Chapter 158 - A Fatal Attack

Chapter 158 of 342 chapters

Millions of players were scrambling everywhere while following the event messages during the Lunar New Year event.

It was a strange phenomenon that was quite peculiar for the other forces in the Land of Beiqi to watch. Millions of players would suddenly rush to an area and perform various skills in the air every hour.

The Rock Ghost King who had the most contact with the gamers was the most calm. Other than him, all the other forces in the Land of Beiqi were dumbfounded, especially the Hydra King in the Ascension Zone.

It had appeared three times when the players collectively rushed in and attacked the air madly in one night.

The Hydra King felt like he was going crazy with this group of gamers that night.

He even had the impulse to take the initiative to attack and destroy all these creatures.


Skill instructing room in the safe zone – the Mansion of the Dead.

“Instructor, I think we can really try and learn.”

Skill Instructor Qu Feng took a sip of Wood Spirit wine. Running out of things to say, he kept staring at Murphy and Little Pomelo in front of him. He was fed up for they still refused to believe that he’d really not mastered the skill.

“Do you guys really want to learn?”

“Yes!” the two of them were astonished as they thought that the Skill Instructor was finally going to teach them.

“Let me tell you something… I heard that Tong Gua from the casting workshop on the opposite side of the street had met with the Cursed Clan who knew how to perform the Prajñā Scarification. I’m sure that he knows how to practice it. Maybe you guys can try to ask him… and by the way, please don’t mention me.”

Murphy and Little Pomelo’s expression tensed up upon hearing that. They nodded sternly before turning away and walked across the street.

Qu Feng heaved a sigh of relief and retrieved the wine flask as he felt that the crisis had been averted. However, he spat out the freshly-poured wine in his mouth before he could swallow when he noticed the two persistent individuals had turned up at his door once again just staring at him.

“What’s the matter now?” Qu Feng wiped his clothes and asked abjectly.

“Instructor, you forgot to assign the quest to us. We did not receive any game message saying that the hidden quest is on.”

Qu Feng was speechless.

“It’s not a quest, it’s merely a guide. The hidden quest should be with Master Tong Gua. Hurry up.”

“Oh! You may continue enjoying your wine, instructor. We’ll get a carton of Wood Spirit wine to honor you once we have mastered the skill.”

Qu Feng nodded quickly upon hearing that.

The two followed Qu Feng’s instructions and appeared outside Tong Gua’s casting workshop in a jiffy.

However, the two did not enter as there was a sign hung on the door of the casting workshop.

[I am sleeping and I am operating my business whenever I want. I will break the leg of whoever dares to knock on the door!]

The two exchanged glances and Little Pomelo whispered, “Murphy, what should we do?”

“Master Tong Gua only stated that we can’t knock on the door, I guess it’s fine as long as we don’t knock,” replied Little Murphy while pointing at the half-open window next to the door.

Little Pomelo was astounded, then nodded. Both of them then proceeded to crawl into the workshop from the window.

The casting workshop looked small but the interior space was extremely spacious. There was a huge refining furnace in the middle area and wine bottles were scattered everywhere in the room.Read more chapter at vipnovel

Meanwhile, Tong Gua was lying on the bed, his thunderous snores emanating the scent of alcohol.

“Master Tong Gua! Master Tong Gua!”

The two came to the bedside and proceeded to shake Tong Gua who was sleeping soundly.

However, Tong Gua continued sleeping as if he could not sense anything and revealed no signs of waking up.

“What should we do? The master seems to be heavily drunk,” Little Pomelo showed a helpless shrug.

“Let me think of a way,” said Murphy while scanning Tong Gua’s body before finally focusing on a small earthworm-like appendage between the master’s legs.

“No, that’s not appropriate…” Little Pomelo seemed to understand his idea but was hesitant about it.

Murphy did not answer but only returned a smile. He then reached out and pinched Tong Gua’s earthworm hard.

With his fatal part being attacked, Tong Gua got up immediately with widened eyes. He looked at the two standing beside his bed with disbelief.

“Hi! Master Tong Gua!” the two quickly made a bow.

“You… you guys… fuck…that hurt!”

“Master Tong Gua, we are here to seek your advice.”

“Ouch… advice… advice my ass… what have you just done to me?” Tong Gua’s face was flushed as he held his crotch, gasping in pain.

“Master, do you know how to cultivate the Prajñā Scarification?” the two bowed again and asked.

Feeling the sting coming from his lower body, Tong Gua wanted to cry but he had no tears. The fact that he almost lost his little one while he was deep asleep was terrifying for him.

Will I be crippled? Tong Gua had a terrible thought.

Bending over, Tong Gua left the bed trembling while holding the bed for support. He ignored the two, turned around, and walked into a compartment of the house before slamming the door shut.

The two of them waited and Tong Gua returned soon with a red coat and a lifeless expression.

“Master Tong Gua!” the two bowed again quickly upon seeing that.

“Did I ever offend you guys?” Tong Gua questioned in despair.

“Offend you? Master Tong Gua, I think you misunderstood, we are here to seek advice.”

Tong Gua did not believe those words at all. He walked in a wobbly manner to the bed and sat down again, his eyes fixed on the two.

“Firstly, tell me how you guys got in here.”

Both Murphy and Little Pomelo pointed their fingers toward the window in unison.

Tong Gua felt his teeth aching after one glance. He then asked, “What’s your purpose in doing that?”

Tong Gua was actually trying to buy himself some time and see if he could practice predestination to toughen his cultivation and have sweet revenge.

However, his cultivation was at zero and his strength at this stage did not allow him to do things the hard way. He could only reconcile.

“Master Tong Gua, do you know Prajñā Scarification?”

“Prajñā Scarification?” Tong Gua was stunned for a moment.

How could he be unfamiliar with this name when it was the most powerful skill of the Cursed Clan? He could still vividly remember the battle that destroyed the Cursed Clan. They were fortunate that the clan elder chose to perform the Prajñā Scarification day by day. If he was the chosen one, he would surely be doomed.

“Why are you guys asking about this?” Tong Gua was curious.

“We have advanced to Cursed Apostle and we want to master this class’s strongest skill, the Prajñā Scarification to become the strongest assassins!”

“Cursed Apostle?”

Tong Gua was suddenly reminded that these players did have the choice to advance their skills in the direction of the Cursed Clan after class advancement.

Suddenly, Tong Gua started to believe that these two players were not here for revenge.

However, their way of seeking advice made him particularly upset. Although he knew some secrets of the Cursed Clan, he had no intention to share them with these two at all.

“Forget it, both of your qualifications are mediocre and you couldn’t possibly master it,” Tong Gua said after thinking about it a moment.

“Master Tong Gua, please teach us the Prajñā Scarification. We will not give up if we can’t master the skill!”

“Oh? So what?” Tong Gua’s pride was boosted. He rested his left leg on the bed with a proud face.

“We will move you with our sincerity and come often to ask for advice!”

Tong Gua widened his eyes upon listening to the words. How can these two who seem so serious be this shameless?

It was obvious that they wanted to give him another fatal attack.

The hidden threat by the two was indeed effective as Tong Gua was starting to feel sheepish.

His original plan was to return for revenge when he was done practicing predestination to toughen his cultivation. However, the two in front of him were gamers so they were practically immortal. Even if he could get revenge later, his earthworm would definitely be crippled if these two ever came for him in the future.

Feeling wronged, Tong Gua finally looked up.

“I can teach you guys, but I have one condition.”

“Go ahead, Master Tong Gua. We will definitely accept it!” their eyes were bright and shining.