Chapter 150 - Monster-Killing Bot

Chapter 150 of 342 chapters

The blockade formed by the Door Gods was unyielding. Seeing that the evil spirits were forced to retreat, the players cheered gleefully.

“Brothers, those who have enough soul coins to spare, please level up your Door God. We are depending on our Door Gods to win the war!”

After Wu Guoyi spoke, flashes of white light were continuously lit from the array. Many Door Gods were leveled up and their virtual physiques began to expand and solidify.

“Spend all your soul coins to level up your Door God. Stop hesitating! This is the time!”

“Our almighty Door God!”

“It’s time to showcase the power of the Beiqi Army. Level up! Level up!”

“Spend all the cash to enhance our strength!”

“Cash grants me power!”

“Can anyone lend me some soul coins? I need 10 more soul coins to level up. Someone, please help me!”””

Many of the players opted to level up their Door Gods and white light continued to flash around them.

The leveled-up Door Gods had become more powerful. Some players had unexpectedly cultivated some special abilities within the Door Gods. Door Gods, who were now stronger than ever, mercilessly eliminated the evil spirits that were charging toward the players.

“Follow our strategy. The players at the back, keep your huts and gradually move them forward, one step at a time!”

Upon receiving Wu Guoyi’s command, the players at the back promptly stowed their mahogany huts before they rushed to the frontline and resummoned the huts.

With the power of their Door Gods, the players had, once again, launched an aggressive attack. Meanwhile, the evil spirits were incapable of breaking the Door Gods’ defenses and could only retreat.

As the Door Gods were battling evil, the mages created a new safe zone. Before long, many Magic Towers were built. The war had been upscaled.

Upon seeing that, the Evil Ghost Generals could no longer take it lying down. They escaped the Zombie Energy Pillars again and rushed toward the blockade formed by the Door Gods.

Before the evil spirits could land, the Door Gods had fastened them in the middle of the air, before they launched energy missiles and forced them to retire.

“Go back and heal yourself!” the players burst out laughing, looking at the frustrated spirits who were trying to run away.

At that moment, the players were rather satisfied with the outcome of their attack. They felt comfortable to launch their attack as they stayed under the Door Gods’ protection. Not only that, they could also earn soul coins and gain experience as the Door Gods killed the evil spirits on their behalf. It was as though they had activated a bot to earn more soul coins.

Every time they eliminated a group of evil spirits, the players would move their construction forward as they slowly approached the Zombie Energy Pillars.

At that moment, the players saw a gleam of hope, thinking that they might be able to win the war.

The war between the two disasters continued to expand. One party focused on healing and creating new forces, while the other party was in defensive mode as they attacked steadily with the help of the Door Gods.

The players seemed to have the upper hand in the battle.

Lu Wu, who had been watching all the while, was impressed by the players’ resourcefulness.

Lu Wu’s perspective was broadened as he saw how the players attacked by pushing their construction toward their enemies. This further assured him that the players had infinite potential when they were given complete freedom to perform.

Facing the players who practiced constant withdrawal as their defensive tactic, the evil spirits howled furiously before they launched multiple attacks at the players. Yet, they failed to destroy the fence that was built by the Door Gods.

Under such circumstances, the three Evil Ghost Generals abruptly stopped in their tracks before they returned to the Zombie Energy Pillars and let out an angry roar.

“Attention, brothers! They’re calling for support!” Wu Guoyi quickly warned the players upon seeing what happened.

Just like what they expected, before long, a large number of black shooting stars struck across the sky and fell on the periphery of the players’ array. Immediately, the Zombie Energy rose into the sky.

This time, there were a total of twelve Zombie Energy Pillars. The scene had immensely stunned the players.

Aren’t we going to handle them one at a time? What are we supposed to do now?

Initially, the players thought that they were being ruthless toward the evil spirits as they were respawning with the help of tools.

However, the Evil Troop repeatedly called for support and created multiple Pools of Revival and Evil Factories, making the players think that the evil spirits were, in fact, more shameless than them.

With the sudden increase in the number of spirits, Wu Guoyi, as the leader, immediately rushed from the back to the center of the array before he yelled his command, “Form an all-around defense. We’ve been encircled!”

Upon listening to Wu Guoyi’s words, the players quickly reduced the size of their line of defense. Leaving the mahogany huts outside the perimeter, they formed an all-around garrison to defend against the evils with a sudden explosion of numbers.

The sudden increase in size of the Evil Troop had once again put the players at a losing position. The players were now struggling to defend themselves.

Occasionally, the players’ mahogany huts were ruined. They had no choice but to splurge their soul coins to repair the huts before putting them to use again.

From having the ascendancy to being slightly disadvantaged, the players did not despair. They considered this as a chance to earn money. They continued to assault the enemies outside the periphery with their respective skills, killing the monsters, and earning soul coins.

Under the current circumstances, the common evil spirits were incapable of breaking the line of defense. However, the twelve Evil Ghost Generals were working together to fight the players. The players, who had gotten ready for the fight, gathered their strengths to drive off the twelve Evil Ghost Generals. They had truly become undefeatable.

(Note: The strength of an Evil Ghost General was equivalent to that of a novice Ghost General. They were far weaker than Cha Na, who was about to surpass the Ghost King Realm.)

Soul coins became a very important factor in the war. The soul coins the players earned from killing the evil spirits were spent on leveling up their Door Gods or repairing their mahogany huts. The fight had reached a stalemate.

An hour later.

“My experience has increased by two levels. That’s so great! I’ve just been staying at the same spot as I killed the monsters!”

“The experience of my Door God has increased by two levels. That’s so exciting! I hope that these Zombie Energy Pillars can continue to birth more evil. If this persists, we might be able to reach Level 100 collectively.”

“I somehow feel at ease. Little evil spirits, please stay strong and continue to throw yourselves at us.”

“Spirits, keep it up!”

“Brothers, focus on leveling up your Door Gods. The more powerful your Door God is, the more efficient it is to kill the monsters, and the more experience gained and soul coins earned.”

“You’re right. Let’s level-up our Door Gods first. Activate the bot!”

“I’m somehow envious of the mages. They are able to attack physically alongside the Door Gods and gain experiencee. We, the warriors, can only attack from afar. There’s no way we can leave this perimeter.”

“I told you that the game is biased toward the mages. They are the strongest character class!”

“Have you not realized that, other than the few professional players, the rest of the players on the leaderboard are all mages? It’s true when they say that the mages are the most powerful ones.”

“They are only good at killing monsters. The warriors are still the best at one-on-one battle. I think that needs no further elaboration!”

“You’re wrong. That’s only because you haven’t met a Cursed Apostle who has comprehended the Prajñā Scarification. They are, as of now, the most unfathomable beings.”

As the players attacked the Evil Ghost Generals, who were charging toward them, they were chattering within the line of defense, and eventually started to compare the different character classes.

Lu Wu was flustered and, at the same time, entertained by the scene.

The only thing that mattered to him was the amount of soul coins in his artifact that continued to grow.

He was trying to feed one war with another. Lu Wu earned commissions when the players killed the evil spirits, leveled up their Door Gods and repaired their mahogany huts. Lu Wu was pleased with the outcome and was finally hopeful about reviving His Excellency Cangxu.

Seeing how his profit grew, Lu Wu was also glad to witness the relentless birth of the evil spirits, which benefited both the players and him.