Chapter 145 - Listen To My Explanation

Chapter 145 of 342 chapters

Looking at Gu Yu who was about to take action, Hu He swiftly turned around and stopped him.

Gu Yu and others were not aware of Little Sha’s ability. However, how could they not? Little Sha might look chubby and harmless, but the capability he revealed when breaking open the coffin still remained fresh in Hu He’s memory.

As Hu He saw the suspicious look on Gu Yu and the others’ eyes, he lowered his voice as he spoke, “Hehe, he is a Ghost General, so guys, don’t look for trouble!”

Upon hearing it, Gu Yu and others quickly turned on Observation Mode.

[Evil Ghost General (Ghost General Peak)]:

Character Details: The masterpiece of the crazy Zombie Forgemaster. He can still maintain his consciousness after absorbing a great amount of zombie energy and the evil spirit so he is known as the Master of Evilness. He was later summoned to surrender to the King of Beiqi and was conferred as an Evil Ghost General. He has been guarding the Yin Soul Eye Seal in Evil Nightmare City for about 40,000 years.

Looking at the Analysis Menu, Gu Yu and the others widened their eyes and slowly released their weapons at hand.

This is too powerful, we can’t bear to offend… can’t bear to offend!

“What do we do now?” the depressed Gu Yu looked toward Hu He as he asked.

Hu He stretched out his hand to swing his left arm which was bitten tightly by Sun Qi.

“Boss Gu, take it easy. Believe in me!”

Hu He who was grinning ear to ear gazed at Little Sha. He then opened his mouth, saying, “Brother Sha, are we still brothers?”

“For sure we are brothers. We have become sworn brothers in the cave, certainly, we are brothers for life,” Little Sha replied straightforwardly.

Upon hearing this, Hu He gave out a smile, “Big brother, I believe you must be willing to lend a helping hand when it comes to the matter of vital importance to me.”

“That’s for sure!”

“Give Hiderigami to us!”

“No way!”

“Please give him to me, if not I will be a dead man. You’ll never see me again,” Hu He pleaded in sorrow.

“Still no way!”

Just as Hu He did not know what to do, Gu Yu shoved him away and looked toward Little Sha with a smile, saying, “Brother Little Sha, do you know what this is?” Gu Yu fetched out a bead condensed with the zombie spirit point from his personal channel.

[Zombie Spirit Bead]: This is obtained after purifying the evil zombies in the refined morgue. The zombie spirit point on the inside is up to 542 points.

Looking at the zombie spirit bead, Little Sha showed his look of desire as he rubbed his hands.

“It looks so delicious.”

Gu Yu nodded, “It’s indeed tasty. Since fate has brought us together, why don’t I just give this to you?”

Little Sha nodded hastily, “You’ll also be my brother in the future. Quickly hand it over to me!”

Upon seeing his reaction, Gu Yu passed the zombie spirit bead to Little Sha.

Little Sha experienced a surge of excitement. He swallowed the zombie spirit bead once he had taken it from Gu Yu and revealed a sense of satisfaction.

Seeing that Little Sha got hooked on that, Gu Yu fetched out another zombie spirit bead from his personal channel.

“Brother, are you done eating? I still have more!”

“Quick, give it to me now!” Little Sha opened his mouth in amazement.

Without hesitation, Gu Yu handed another zombie spirit bead over to Little Sha.

As he watched Little Sha swallow the bead, Gu Yu thought that he should strike while the iron’s hot.

“Brother, I still have lots of them, do you want them all?

Little Sha nodded instantly.

Right after consuming two zombie spirit beads, he was surprised to find that his cultivation of Ghost General Peak showed signs of improvement. He was filled with desire for the zombie spirit beads in his heart. As someone who was simple-minded, he did not realize that Gu Yu was actually trying to set a trap for him.

“I left the rest of my beads outside the city. We can go collect them together.”

“How about Hiderigami?” Little Sha revealed a doubtful expression on his face.

As Hu He realized the plan of Gu Yu, he quickly opened his mouth, saying, “Big brother, I can help you to keep an eye on this place. As your brother, I’ll make sure to guard this place well.”

“I thought you wanted Hiderigami?” Little Sha looked confused.

“Even if I longed for Hiderigami, I’ll still need your approval before I can get him. So, feel free to go and collect your beads. I’ll discuss further with you when you get back.”

“Alright!” Little Sha replied instantly with joy.

