Chapter 166 - Fengling

Chapter 166 of 342 chapters

After the New Year event ended, the players were no longer disturbed by the Evil Apocalypse and the Liuli Coast was once again bustling with people. Conquering the ocean had become one of the main quests for the players again.

Right now, the Great Dragon Warship embarked from the Liuli Coast after all the members of the Great Dragon Guild boarded successively.

“Damang, is this island really as amazing as you said?” Chen Ziyu and the other guild executives were chatting at the deck of the ship as they stared into the scene of the deep blue sea.

“Of course. If it wasn’t for the Evil Apocalypse that arrived without warning, I would’ve already scouted it. Unfortunately, owing to the disaster, I had to rush back to the Mansion of the Dead. It was such a waste!”

“Can you be more specific?” Xue Li asked curiously.

“Yeah… the island is at the south of the Void Ocean, named Sunset Island on the map. I accidentally discovered it when I went fishing with a few brothers. As it was a newly-discovered island, I went to the island to have a look. Guess what I found?”

“What?” Xue Li sharpened her ears immediately.

“A unique herb. According to the explanation guide, this herb is useful for making Revive Potion.”

Upon hearing this, Xue Li immediately pulled a long face.

“I was expecting an inheritance, historical remnants, jewellery, or something similar. This herb is useless when it can’t be eaten raw as we don’t have a potion master.”

“You’re wrong, Xue Li. This herb may not be useful now, but it might be useful later. If the potion master is introduced as a life character class in the future, it’ll be too late for us to get one. Just think about what happened to the Netherworld Pearl last time, we actually sold it to the shop. What a loss!”

Chen Ziyu nodded, acknowledging Wang Damang’s analysis.

Battle Online was a game with high liberty. It was highly possible for a character class like potion master to be introduced in the future. Since there was an island which was rich with these sources, they certainly had to go and check it out.

“Alright. The objective of our trip is to search for treasure. Perhaps we can find something valuable other than this Sunset Herb during our trip to Sunset Island this time.”

Chen Ziyu was moved by the idea. He accelerated the warship, heading for the location mentioned by Wang Damang.

At the Void Ocean, by Sunset Island Coast.

The light purple Sunset Herbs swayed gently along the breeze. Amidst the ocean of Sunset Herbs, an entrancing face, which was half-shielded by a hat made of flower petals.

Sun shone on the delicate face, highlighting the charm and exquisiteness of her face, making her especially beautiful.

Perhaps the sun had risen and the sunlight was now shining on her eyes. She slowly opened her eyes before she gently rubbed them. She lifted the fishing rod in her hands and looked at the hook expectantly.

“Haven’t caught any fish? There’s no meat for us again.”

Looking upset, she rose to her feet and stretched her body. Together with the Sunset Grass, her violet dress waved along the wind, showing her curvy body.

When she was about to leave, a hint of curiosity flashed across the girl’s eyes as a blue warship was sailing toward her rapidly.

After a brief consideration, her eyes glinted with joy and she walked to where the warship was going to anchor.

“Disembark and go ashore!”

Following Chen Ziyu’s order, the members of the Great Dragon Guild disembarked the Great Dragon Warship.

After they arrived at the shore, Chen Ziyu turned to keep the Great Dragon Warship back into the channel. He began to assemble the crew and prepare them to recon the island.

At that moment, a beautiful silhouette, who was wearing a hat made of petals, appeared by the shore. Her enchanting face immediately attracted everyone’s eyes.

They exchanged gazes before Chen Ziyu came back to his senses.

Immediately, he yelled, “Get ready to fight!”

After all, this lady before them was not a player and they were at the Void Ocean. Thinking that she might be the Sea King’s subordinate or something, Chen Ziyu feared to let his guard down.

“Boss, she’s just a pretty girl with no lethality… wait, she could very much be lethal!” Wang Damang said while staring at the girl.

“She’s really pretty,” Xue Li, too, put on an envious expression.

“Do you have any meat?” all of a sudden, the girl suddenly asked with a smile on her face. Her voice was as melodious as the flowing spring water, enthralling Wang Damang and the gang again.

“Meat?” Chen Ziyu was flustered.

However, due to safety reasons, he applied his analyzing ability as he stared at the girl.

[Fengling (Singingwood Clan)]:

Clan information: Singers of the ocean. Their singing will increase the growing range. They are a rare Ocean Clan and are nearly extinct.

Character information: Unavailable

Reading her information, Chen Ziyu, who was still doubtful of whether she was a subordinate of the Sea King, asked right away, “What meat? Why do you want meat?”

“To eat, of course!” Fengling stared at Chen Ziyu as if he was a fool.

“I have some meat!” Wang Damang promptly pulled out a piece of NPC-processed jerky from the channel and tossed it at Fengling.

Fengling’s eyes sparkled instantly. She took over the jerky and started gobbling up the meat.

“Wow! Finally I get to eat meat,” eating the jerky, Fengling’s eyes brimmed with tears, while joy was plastered on her face.

The members of Great Dragon Guild were rendered speechless.

“You’ve never eaten meat before?” Chen Ziyu puzzledly asked.

“Of course I have, but that was about ten years ago,” Fengling answered as she chewed on the meat.

“Ten… ten years ago!?” the members of the Great Dragon Guild were stunned.

At that moment, all of them shifted their gaze to look at the fishing rod in Fengling’s hand before they noticed a bundle of grass which was hanging on the hook.

“Sister, you’re using grass as your bait?” Xue Li facepalmed. She almost understood why the clan was endangered.

Fengling looked satisfied after she finished the jerky.

“This is not ordinary grass. It’s Sunset Herb.”

“Do the fish eat Sunset Herb?” Xue Li was more confused than before.

“No, they don’t. They eat meat,” Fengling made the statement, wearing a somber expression.

“Then, why are you still fishing with the grass?” looking at Fengling, who was acting like a teacher, Xue Li was flustered.

“Yes, the fish eat meat, but I have no meat. Therefore, I can only use Sunset Herb as bait, hoping that one day there’ll be a stupid fish which craves grass and get hooked. Unfortunately, the fish here seem to be quite clever. I’ve waited ten years and there’s no such stupid fish,” Fengling recalled the years of hard work and appeared rather upset.

The members of the Great Dragon Guild were completely defeated by Fengling’s absurd logic. However, after a second thought, it seemed to be her only reasonable means to fish when she had no meat.

“This island has no beasts or any other creatures?” Xue Li’s curiosity bubbled again.

“No, it’s been said that there were some a few thousand years ago, but the clan has eaten them all. Now, we can only survive on eating grass.”

“Oh, by the way, do you have more meat?” Fengling’s eyes sparkled again.

“Take it all!” sympathetic toward Fengling, Xue Li immediately took out some meat pieces she stored in her channel.

Seeing the meat pieces in Xue Li’s hand, Fengling shuddered in excitement before she ran to her side almost immediately.

A gust of wind swept past, bringing a light scent that soothed Xue Li and the rest.

A game notification popped up:

[Received a blessing from the Singingwood Clan’s halo, +1 health for every second.]