Chapter 160 - Sneak In For Investigation

Chapter 160 of 342 chapters

Mansion of the Dead, Beiqi.

As the players were all outside, the entire safe zone in the Mansion of the Dead looked empty. Although the city was adorned in a fiery red color, it still seemed rather dull with only NPCs occasionally walking along the streets.

At this very moment, a small sapling suddenly emerged from the ground of the mansion’s safe zone.

It surveyed around meticulously. After it was sure that no one had discovered it, its two roots pulled out from the ground and moved forward like human feet, one step at a time.

Looking at the familiar streets of the Mansion of the Dead in front of him, the Rock Ghost King was appalled.

This Mansion of the Dead had once been completely demolished, but now most of the buildings were totally restored along with many new ones. Most importantly, these rebuilt buildings were almost the same as the ones before destruction.

Along with astonishment in his heart, he continued to move forward step by step.

His purpose was to investigate why this new Beiqi force emerged and what kind of secrets they possessed.

If these creatures were really the late King of Beiqi’s secret force, then the Rock Ghost King felt that he might be able to find the method the King of Beiqi had left to control this force in this place.

The first place he chose to investigate was Beiqi’s most important domain hall. After all, if there was a way to control the secret force, King Beiqi would most probably have left it inside that hall.

After he walked across several streets, the Rock Ghost King suddenly stopped in his tracks.

He found a bizarre building with a hammer hanging diagonally on the roof, but what caught his attention was the plaque of the building.

“Tong Gua’s Casting Workshop!”

Seeing the name of the building, the Rock Ghost King was startled.

Of course, he knew about Tong Gua’s casting ability. He was the best-hidden caster in Beiqi.

However, the Rock Ghost King immediately shook his head as he thought of it.

How could it be? Even if the King of Beiqi wanted Tong Gua’s help to cast weapons, he would have to spend a lot of effort in persuading him. According to Tong Gua’s personality, he would never open a casting workshop here.

The casting workshop was probably named after Tong Gua the Ghost King because the owner adored him. Having figured it out, the Rock Ghost King immediately took a step. He was ready to continue his journey in the direction of the domain palace.

However, the Rock Ghost King suddenly sensed a breath approaching him. He immediately inserted his roots into the ground, posing as a small sapling grown from the ground, swaying aimlessly in the wind.

“Fuck. What lousy luck! These players must be cheating! How could my luck be so bad? I almost lost my pants! I’m so mad!”

Tong Gua who was not far away was staggering with his feet splaying outward. He held a pot of Muling wine in his hand and scolded himself all the way.

Thinking of the soul coins that he had lost to the players by playing cards, Tong Gua was upset. He could not help but throw the red coat on his shoulders to the ground, then jumped up and stomped on it…

Recognizing the person, a drop of sweat dripped from the Rock Ghost King’s forehead. He quickly stabilized his body to prevent himself from being exposed.

After Tong Gua vented his frustration, he picked up his red coat again from the ground and clutched it in his hand. He walked unsteadily to the door of the casting workshop, kicked it open, and walked in.

Seeing this scene, the Rock Ghost King heaved a sigh of relief, his heart filled with horror and doubt.

Tong Gua the Ghost King was the most powerful Ghost King in the land of Beiqi. His status in Beiqi was much higher than him, and someone with whom the Rock Ghost King would never dare to mess with.

He had several points of contact with Tong Gua before. Once he had been severely beaten by Tong Gua who was in a bad mood at that time. The Rock Ghost King still vividly remembered how terrifying Tong Gua’s strength was.

Although Tong Gua had disappeared for some time, the King of Beiqi had mentioned that he was having an isolated practice. The king also had said that Tong Gua was half a step away, not far at all, from reaching the Ghost Emperor Realm.

When he saw Tong Gua appear in this place, the Rock Ghost King was full of fear. He was afraid of being discovered and murdered.

The Rock Ghost King was now certain about his own guess.

This new Beiqi force might really be related to the late King of Beiqi, and Tong Gua’s so-called months of isolated practice were actually to help the king build up his secret force. This new Beiqi force was not powerful enough to employ Tong Gua as their caster, and there was only one possibility – Tong Gua did it voluntarily.

When he thought of this, the Rock Ghost King was really scared. He was afraid that he would be murdered for knowing too much.

It was even more likely that the deceased king was actually alive.

After spotting Tong Gua, he suddenly felt how naive his previous thoughts were. He was also grateful for not being impulsive.

If he had led the Tree Demon army to attack this place, Tong Gua alone would have already vanquished them.

This very moment, the figure of Tong Gua suddenly appeared at the door again. The Rock Ghost King immediately stopped pondering and tried his best to act as a small sapling, murmuring continuously in his heart, “I’m just a little sapling, you won’t find me, I’m just a little tree…”

Upon the Rock Ghost King’s horrified gaze, Tong Gua walked directly toward him.

“Ah, since when has this sapling appeared at my door?” Tong Gua looked at the sapling in a daze, apparently baffled.

Tong Gua then reached out his hand and patted the Rock Ghost King who was in the state of a small sapling with a hint of satisfaction in his eyes.

“Not bad! Not bad at all! Looking good!”

The Rock Ghost King felt that his heart was about to explode. He feared that Tong Gua had already noticed something unusual and would give him a devastating blow.

The Rock Ghost King did not know that Tong Gua had lost his cultivation. His heart was jittering. After all, in his opinion, Tong Gua could easily find out who he truly was with his peak power as the Ghost King.

However, Tong Gua just stared blankly at the Rock Ghost King. The latter felt he might have a heart attack – it was too exhilarating.

“Good tree!” the drunk Tong Gua praised again.

However, the Rock Ghost King was dumbfounded by the next scene. Tong Gua suddenly unzipped and began peeing on him.

“Fuck! I can’t stand it anymore!”

Feeling the rush of warm liquid on his body, the Rock Ghost King was going crazy. If it weren’t for the rational desire to survive that restrained him, he might just give Tong Gua’s body a good slap.

To survive! To survive! Rock Ghost King kept comforting himself, but he was close to collapsing.


Tong Gua shook his body with a look of satisfaction on his face.

Pulling up his trousers, Tong Gua glanced at the small tree once more. He could not help but praise it as a good tree again. He then turned around and entered the workshop, closing the door with a loud thud.

Not far away, a small snake hiding in the slab gap that observed the scene gave out a petrified gaze.