Chapter 151 - The Rock Ghost King Had Come To Help (Part 3)

Chapter 151 of 342 chapters

As the battle gradually progressed into its third hour, the situation at hand was still jammed in a deadlock.

Not only were the evil spirits unable to break through, but the players couldn’t advance. They were simply driving each other to exhaustion.

In addition, the Zombie Energy Pillars did not disappoint as they continued to create an endless flow of new spirits to join the battle, showering the players with the satisfaction of continually leveling up.

Just as the players thought that the situation would last until they went offline, trees suddenly collapsed, one after another, on the west side of the Ghost Mountains. The silhouettes of numerous gigantic figures entered their field of vision.

Multitudes upon multitudes of shadows of the Tree Demons, Ancient Tree Demons, and Enchanted Trees appeared with no end in sight.

At the same time, a monstrous figure plunged from the sky. The moment it landed on the ground, a majority of the evil spirits were pinned underneath its hefty body.

“Damn it, the Rock Army is here!”

“What are they doing here? Are they friends or foes?”

“Hopefully not the enemy! We might be able to defend against the evil spirits themselves, but I doubt we can defeat the Rock Ghost King!”

“Hold your horses! Don’t act rashly!”


While the players were anxiously discussing it among themselves, the Tree Demon Army abruptly charged from the west, speedily rushing toward the Evil Army. Then they launched an attack on the Zombie Energy Pillars next to them.


Accompanied by a ferocious growl of the Rock Ghost King, the area of wood elements drastically expanded. The spirits within the area were swiftly hurled into the air by countless branches and instantly strangled by a powerful force.

The emergence of the Rock Ghost King alarmed the nearest Evil Ghost General. It instantly leaped out from within one of the Zombie Energy Pillars and pounced toward the Rock Ghost King.

However, this time, it no longer had the opportunity to restore its health while facing the Rock Ghost King, who was already at the mid-stage of the Ghost King Realm.

In a flash, thousands of green vines popped up from the ground and wound themselves tightly around the Evil Ghost General, hoisting him into the air.

Along with the fierce roar from the Rock Ghost King, the vines steadily tightened their grip as a glistening, dark, viridescent light glowed from its surface. Soon, it seemed that the Evil Ghost General would not be able to endure it any longer. In the next moment, the vines shredded him into smithereens in the air, which were then scattered onto the ground.

With that, the Rock Ghost King had unveiled his terrifying dominance as the fittest in the Ghost King’s Territory. Even the evil spirits of the Ghost General class posed no threat to him.

Below, the battlefront formed by the Ancient Tree Demons was pushing forward relentlessly like a bulldozer. That made it extremely taxing for the evil spirits to defend, and it was evident that they were very overpowered by the vast gap in strength.

After being attacked by the Tree Demon Army, the evils were entirely annihilated. Coupled with the fact that they were subjected to attacks from the Door Gods on the other side, the evil spirits’ rate of spawning by the twelve Zombie Energy Pillars were unable to meet their rate of mortality, as they were murdered too quickly.

Witnessing the scene, the players were utterly stunned.

They did not expect that the Rock Ghost King would lend them a helping hand. Thus, they were extremely flustered and befuddled, wondering what was actually happening around them.

After the spirits had been completely annihilated, the Rock Ghost King glanced at the players’ camp and then locked his gaze on Wu Guoyi.

“Since I’ve come to help, why isn’t anyone attacking together with me!?”

When they heard this, Wu Guoyi and the other players felt a headache creeping up to them.

Actually, they had not killed enough monsters yet.

Although the Rock Ghost King was being generous, they were quite reluctant to join him. After all, this was a once in a blue moon opportunity for them to farm these monsters.

However, since the balance had already been disrupted, they most probably would not be able to keep it up. Thus, Wu Guoyi immediately announced on the live chat channel…

“All warriors, rise! Prepare to break through and kill!”

Followed by the command to attack from Wu Guoyi, the warriors and assassins began to pierce through the defensive line of the Door Gods by killing the evil spirits.

