Chapter 161 - This Place Was Rather Scary

Chapter 161 of 342 chapters

Looking at the little sapling not far away, the heart of the Hydra King skipped a beat.

He felt that he had experienced a fright.

Due to his untamed curiosity, he transformed into a small snake this time before he entered the Mansion of the Dead. However, the moment he entered, he was flabbergasted to find the place that was previously turned into ruins to be restored.

In order to satisfy his curiosity, he went further in, discovering a small sapling rooted at the entrance of Tong Gua’s Casting Workshop.

How could he not know this sapling? It was the Rock Ghost King.

However, who knew that the dignified Ghost King would be fed by urine…

He couldn’t believe it. The one who peed on the overlord of the Northern Zone was Beiqi’s strongest Ghost King, Tong Gua.

Tong Gua? The Rock Ghost King? New forces?

The Hydra King felt as if something was hidden from him.

Why did both Tong Gua and the Rock Ghost King appear to be living in the Mansion of the Dead? Was there any secret between them and this new force?

Besides, judging from Tong Gua’s behavior, he seemed to have been here for quite some time.

Then he thought of the compromise between the Rock Ghost King and the new force last time.

Am I the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on? Are they planning something?

That very moment, the Hydra King assumed that the Rock Ghost King who had also snuck into the Mansion of the Dead, was the secret partner of this new force.

Thinking of this, the Hydra King panicked a little.

Since Tong Gua and the Rock Ghost King are staying here in secret, why have I not heard any news? Am I also one of the targets in their plan to be wiped out?

As he thought of this, this little snake hiding in the crack of the stone was even more terrified.

Fuck, both of us are Ghost Kings! Did I offend either of them? Should there be any under table business or secret planning, you guys should count me in! Now you guys are making me panic!

Then, the Hydra King suddenly noticed that the Rock Ghost King started to move, with his roots pulled up from the ground, he sneakily etched toward His Excellency’s palace.

Seeing this, the Hydra King followed quietly from behind, keeping a safe distance to prevent himself from being exposed.

This very moment, the Rock Ghost King was on the verge of collapsing. The only thought that supported him to stay here was to take a look at His Excellency’s palace.

After knowing that Tong Gua was here, he felt that it was impossible for him to control this secret force. He might even be murdered by Tong Gua because he knew too much.

As he was getting closer to His Excellency’s palace, the Rock Ghost King suddenly stopped. His roots pierced into the ground and posed as a small sapling again.

The Hydra King who was not far away immediately withdrew into the gap in the floor upon seeing this. He revealed only his little head and watched quietly.

Feeling the breath wafting from a short distance away, the Rock Ghost King felt his heart thumping hard again. He then slowly twisted his body and looked at the source of the breath.

However, when he saw the scene at a distance, his eyes widened.

Not far off on the resurrection point of the Mansion of the Dead, Hu He was holding his chin while squatting on the ground, carefully observing the corpse of Hiderigami. At the same time, he was thinking about how to refine the corpse.

Now that he did not dare to come out of the safe zone, he could only put his hopes on refining Hiderigami for revenge. He studied it very attentively, taking out ancient books from time to time to compare.

Both the Rock Ghost King and the Hydra King in the distance were dumbfounded.

From the aura of the red body, they were sure that it was definitely Hiderigami. Even though its soul had dissipated, the energy fluctuations released from the flesh of a Ghost Emperor Elite could still be sensed.

Hu He was pointing and prodding Hiderigami’s body, occasionally kicking it angrily with his feet. The Rock Ghost King and the Hydra King who witnessed the scene were so shocked by what they were seeing.

This place is too scary!

The same thought appeared in the minds of the two Ghost Kings at the same time, who had both snuck in for investigation.

The number one Ghost King in Beiqi, Tong Gua, had already frightened them, but now even an old corpse that the King of Beiqi himself might not have been able to defeat appeared. This could scare them to death.

Having been in the Land of Beiqi for so many years, they knew about Hiderigami.

They knew that there was a very powerful old corpse in the Burial Grounds. Although this old corpse was a huge threat, the King of Beiqi never took the initiative of offending it.

To the King of Beiqi, this old corpse had cultivated and reached the Ghost Emperor Realm for a long time. Although it was seriously injured, the King of Beiqi might not be able to defeat it either.

So, to the Rock Ghost King and the Hydra King, the terror brought by Hiderigami was not any lesser than that of the King of Beiqi.

Nevertheless, the scene before them was too exciting. The soul of Hiderigami was stripped, but its physical body was still being toyed with.

Secret force! Secret force indeed.

The Rock Ghost King was horrified as he knew that he had uncovered too many secrets. He kept looking around, fearing that he would be discovered and then murdered.

The new force in the Mansion of the Dead was far beyond their imagination.

The Rock Ghost King finally understood.

This new force dared to invade the Northern Zone for logging even after he had given several warnings, because they had a strong background and were fearless.

Since the corpse of Hiderigami appeared here, the Rock Ghost King had another doubt.

Who killed Hiderigami?!

Could it be the guy who lived in His Excellency’s palace now? Would he be the deceased King of Beiqi?

The Rock Ghost King was suddenly afraid to enter. It was too scary. He was scared that his soul would be sucked out and his corpse puppetized if he did.

Moreover, he had encountered both Tong Gua and Hiderigami as soon as he entered the Mansion of the Dead. Were there other presences there that were more intimidating than them in the mansion? This was something he was not sure of.

Looking at His Excellency’s palace again, the Rock Ghost King quietly pulled his roots out of the ground. He immediately galloped out of the Mansion of the Dead.

This place was not for him. He might lose his life at anytime.

After running for a few steps, the Rock Ghost King halted again.

Staring at the little head that appeared out of the crack in the floor, cold sweat dripped from his head.

Similarly, the Hydra King also realized that he was exposed, staring at the Rock Ghost King with a look of horror on his face.

The two great Ghost Kings exchanged glances for a while, and a thought appeared in their minds at the same time.

“It’s over for me! I’ve been discovered! Will he shout for the guards? Will he kill me?”

The two great Ghost Kings continued staring at each other. Both of them thought that the other was part of this secret force of Beiqi. Now that they were found sneaking in, they would most probably be murdered.

After gazing at each other for about five minutes, the Rock Ghost King suddenly howled. His body expanded in a flash and reverted into his original form.

The Hydra King also stretched his body and expanded continuously, transforming into a huge hydra form in the blink of an eye.

After locking gazes for one last time, the two stood up together and fled, one toward the North Rocks and the other toward the Ascension Zone.

“Run! Run! Otherwise, you will be murdered.”

It was the only thought that occupied the minds of the two great Ghost Kings.

Hu He, who was at the resurrection point stood up ignorantly, looking at the open space where the two great Ghost Kings had appeared. He was stunned.

Was it just an illusion?