave together!”

Just as Little Sha wanted to drag him up, he realized the formation and appearance of many shadows around the boulder. One of the shadow formations was the Demonic’s God clone of the defeated Hiderigami.

The color drained from Little Sha’s face immediately as he muttered, “Good luck, brother!” Then, he swiftly turned around and fled, vanishing from sight in a blink of an eye.

A dignified Ghost General is scared off just like this?

Hu He was heartbroken, Fuck, I wonder if he could still remember the oath that we used to pledge in the cave, promising to share sufferings and happiness together.

When the people in the Myth Guild came across the most wanted person on the server – Hu He, their facial expressions turned ferocious. They approached him at a fast pace.

This caused Hu He’s heart to pound vigorously.

He knew better than anyone else that he could not die at this stage. If he was dead, then he would only respawn in the Mansion of the Dead. He could imagine the horrifying scene of being killed continuously by other players and not being able to leave the safe zone.

“Argh, dog, please let go!” Hu He slapped on the dog’s head, trying to free himself from the bite so that he could escape.

Sun Qi groaned and the bite became increasingly tighter.

Having no other choice, Hu He patted his zombie storage bag to summon four zombie spirits in his hands. Three of the four Warriors of Wreckage rushed toward the crowd in the Myth Guild. At that instant, the zombie spirit named Cha Na stretched out his arm to grab the upper and lower jaw of Sun Qi’s dog mouth and he started using force.

Upon seeing Cha Na, the zombie spirit, Sun Qi immediately widened his eyes, causing his mouth to open up due to the immense force that was exerted.

“Fuck you!” Hu He who was freed from the constraint, released a forceful strike with his foot, causing Sun Qi to rise high in the air. Subsequently, he extended his hand to make finger gestures during his incantation and said, “Burst!”

The three zombie spirits which were approaching the Myth Guild exploded instantly with smoke and pervaded the air. Hu He seized his golden opportunity to run away as fast as lightning toward the east.

“Cough, cough! Such a bad smell…”

Once the people in the Myth Guild escaped from the dense smoke, they noticed that the dog was standing on the ground with his eyes wide open while Hu He was nowhere to be found.

“Where is he, dog?” Gu Yu questioned hurriedly.

“Boss, this brat is freaking audacious!” Sun Qi was already taken aback, leaving him open-mouthed.

“What do you mean? I am asking you the direction he ran toward,” Gu Yu was startled.

“Boss, do you know what I saw just now? It was Cha Na. The skull of Cha Na, the symbol of our Christmas Battle Event was stolen by this bastard!”

Sun Qi remained motionless and expressionless as though he was immobilized out of astonishment.

“The skull of Cha Na?”

At first, Gu Yu was confused and before long, he revealed an astonished expression in his eyes as well.

“This bastard is really crazy! I bet this person must be tired of living for him to do that.”

Thinking up to this point, Gu Yu immediately turned on the guild live chat in order to allow a player in the Mansion of the Dead to check if the skull of Cha Na on the city gate was still in place.

One minute later, the members of the guild uploaded a screenshot to the guild channel.

Those who had seen the screenshot were left dumbfounded.

In the photo, a wooden-carved skull of Cha Na was used to replace the original one in the Mansion of the Dead.

If it was not for Sun Qi who had realized it, no one would have found out about it even if they walked in and out all the time. At this moment, everyone was feeling strangely heart-broken.

“Oh my god! This brother is such a cruel character. He must be dreaming of ascending to heaven!”

“Chase, make sure to chase after him. If we do not make him submit, I have no idea what other off-limit things he will be up to.”

After that, Gu Yu instructed Sun Qi to lead the way. The whole Myth Guild search party went after Hu He following like maniacs, swearing to eliminate this malignant player.

At this instant, Hu He’s face was written with trepidation as he ran away crazily. He knew from the dog’s expression that the fact he’d stolen the skull of Cha Na could not be hidden anymore. If he did not escape this time, he would surely be done for.

He fled for his life along the way. However, as he turned around, he was frightened by the sight of a group of assassin players trailing close behind him, utilizing their Shadow Steps.

“Oh my god!” Hu He hoped badly that he could have more pairs of legs so he could run even faster.

Just as Hu He wanted to proceed to escape after crossing over a boulder that was blocking the road, he suddenly felt a sense of heaviness in his body. It seemed as though he was dragged to one side by a driving force.