“C’mon, let’s go and get the beads,” Gu Yu said to Little Sha after casting a glance at Hu He.

Little Sha nodded his head and then grabbed Gu Yu’s shoulder.

“Let me take you there!”

He took hold of Gu Yu as he was speaking. The two figures soared into the air toward the outside of the city.

As the two figures vanished from sight, Hu He quickly summoned the zombie spirit of Cha Na to proceed and embrace the skull of Hiderigami. He then exerted great force trying to pull it out.

The rest of the people from the Myth Guild felt the urge to help out. However, at this point in time, Gu Yu’s voice resounded in the live chat channel.

“Brothers, please don’t help, please don’t!”

“Why are you just standing there? Faster come and help!” Hu He yelled as he was trying to drag Hiderigami with all his might.

“Ouch! My stomach hurts!”

“Same thing here, my stomach really hurts. Perhaps we are poisoned by the zombie poison.”

“Ouch, ouch, ouch! Me too, my stomach is aching so badly.”

Hu He was dumbfounded to find the people from the Myth Guild squatting down while holding their tummies. He then turned his gaze toward the only person who was still standing, Mo Lingtian.

“I… I also have a stomachache,” Mo Lingtian smiled awkwardly as he gradually crouched down with his head lowered and hands clasping on the head.

Aren’t you having a stomachache? Why on earth do you still have time to squat down with your head lowered and hands clasping the head?

Hu He then averted his gaze to the dog who was biting his left arm.

“Ouch, I have a toothache!” the dog mumbled while sobbing.

“I don’t care anymore!” Hu He’s eyes only had Hiderigami at this time. He used up almost all his energy just to slowly pull Hiderigami out from the cave below the blood coffin.

“Bang!” the ground trembled as a result of Hiderigami’s enormous body landing on the ground.

At this moment, the blood coffin changed into twelve spinning beads. Then, these beads started to shake, slowly floated up in the air and suddenly shrank and collided with each other.

“Boom!” a dense surge of zombie energy approached, causing everyone to narrow their eyes.

“Buzz! Buzz!”

The twelve beads spun in a counter-clockwise direction, soar into the sky and exploded when they reached high up the sky. These beads were similar to meteors as they fell upon the same direction of the Land of Beiqi.

Promptly, as everyone was still under amazement, a total of twelve Zombie Energy Pillars from afar shot up to the sky.

[Server Warning: The Evil Seal has been damaged by the player, Hu He, causing the emergence of twelve new Zombie Pillars. Other players, please be cautious as the outside world is extremely dangerous!]

[Game Notification #1: The situation of evil invasion deteriorates and the Zombie Pillars need to be ruined to crack the case of invasion this time. Take note that every Zombie Pillar is guarded by an Evil Ghost General at the initial stage of its ability!]

[Game Notification #2: The Mansion of the Dead is most likely to encounter the invasion of the Evil Army on a large scale. All players, please be ready to defend yourself!]

As these twelve Zombie Energy Pillars appeared, a bigger scale of Evil Yin Soldiers fell upon the ground like raindrops. Many players in the wild were attacked under a state of confusion. They were all killed by the Evil Army, transformed them into rays of light and instantly removed them from the game.

At this moment, it dawned on Mo Lingtian and the others of their boss’s effort. They felt lucky to escape from being included in the list of the Server Announcements. What a close call!

The initial smile on Hu He’s face when he thought he had successfully obtained Hiderigami froze instantly.

After that, he turned his shoulder over to stare at the people from the Myth Guild in grief and fury.

“I don’t know. I’m not part of it, I’m not!”

“It’s also none of my business. Don’t you see that the message only stated your name?”

“That’s true, this is a living thing, too. You can’t put the blame on us. If we were not having a stomachache, we would surely help you out.”

“Yes, yes, this is part and parcel of life. We can’t resist it. My condolences to you.”

“Brother, endure your grief. Embrace a new life with a smile on your face!”

Hu He felt as though he was going to explode in rage at this moment.

Am I done for this time? I have caused one huge commotion after another. Do I still have a foothold in this game?

“Ahhhhh, I don’t care anymore!” thinking of this, Hu He’s eyes reddened and he averted his gaze toward his one and only hope, Hiderigami.

Just then, a shadow landed from the sky. He ran clumsily toward the side of the blood coffin, looking rather hopeless as he turned facing out.

“Big brother, please listen to my explanation!”