Meanwhile, the mages stayed within the defense, using long-range spells to assist the front line in their attack.

Faced with attacks from the players and the Tree Demons, the initial advantage that the Evil Army had largely evaporated. Even if the twelve Zombie Energy Pillars ceaselessly produced more evil spirits, it was impossible to withstand the overwhelming assault from the two large armies that had united.

When he saw that the players joined him in the war, a hint of relief flashed through the Rock Ghost King’s eyes.

After all, he had contemplated carefully for some time before arriving at the decision to personally lead the army this time.

Due to the existence of Zombie Energy Pillars in the Ghosts Mountain, his North Rocks were often invaded by the evil spirits, which made him feel extremely distressed.

From his experience of a similar invasion 400 centuries ago, he discovered that once any of the Zombie Energy Pillars were attacked, the other Zombie Energy Pillars would be able to sense it and would come forth to provide support.

If he really launched an attack on the Zombie Energy Pillars in the Ghosts Mountains, there would most likely be a heavy price to pay regardless of the outcome.

This was absolutely unacceptable for him. If the Tree Demon Army suffered substantial damages, he could imagine that the new forces in the Mansion of the Dead, who had always kept a watchful eye on the North Rocks, would surely jump at the opportunity to attack them.

However, he did not expect the new forces from the Mansion of the Dead to take the initiative in raiding the Zombie Energy Pillars.

This greatly lifted the Rock Ghost King’s attitude. He immediately brought along his army and laid out of sight, far away. Meanwhile, he had been paying close attention to the battle, so that he could leap at any opportunity to gain the upper hand while both parties were at each other’s throats.

However, the battle situation was beyond the Rock Ghost King’s imagination. Initially, he had thought that the battle would bring significant losses to the new forces since the evil spirits kept emerging endlessly. Unless there was an attack that could completely demolish the Zombie Energy Pillars, dragging out the battle would merely be digging their own graves.

However, after intently watching the battle between the players and evil spirits for four whole hours, the Rock Ghost King suddenly realized that both forces were on equal terms and even the most powerful monsters were being resisted by the players.

Based on the situation, this would unquestionably press on into a never-ending battle.

The Rock Ghost King was dumbfounded, but a new thought suddenly surfaced in his mind. He concocted a plan to ally with this new force and take the initiative to eliminate the evil spirits together.

After all, these new forces consisted of intellectually-developed living beings that could be reasoned with, unlike the spirits who would only battle to fulfill their bloodthirsty instinct. There was still room for negotiation.

Besides, there was another crucial reason. If these players were ultimately wiped out by the evil spirits, then the North Rocks, which was the nearest region to the Ghost Mountains, would risk invasion by the evil spirits born from the twelve Zombie Energy Pillars.

This was equivalent to commencing a full-scale war against the evil spirits. By that time, even if he emerged victorious, he would possibly lose half of his Tree Demon Army.

After careful consideration, the Rock Ghost King finally decided to lead the army to strike and assist the players in uprooting those Zombie Energy Pillars and to put an end to this apocalypse of evil’s invasion.

However, he did not realize that the players were entirely unappreciative. They had even begun to exchange quiet murmurs in the live chat channel.

“Don’t think that just because you’ve offered help, I won’t be cutting down trees anymore. That’s impossible.”

“That’s right, it is not easy to discover such an ideal place to farm monsters. Now that it’s been ruined, somehow I feel it’s a pity.”

“Thanks for the help, but the trees must be cut. After all, we still haven’t gotten enough money to upgrade our boat.”

“That’s a different matter. We aren’t unreasonable people, so we’ll have to reduce the number of trees cut by one a day, to maintain the Rock Ghost King’s pride.”

“That’s right, in order to repay the Rock Ghost King for his support, we will cut one less tree a day!”

“You guys are so shameless, but I agree with it!”


Witnessing the players’ discussions in the live chat channel, Lu Wu felt profoundly ashamed. He felt that if the Rock Ghost King was aware of the players’ thoughts, he would probably aid the Evil Army instead and just exterminate these players.