Chapter 173 - The Realm Of Heart Sword

Chapter 173 of 342 chapters

After hitting Little Pomelo and Murphy, Ao Jian left no room for them to maneuver. He began to perform the sword manipulation, intending to pull away for long-range strikes.

It was because he was certainly aware of the fact that if he were to let them come anywhere close again, most probably he would be hit by them due to their phantom tactics. However, he did not have enough health to survive any more damage.

Right at this moment, Ao Jian suddenly felt that the view before his eyes darkened rapidly. He was shrouded by infinite darkness – his auditory, olfactory, and visual sense were shielded soon afterward.

Two figures were quickly approaching in the darkness, but they were completely imperceptible to Ao Jian for the time being.

Two streaking glimmers appeared in an instant. Just as the audience thought that the battle was about to come to a close, the sound of metal clashing together could be heard. Murphy and Little Pomelo who were close to him, were fought off once again.

“How could you sense us!” Murphy said with great astonishment while looking at Ao Jian with his eyes firmly closed.

Ao Jian did not reply as his senses were shielded right now, he was totally unable to hear any sound from the outside. Nonetheless, both his hands were gently moving in the air. The Nine Spiritual Swords placed him as the center of attraction and continuously revolved around like a protector.

Refusing to believe it, the two of them moved in a flash and galloped toward Ao Jian once more.

“Ding! Ding!”

A clear sound could be heard. The black and white spiritual swords were floating on the left and right side respectively. Once again, he managed to resist this sudden attack.

The audience outside the field burst into an uproar in the face of this weird scene. The reasoning behind how Ao Jian managed to do it was beyond their understanding.

The battle was still going on. However, they could not break through Ao Jian’s defensive sword array no matter how they attacked, which made them extremely anxious.

Crayon_Shinchan: “Can anyone tell me why? Aren’t the senses shielded when the lights are out? How on earth did Ao Jian manage to find them? (confused face)”

Cultivating_Longevity: “If I’m not mistaken, it should be the Realm of Heart Sword where he manipulates the sword with his heart, albeit his five senses being shielded. In this realm, the spiritual sword will respond to everything that is non-kendo and make an autonomous defense.”

Peppa_Boar replied to Cultivating Longevity: “Do you think you’re making a movie? I would have been fooled by you if I am illiterate, for you explained in all seriousness and it does make so much sense. (smirking emoji)”

Invincible_Loneliness: “I think the analysis by the person above is very reasonable. Ao Jian will definitely perform Divine Sword later. (laughing emoji)”

Crayon_Shinchan: “The analysis by the person above is right. In fact, Ao Jian’s true identity is a sword deity in real life and the Realm of Heart Sword is no big deal. If later he reaches out and screams for swords, 10,000 swords will be flying over and that scene would be too scary for us to behold. (laughing emoji)”

Xue Li: “(Cover face) Enough, guys. Can’t you all just analyze the skills seriously and stop talking about these useless things. Study intensively and learn the skills from it. (slam table)”

Facing such a defensive sword array that was almost unsolvable, the two of them finally stopped as they were unable to break through the defense. Subsequently, the lights out effect diminished as well.

Ao Jian slowly opened his eyes and stared at Murphy and Little Pomelo, a flicker of excitement flashed across his eyes.

“It works as expected!”

“How on earth did you do it?” Murphy looked surprised.

Ao Jian’s face lit up upon hearing that.

“After watching the video you posted, I have been pondering on the method to crack this trick. By right, it’s totally unsolvable during the battle if the five senses are shielded. I began with this aspect and specially visited a person. He told me that the heart sword can be broken and this is the result of my research, the Realm of Heart Sword where there is no need to use five senses to defend, but I didn’t expect it to really work!”

The person Ao Jian had visited this time was none other than Wu Qing, the swordsman whom he wanted to surpass throughout his life.

Originally, Wu Qing refused to accept this challenge.

In his opinion, Ao Jian had become infatuated and if he continued to be obsessed with it, he would eventually harm himself. However, there was nothing he could do in the face of Ao Jian’s aggressiveness, so he agreed in the end.

However, this time Wu Qing was completely stupefied by the swordsmanship performed by Ao Jian, which was far more superior than common customs.

What made him even more surprised was that he was caught off guard by the last sword manipulation that Ao Jian performed, he would have died if Ao Jian did not stop in the end.

In spite of that, Ao Jian eventually chose to let him go, saying that he was already pursuing a higher level and it was no longer important for him to surpass and kill Wu Qing.

Wu Qing was full of doubt as he did not know what happened to Ao Jian during this period of time. He no longer had anger and hatred but was filled with confidence and determination instead.

Ao Jian thought of the target for his next challenge before leaving, thus he enquired Wu Qing about it. How can we fight with our opponent if all our five senses are shielded?

Despite the fact that Wu Qing was puzzled, he gave an answer to Ao Jian’s question, which was the heart sword.

Ao Jian learned that the Realm of Heart Sword was divided into attack and defense based on Wu Qing’s words. Now that he had comprehended about defense, hence the next step, he would have to understand the attack!

A whirlwind of excitement swept over Ao Jian right now. Since the defense in the Realm of Heart Sword is feasible, the attack must be feasible as well.

As long as I could understand about attacking in the Realm of Heart Sword, everything that is non-kendo will become the targets of the spiritual swords. I might as well give it a try to fight against this seemingly unsolvable sensory shield.

“We can’t break your defense,” Murphy uttered as he put away his dagger.

“I can’t beat you, either!” Ao Jian came back to his senses and waved, the Nine Spiritual Swords automatically lined up behind him.

“So this challenge is a fail!” nodding his head, Murphy turned around and took hold of Little Pomelo’s hand before retreating together.

“I’ll come to you guys, let’s battle it out next time!” Ao Jian asserted at this instant.

“Don’t come, we don’t like fighting!” Little Pomelo turned around and made a funny face at Ao Jian.

Ao Jian did not answer but he knew he would challenge them again.

It was his goal to pursue the ultimate kendo, and a powerful opponent would help him in sharpening his sword heart.

At the end of this battle, the players outside the field were astounded as well. They never expected it to actually end in a draw.

Meanwhile, the heat in the forum had yet diminished. They began to discuss and analyze the various techniques in this battle again. Many pro players even opened analysis posts for other players to learn combat experience.

“Murphy, 1,000 soul coins are gone, what a pity!” Little Pomelo pursed her lips, looking depressed.

“He is really strong, but we will definitely beat him in the future…”

Before Murphy could finish his words, a game notification appeared all of a sudden.

[Game notification: Player Qi Ming added you as a friend.]

Murphy thought it was a player who wanted to offer a reward, so he immediately clicked confirm.

A voice chat box appeared soon afterward.

Qi Ming: “Hello, are you Dark Shadow Twins?”

Murphy: “Yes, who do you want to kill? What’s your price?”

Qi Ming: “No no no, I just want to ask about the location where you got your inheritance. Of course, I’m just asking out of curiosity, it’s okay if you don’t want to tell.”

Murphy: “There’s no need to keep it a secret, it’s actually at the Arctic Abyss, which is the southernmost part of Beiqi. If you want to go there, remember to buy a lot of Revive Potion as the place is extremely cold. Also, there is a big boss of the Ghost Emperor Realm at the Arctic Abyss so try not to mess with him.”

Qi Ming: “Thanks for your guidance!”

Murphy nodded before closing the chat box.


After the dialog box ended, an email appeared before Murphy’s eyes.

Murphy was stunned after opening the email for there were 288 soul coins in the email, followed by a passage.

Thank you for your guidance about inheritance. It’s a big favor and these soul coins are just a little token to show my respect!