Hu He felt the urge to resist as his body touched the ground. However, at this moment in time, he came across an elegant and handsome man shaking his head seriously at him.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!” the group of assassins who turned on their Shadow Steps swept over their heads.

Once the man was certain that the assassins were far gone, he waved his hand at Hu He, saying, “Follow me!”

Hu He was a little baffled. Although he was uncertain of the reason why this person had come to his rescue, he still chose to tag along with him.

After crossing the crooked paths within the heap of boulders with the man, the man stopped in his tracks when they reached the empty space surrounded by the boulders.

“You’re safe now!”

Hu He was moved and he could not stop expressing his gratitude, “Brother, I truly appreciate your help!”

“Don’t mention it! I feel that you’ve done nothing wrong. After all, it’s just a game. To be happy is the most important thing,” Murphy patted on Hu He’s shoulder and smiled as he uttered.

“What a close confidant!” Hu He grabbed Murphy’s hand promptly, showing a face full of excitement.

At this point, he finally discovered that someone could actually understand him. How lucky of him to have a like-minded comrade among the players!


At this moment, the sound of a sharp weapon piercing the body resonated through the atmosphere. As Hu He’s body trembled, he turned around, looking in disbelief. He realized that a cute young lady with long hair cascaded down her shoulders was smiling while stabbing his back with a dagger.


Puff! The young lady removed the dagger with a smile and inserted it again.

“Brother, save me!”

Hu He thought he was tracked down by the members of the Myth Guild. Hence, he kept turning his head over, trying to seek help from Murphy, only to realize that Murphy was the one who lifted his dagger and stabbed him in the chest.


Hu He’s face was totally perplexed. He could not understand why his initial benefactor was trying to murder him right now.

“Backstab!” a gentle shriek of the young lady from behind reverberated around the empty space. Then, a critical strike of scarlet red words appeared above his head.

His vision started to blur…

“Why?” before death, Hu He fixed his gaze at Murphy as he asked in despair.

“It’s just a game. To be happy is the most important thing but you upset us…” Murphy replied in a smile.

“Now I know…”

Hu He’s body fell to the ground with a loud thud.

At this moment, he felt restless. His gaming experience was by far the worst for him. His sworn brother who was a Ghost General left him behind, and his so-called benefactor laid his hands on him. This world is full of conspiracy. I have no idea how a pure and innocent person like me could survive in the future.

“Little Pomelo, quickly take a screenshot!” the male assassin, Murphy promptly told the young lady.

Upon hearing that, the young lady nodded and utilized the function of the camera. She took three shots of Hu He’s dead body.

Later, both of them squatted down next to each other and began to upload the photo of Hu He’s murder to the forum.

[Killing target, Zombie Forgemaster, waiting for the reward…]

Crayon_Shinchan: “Congratulations! Congratulations on your first attempt in killing! (Reward: 0.01 soul coins)”

Peppa_Boar: “Such a refreshing feeling. Let’s wait for him to respawn in the Mansion of the Dead! (Reward: 20 soul coins)”

Xueli_The_Strongest: “Wah, the malignant guy is finally killed. I was so infuriated when I saw people discussing this guy who stole the skull of Cha Na in the forum. I’m surprised to find out that this guy was murdered so fast. Give you a like! (Reward: 1 soul coin)”

Ye_Xueer_is_the_cutest: “Bravo! The whole world is searching for him right now. The first person attempting to kill him must receive a like from me! (Reward: 100 soul coins)”

Broke_Trash: “I don’t mind the fact that he has created the invasion of the evil apocalypse. But I have never thought that he would dare to steal the symbolic item of our battle event, the skull of Cha Na. This is a big deal! Good shot! I’m poor but I’ll still give out a reward. (Reward: 10 soul coins)”

Grasshopper_Captain: “No point saying much, keep your reward nicely. (Reward: 10 soul coins)”

Watermelon_Taro: “This is my effort from laboring for money. It’s little, hope you don’t mind. (Reward: 3 soul coins)”

After the screenshot of Hu He’s death was uploaded, the forum became active. Obviously, everyone was elated.

From this, one could tell how much the players hated this malignant player.

At this time, Hu He quit playing the game, took off his virtual reality headset, and stared at the screen blankly with his hollow eyes.

He seemed to be able to imagine the scene of him being enveloped by the players’ army within three hours.