Chapter 142 - Twin Souls

Chapter 142 of 342 chapters

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Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the sky along with a downpour.

The trees in the forest swayed vigorously due to the strong wind, forming a rustling sound as they hit each other. It sounded like weeping or probably more like it was recounting a tale.

On the muddy ground, two slim and weak figures snuggled together. The howling wind caused them to tremble and they leaned closer to each other.

At this moment, the boy’s thin shirt was torn apart. The back part of his body had a shocking wound. With his skin torn and flesh being exposed, blood ran down his back quietly, forming a tiny stream on the muddy ground.

The color drained from the boy’s face. His lips quivered due to the excruciating pain and he pursed his lips to prevent himself from bawling in agony.

“Little Pomelo, I think I am about to die,” the boy murmured weakly to the girl in his embrace.

“It won’t happen. We promised to escape together and you even said that you are going to tie the knot with me,” the girl’s face revealed her hope for a wonderful future life. However, deep in her eyes, it was visible that she could not make sense of the situation before her.

Upon hearing that, the boy twitched his pale lips and reached out his hand to caress Little Pomelo’s face.

“You must escape from here. Promise me to live your life well.”

“Alright, let’s get out of here together!” the girl asserted.

A huge amount of blood continued to ooze out. The boy could no longer withstand it, hence he began to gasp for breath.

At this moment, he was so desperate to carry on living his life and to be able to be by Little Pomelo’s side to grow older with her and spend his entire life taking care of her.

However, his life seemed to have come to an end at this juncture.

I am not willing to give up… I only hope that… Little Pomelo will be able to escape from here… after I am dead… I beg for your mercy, God…

The boy’s vision turned blurry and his head hung low. At this point in time, he seemed to have heard the voices of those people. A scene of the world of blue in the cultivation pool emerged in his eyes.

“What a perfect body experiment… it is something so rare in this Dharma-ending age… in this regard, your serial number will be 410 from now on.”

“Having a stable life form… included a trace of extrasensory perception… let’s see if it’s possible to awaken the special characteristics of his body composition… such a pity, it seems like we have failed this time… 410 you’d better not die… you need to at least last for ten experiments…”

“This is your roommate. Her name is called 423. Both of you’d better not get into a fight, or else you’ll know the consequence of it…”

“This is such a shocking discovery… 423! Perhaps we can rely on the special characteristics of her body composition to study the secret of cultivation… you are indeed more powerful than the useless 410…”

“Hahaha… 423… the special characteristics of your body composition have been awakened… you have successfully been integrated with the extrasensory perception… hahaha… we are about to succeed!”

“It’s so unexpected to know that the useless 410’s special characteristics of body composition have also been successfully stimulated… such a shocking surprise… both you and 423 will become our babies in the laboratory next time…”

The memory before death was leaping and flashing like a film in reverse. Other than the experiments that frightened him, a gentle and soft voice of a girl popped up in his mind.

“410, will we die here?”

“Please don’t address me, 410. I have a name, call me Murphy!”

“To be honest, I am not called 423 either. My name is actually Little Pomelo.”

“Why do you keep staring at me?”

“I can’t see you, I can only feel your presence. Hee-hee.”

“Murphy, why do they want to treat us like this? I feel so painful, very painful!”

“Little Pomelo, hang in there! They said you will surely be successful, you won’t die!”

“Murphy, I feel like I can’t bear with it anymore. It seems like I’m going to die soon. I’m in great despair!”

“Little Pomelo you must persevere. I will surely bring you out of this place!”


“I promise!”

“Okay, I believe in you!”

“My mum told me to get married to a man I’m fond of when I grow up, so Murphy I just want to tell you that I like you!”

“Once we have escaped from here, I will marry you!”

“Yes, we will certainly get out of here together.”

“Little Pomelo, I can feel that my body is getting stronger. I believe we can leave here soon, very soon!”

“But Murphy, why is my strength not getting stronger? I can only sense as though I have become two of me. It’s so weird!”

“Probably, because I am a boy, hee-hee.”

“Murphy, are we serious about escaping? But I don’t have a clear vision so I can’t see the road clearly. What to do?”

“I’m your pair of eyes!”

“It’s good to have you!”

Not knowing how long it had passed, Murphy felt as though something was crawling on his face. He slowly opened his eyes to find Little Pomelo sweeping her strand of hair on his face.

“I’m not dead?” Murphy asked in his husky voice.

“Murphy, we will share a life in the future. You are me, and I am you. We will never get separated again!” Little Pomelo held Murphy’s hand as she giggled.

“How did you do it?”

“Because I don’t want to let you die. Your body slowly turned cold and I almost cried my heart out. I keep telling myself that you must not die, then the other me just entered your body. So, now we share a life together!”

As Little Pomelo was speaking, she stretched out her hand to pinch his cheek.

“Do you feel pain?”

Sensing the slight pain emerging from his cheek, Murphy revealed a smile on his face. He knew for sure that they were together this time.

“So painful, I must pinch you back!” Murphy smiled as he pinched her cheek.

“No way, Murphy, you bully me! I want to pinch you back as well…”

Two bodies who shared a life held their hands together as they stepped out of the forest, moving toward a whole new life.

In such a cruel world, they were determined to survive.

They used to be bullied, experienced hunger and were even cheated before, but they still lived a happy life because they had each other’s company.

They thought of going home, returning to their parents’ sides. However, on their journey back home, they realized that both of them could not separate from each other. Hence, other things were no longer important anymore.

He was her pair of eyes that could show her the way, brightening up her initial world of darkness.

She was his life that could come to a halt for him, ready to be his gentle harbor.

Out of coincidence, Murphy knew about the existence of a game named Online Battle and realized that this game was like a real world. Hence, he used up all his savings to buy two sets of virtual reality devices, thinking of bringing her in to the real world.

“Murphy, I am getting angry now. You used up all the money and we are going to starve to death soon!”

“Little Pomelo, I heard that one can earn money through this game. I won’t make you starve. You need to know if you get hungry, I will certainly be hungry as well.”

“I am so sad to realize that you always feed me just to ensure you don’t starve yourself.”

“That’s right so you’ll have to make sure to fill your stomach up all the time.”

“Alright, I’ll listen to you this time.”

In order to understand clearly about this game – from ways of earning money to the most profitable character class, Murphy will frequent the forum to seek advice from the experienced players, hoping to get some help.

After receiving a useful hint from Crayon_Shinchan, they found out that assassin players could earn the most money.

After coming into contact with the game content, this was the first time that Little Pomelo had ever experienced a world full of colors. This had resulted in her being deeply into it and once she knew that Murphy chose the position as an assassin, she followed suit. This was all due to the fact that she wanted to earn money with him and work hard together for their happiness.

Thereupon, the game had serial killer couples that accepted Reward Quests.

The strange soul of Murphy and Little Pomelo had indeed attracted the attention of Lu Wu. Hence, he asked Bei Li for more information.

According to Bei Li’s explanation, their souls have actually combined with each other and formed an inseparable existence called twin souls.

As Lu Wu was curious, he used to ask a question related to how long they would stay that way.

Bei Li replied, “It will last longer than eternity. Even if they were to be reincarnated and reborn, they are fated to be together forever.”

Out of curiosity, Lu Wu paid attention to these two individuals.

There was once during the sunset by the sea, Lu Wu witnessed the scene of both of them holding hands and slowly got out of sight with only a trace of a shadow that came into view.